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McCain Campaign Responds, Digs In Deeper On CBS Gaffe
The McCain campaign responded to questions about his gaffe on the CBS Evening News on the timeline of the Sunni Awakening and it was reported by Ed Henry on AC 360 tonight. The surge ...
uniongal 07/22/2008 43 31 1 38
Al Gore Endorses Barack Obama Video Diary
Keeping this one short and sweet. Here's tonight's endorsement by Al Gore. Part 1:
uniongal 06/16/2008 66 59 3 34
Obama at the Compassion Forum Video Diary
In case you missed it on CNN, or just wanted to share the video with others, here is the video of the second half of tonight's forum on CNN with Barack Obama. It seems the media had its canned ...
uniongal 04/13/2008 23 45 11 44
Lou Dobbs Tonight Attacks Obama Video Diary Updated w/Hillary Response Video
Kitty Pilgrim on Lou Dobbs Tonight decided to air what amounted to a one hour hit piece on Barack Obama over the "bitter voters" comments. I put together a video mash up of some of the commentary ...
uniongal 04/12/2008 34 4 3 1
It's Real Time With Bill Maher Video Diary
It's time for another Real Time with Bill Maher video diary. Tonight's show was pretty good until they brought out former Bill Frist sychophant Amy Holmes who tried to talk over everyone with her ...
uniongal 04/04/2008 20 6 1 27
Countdown With Keith Olbermann Video Diary
For anyone who missed tonight's show, here are some of the highlights. Bushed!
uniongal 03/30/2008 22 28 2 8
It's Real Time With Bill Maher Video Diary
Thank goodness Bill left the wing nuts like Kingston at home tonight and gave us a really good show and not one where I wanted to throw something at the TV. Tavis Smiley took Maher to task for his ...
uniongal 03/28/2008 21 15 1 13
Weekend Political Shows Roundup Video Diary
Chris Matthews needs the masses to ask him to watch this video FOX Lies!!! Is Rev. Wright .Support Barack Obama since he apparently doesn't ...
uniongal 03/23/2008 3 4 - 1
Terry McAuliffe Refuses to Answer Bill Maher's Question
On tonight's Real Time with Bill Maher, Bill asked Terry McAuliffe this question: It looks like this is going all the way. Now if when we get the last primary which I believe is Puerto Rico...what ...
uniongal 03/07/2008 601 502 14 273
Real Time Video Diary: Blogga' Bill Please!
New Rule for Bill Maher. HBO talk show hosts who want to talk about politics on their show should actually have to read a few blogs before they write posts at the HuffPo. Then you won't be ...
uniongal 02/23/2008 9 6 1 9
Today's Fiasco on the House Floor
After this little ...
uniongal 02/14/2008 13 18 - -
Super Tuesday Speeches
Just a quick diary for anyone that missed it. This is MSNBC's coverage of McCain's speech, and of Obama's. The contrast couldn't be starker. Videos posted below.
uniongal 02/05/2008 7 2 - -
The McLaughlin Group: The Economy Tanking
The panel of Mort Zuckerman , Eleanor Clift,
uniongal 01/20/2008 58 30 - 238
Jeff Gannon/Guckert: Nothing to See Here I'm Just Pimping My New Book
Apparently Mr. Gannon has a book to sell and is planning on making the college tour to promote it. He also had this to say when asked on C-SPAN's Book TV about the male escort scandal:
uniongal 12/02/2007 22 11 - 14
Chris Matthews Takes a Cheap Shot at Gore and More Video Diary
Tonight Matthews once again prooved that the sorry excuse for the press in this country still loves to love Bush, and loves to hate Al Gore. When "reporting" on Gore's visit to the White House today,
uniongal 11/26/2007 41 6 1 -
Global Warming Debate Video: (SECOND UPDATE-Who was the heckler?)
Yesterday I posted a short diary with the video of John Edwards' opening segment and of Hillary Clinton being booed at the ...
uniongal 11/18/2007 3 4 1 -
Tonight's Debate Video: In Case You Missed It
I thought these were a couple of the more memorable segments from tonight's debate. I just wanted to post this for anyone who could not get the on line stream to work or who missed it. Thoughts ...
uniongal 11/17/2007 48 24 1 21
Give 'Em Hell Bernie! and Shame on You Lieberman!
After watching tonight's pre-confirmation debates tonight I just thought I'd share with all of you here one of the bravest speeches I've seen in a while followed by one of the most shameless ones ...
uniongal 11/08/2007 16 17 - 12
Jim Cramer-America Doesn't Need to Build Cars!!
Jim Cramer just told the American workers of this country to kiss his ass on Hardball tonight. While talking about the GM strike, Cramer had this to say: "You break the union, you save the company." ...
uniongal 09/25/2007 92 46 1 1
Bush in Freeperville
From Bush-Cheney invite far-right "hate" Freepers to White House You'll ...
uniongal 09/23/2007 16 16 1 2
Keith's Special Comment Tonight (Updated)
From tonight's Special Comment: ...Mr. Bush, you have hidden behind the General's skirts, and today you have hidden behind the skirts of 'the last question' at a news conference, to ...
uniongal 09/20/2007 290 459 8 44
Jeremy Scahill Takes on Doug Brooks Over Blackwater Issue
Today on Democracy Now! Jeremy Scahill author of “Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army” debated Doug Brooks the president of International Peace Operations ...
uniongal 09/18/2007 13 13 1 68
Democracy Now! Blows Apart the Petraeus Testimony
For anyone who missed it, yesterday's Democracy Now! program pretty well blew apart much of what was said during Petraeus' testimony about what is really going on in Iraq. The title of the report:
uniongal 09/12/2007 8 34 1 28
I Lost My Grandma This Week
Just a personal story about what happened this week with my grandma that I loved dearly, and what we experienced with her loss. She was absolutely the sweetest woman I've ever known in my life, and ...
uniongal 09/03/2007 84 98 1 100
War Supporter Wrote to Me After Posting His Video
I recently had the unusual experience of having someone that I posted a video of contacting me. Here's the video and it was an exchange on Hardball about whether we should bring back the draft:
uniongal 08/18/2007 10 10 - -
The Week in Revue Video Diary (Updated)
I was asked if I could do another of these, so here it is. Rove's leaving and Cheney's changing his tune. Democracy Now did some real reporting on what's going on in Iraq and we had some argument on ...
uniongal 08/17/2007 5 10 - 21
Chris Matthews' Lame Post Debate Coverage
If anyone had a single complaint about Keith Olbermann and his moderation of tonight's Democratic debate, well, just be glad this guy wasn't doing it again. Here's what passes for political ...
uniongal 08/07/2007 53 16 1 7
The Week in Revue Video Diary
Okay all you lucky suckers who got to attend the Yearly KOS convention and left the rest of us here to fend for ourselves. Here are a few things you might have missed this week while you were away. ...
uniongal 08/03/2007 17 9 - -
Why In The Hell Isn't Anyone Reading These Diaries??!!
I came across an excellent article in truthout titled: Exclusive | Emails Detail RNC Voter ...
uniongal 07/28/2007 280 692 30 52
Michael Moore Rocked on Hardball!!! w/Video
I know everyone was busy watching and talking about the debates tonight, but in case you missed it Michael Moore absolutely rocked on Hardball tonight! Good Tweety was back and gave him the entire ...
uniongal 07/23/2007 194 379 37 70
Bill Moyers Journal: The Yes Men Video Diary
Once again, Bill Moyers nails it with giving some attention to some people who are doing great work and trying to draw attention to how screwed up our democracy is with the corporate takeover of our ...
uniongal 07/21/2007 12 20 4 18
The One Day Rule at KOS: Should It Be Changed?
I've got some questions for my fellow Kossaks, and for the front pagers here. Does only having one day to recommend a diary take away from some diaries here not making the recommended list when they ...
uniongal 07/20/2007 56 17 - 20
It's All About the Oil
I diaried recently about AlterNet's article Benchmark Boogie: A Guide to the Struggle Over Iraq's Oil in ...
uniongal 07/18/2007 14 10 1 11
Benchmark Boogie: A Guide to the Struggle Over Iraq's Oil
AlterNet just ran a really great article which gets to the heart of what's going on in Iraq, and these "benchmarks" that keep getting touted as a way to have peace and an end to the violence in Iraq.
uniongal 07/15/2007 23 11 2 12
Bill Moyers Journal on Impeachment Video Diary
In case you missed it or if you'd like to have a way to get people to watch this past Friday's show on your blogs or web sites, here's one way you can do that. Share these video links. Thanks so ...
uniongal 07/14/2007 32 27 2 8
Weekly Standard Chickenhawk Called Out on C-SPAN
Matthew Continetti from the Weekly Standard is taken to task by a C-SPAN caller for his support of the war while being unwilling to serve in it himself. Continetti attacks the caller and doesn't ...
uniongal 07/09/2007 39 13 - 49
Keith Olbermann Socks it to Bush! Video Diary
Once again, Keith Olbermann has managed to take what all of us are feeling and put it into a righteous rant that says it all. Thank you Keith and thank goodness for you being the one person in the ...
uniongal 07/03/2007 7 6 - 50
Undercover With DC Lobbyists for Hire
Ken Silverstein has just written an important piece for Harper's Magazine titled Their men in Washington: Undercover with D.C.'s lobbyists ...
uniongal 06/24/2007 8 11 - 10
One Vote '08- What About the Vultures?
I read this entry on the front page of this blog titled ONE Vote '08 Attacks Worldwide Poverty As A Root Cause and at the Huffington ...
uniongal 06/18/2007 8 5 1 13
What is the Best Journalism on Television?
I wanted to respond to this diary by Notthemayor titled Is the Daily Show the Best ...
uniongal 06/16/2007 28 27 2 9
Hey Chris Matthews, Thompson is NOT Sexy!!!
And he's not Ronald Reagan reincarnated, and he's not Robert Redford or Matt Damon! He's an old guy with cancer and bad skin and a bald head, and just because he's an actor and has a trophy wife ...
uniongal 06/13/2007 67 13 - 24
War Made Easy: How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death
From Democracy Now!’s show May 29th, 2007:
uniongal 05/31/2007 3 5 - 4
New Documentary on the Iraq War: "No End In Sight"
There is a new documentary titled "No End In Sight" coming out on July 27th. Here's the first segment of PBS's NOW's coverage of the documentary:
uniongal 05/28/2007 9 23 - -
U.S. Imperial Ambitions Thwart Iraqis' Peace Plans
I am surprised no one has written here yet about this article that appeared on Alternet titled as the diary: U.S. Imperial Ambitions Thwart Iraqis'
uniongal 05/21/2007 15 28 1 15
Could Orrin Hatch Be a Potential Gonzo Replacement?
Given the speculation that Gonzales might actually step down given by Arlen Specter today as noted in this front page diary Gonzo Watch I have some questions for my fellow Kossaks. What is the ...
uniongal 05/20/2007 44 11 1 7
Pimping My You Tube Page For Political Junkies
I wanted to again share with this community some of the videos that I've posted on You Tube and I hope that the membership here who enjoys them or who would like to share them with others subscribes ...
uniongal 05/16/2007 9 9 1 -
The Gipper Won't Win This One
I happened onto a wonderful editorial the other day when looking for more info on a debate that took place this week. The debate was between Bill Kristol from Fox and the Weekly Standard and Robert ...
uniongal 05/05/2007 42 18 1 9
ACTION: Spread word on Moyers' interviews: Links to YouTube short clips
I know this has been written about here at Daily KOS, but I wanted to share with this community what I've been doing to try to draw more attention to Bill Moyers' new series on PBS in the hopes of ...
uniongal 04/29/2007 14 18 - 19
Live Blogging the WH Correspondents' Dinner: Updated With Letterman Video
I don't know how many of my fellow Kossaks are watching this tonight, but if you are and want to join me for some commentary about this year's dinner, turn on C-SPAN1 and let's see if this year's ...
uniongal 04/21/2007 129 21 1 23
Real Time Overtime With Bill Maher Video Diary
I don’t know how many Real Time fans we have here, but I would imagine quite a few. I don’t know about anyone else, but I thought this week’s show was one of the most bizarre I&...
uniongal 04/15/2007 35 9 2 15
MTP Video Diary: Welcome to the World of the Netroots MSM!
I wanted to give kudos to MontanaMaven for this diary today on the subject of the 3-Way Race between the Democratic primary ...
uniongal 04/09/2007 4 12 - 9
Richard Gere Calls Out Diane Sawyer
As pointed out in a post today by Atrios here's your liberal media for you. From his blog here is part ...
uniongal 04/04/2007 63 36 - 8
Scarborough Country Weighs In On Impeachment
John Nichols from The Nation weighed in on his appearance on Scarborough Country this week where they had a discussion about the possibility of a Bush impeachment. Here is a quote from the article ...
uniongal 03/28/2007 56 16 1 4
Feminisms: Feminism and Decreases in Intimates Violence
Domestic violence by intimates has decreased greatly over the last 30 years. One of the most surprising things I learned after reading a number of articles on the subject was the statistic shown in ...
uniongal 03/21/2007 140 23 1 8
Valerie Plame Wilson Hearing Video Diary
I wanted to share a few highlights with the community here of the hearing Henry Waxman held this week. First up, Paul Hodes questions James Knodell and Bill Leonard about the selective leaks of the ...
uniongal 03/19/2007 7 9 - 1
CPAC Video Diary Part II
This is the second installment of this series I'm doing on CPAC. To see the first addition, go here: CPAC Video Diary Part 1 After ...
uniongal 03/12/2007 10 6 - 5
CPAC Video Diary Part 1
After watching the media and the diaries here focus so much on Ann Coulter and her remarks, I thought a little more light needed to be shined on the hate fest that called itself CPAC this year. I'm ...
uniongal 03/06/2007 11 9 - -
Feminisms: Great Expectations- Married or Single? - Children or None?
I’m sure my traditional stay at home Democratic but none the less rather subservient mother and Republican father never expected to raise a feminist liberal daughter, but they did. After ...
uniongal 02/28/2007 329 47 1 25
An Inconvenient Song: Etheridge Up For Best Song From a Film
I just saw this posted on Think Progress tonight and thought it was worth sharing. From their site: The Academy Awards are tomorrow night. As most everyone knows, Al Gore’s An ...
uniongal 02/24/2007 11 9 - 10
Class and Labor: Feminist Leaders in the Labor Movement
One can hardly talk about the gains that women have made in the work place without acknowledging that those gains would have never been made possible without the existence of unions and from women&...
uniongal 02/06/2007 79 28 3 28
Helen Thomas, Hero!!!...Tony SnowJob....Liar!!!
This was covered in the diary by litigatormom in the diary UPDATED-Today's Bush & Snowjob Translation: SOTU Preview Edition , but I ...
uniongal 01/22/2007 34 38 1 17
On Feminisms: One Feminists Story Part 2
After writing On Feminisms: One Feminists Story I’ve been wanting to follow up on the diary with some thoughts on gender ...
uniongal 01/18/2007 20 17 1 11
Thanks for the memories George....with pictures
I have decided to take the pictures down from this diary so there are no problems for Daily KOS. I hope everyone enjoyed the pictures while they were up and once I make absolutely there is not a ...
uniongal 01/07/2007 39 18 - 5
On Feminisms: One Feminists Story
After reading Miss Laura’s diary ... Feminisms: Doing Gender I thought I’d share my own story of being a woman thrown ...
uniongal 12/28/2006 52 25 2 7
War Profits Trump the Rule of Law---Huge Scandal Ignored by Our Press
I just read this article on Truthout and found it to be pretty shocking and definitely thought it was worth sharing with the community here. Just when I think I cannot be shocked by what's gone on ...
uniongal 12/22/2006 50 68 4 17
Updated: Melanie Sloan Takes Chris Matthews To Task
The transcript is now up on MSBNC's web site and linked below. In case anyone didn't catch Hardball today, you missed Melanie Sloan giving Chris Matthews a verbal slapping upside his head for ...
uniongal 12/20/2006 51 40 1 -
Bush Blair Press Conference-OMFG Please Come Back to Reality
After getting to watch a re-air of this debacle tonight, I’ve got to wonder what planet George Bush and Tony Blair are living on. Even the British press which is a lot tougher than the lap-dog ...
uniongal 12/07/2006 9 5 - -
The Gates Nomination, The ISG and Iran-Contra: All that’s old is new again.
I got a little bit of a chance to listen to my girl Randi Rhodes this afternoon, and she was on a rant about how all of the thugs from Iran-Contra are back again, and how they’re in the Iraq ...
uniongal 11/30/2006 5 8 - -
MO-Sen McCaskill Talent Debate Streaming on Line
uniongal 10/16/2006 18 7 1 23
Barry Goldwater Documentary
uniongal 09/18/2006 54 15 - 19
The Only Thing We Have to Sell is....Fear Itself
uniongal 08/24/2006 8 7 1 18
The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is......
uniongal 08/06/2006 9 9 1 18
The Destruction of the Labor Movement
uniongal 07/18/2006 11 16 1 -
Court TV Takes on Voting Fraud
uniongal 07/12/2006 5 17 - 3
Mexico and the USA-Why Not the Protests Here?
uniongal 07/10/2006 11 3 - -
Greg Palast's Book Armed Madhouse
uniongal 06/26/2006 11 5 - -
Murtha, the Sunday Talk, and What Really Happened on the House Floor
uniongal 06/19/2006 19 5 - -
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