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Wisconsin Worker Freedom to Agree?
The GOP in Wisconsin just launched a new Wisconsin Worker Freedom web site. Its there to let you express your opinion on the Right-To-Work legislation It even shows the twitter feed for @...
uppitywis 02/26/2015 3 5 - -
Wiscommunity - the bridge between news and conversation
For some time now I have despaired about the state of news in Wisconsin. A while back I realized that most of the "news" I actually care about has been coming to me through informal means -- ...
uppitywis 04/15/2014 2 4 - -
Doctor Who Ron Johnson Wants to Shield From Obamacare, Wants Obamacare
Ron Johnson has an extraordinarily compelling story about why he entered politics: Nearly 30 years ago, his newborn daughter was saved by a talented surgeon named John Foker, who reconfigured her ...
uppitywis 01/09/2014 51 280 2 -
Wisconsin Democracy Weekend
This is partly shameless self-promotion but there are two events going on in Wisconsin next month that are truly exciting, and they both happen in the lovely small town of Chippewa Falls, WI. ...
uppitywis 04/24/2012 5 17 - 59
The Wisconsin Teacher Story Nobody is Covering
Over at Uppity Wisconsin we are dumbfounded that we seem to be the only media outlet in the state that is covering this story - From our fine blogger Jud Lounsbury, full story and an audio interview ...
uppitywis 04/24/2012 80 197 4 1071
Wisconsin Live Blog Tomorrow
Wisconsin progressive bloggers will join together tomorrow to bring election returns, news, and other live coverage. Join us on the live blog at several Wisconsin web sites, ...
uppitywis 08/08/2011 18 8 - 76
Free Netroots Nation Reg for Wisconsin activist
We're giving away a free registration for Netroots Nation to a luck Wisconsin activist. Let us know a little about yourself -- fill out the form on Uppity Wisconsin and I will transfer a free ...
uppitywis 05/27/2011 6 12 - 60
Breaking - Wis. Leg. to bust unions by night
A conference committee will meet at 6 PM central in Madison. The apparent purpose of this odd conference committee is to take the controversial budget repair bill and split it into two different ...
uppitywis 03/09/2011 14 20 1 200
Madison - life goes on
I spent the last several days in Madison, documenting what was going on, and talking to people. I'm really glad I made the trip down (I live outside Menomonie, WI on a farm) and spent most of the ...
uppitywis 02/20/2011 22 100 7 466
Netroots Wisconsin Pre-registration ends Wednesday
A few announcements about Netroots Wisconsin, taking place this Saturday in Madison, WI 1. Spaces are still available for pre-registration at the web ...
uppitywis 09/20/2010 1 1 - 29
Cheddarbomb for Russ Feingold
Those of you who have been following politics in Wisconsin will know that Russ Feingold is facing a tough time this election cycle. Russ' campaign is running a moneybomb campaign today, called ...
uppitywis 09/15/2010 22 24 - 69
Netroots Wisconsin 2010
Registration is now open for Netroots Wisconsin 2010. Netroots Wisconsin is the Wisconsin regional conference of Netroots Nation. We will be the gathering place in Wisconsin for progressive politics,
uppitywis 07/11/2010 17 4 - 23
Netroots Wisconsin
After having such a great time at Netroots Minnesota, some of us here in the Cheddarsphere are interested in having an event in Wisconsin.
uppitywis 11/23/2009 7 6 - 61
Grassroots Blogging of the Democratic Convention
After a number of fits and starts, the RootsWire project to aggregate blogs from the Democratic Convention is up and running. We've been in Beta for the last ...
uppitywis 08/05/2008 - - - -
Grassroots Democratic Party Group Blog
Many of us who are blogging at the Democratic Convention are banding together to produce an aggregated news magazine from the convention. It is being done as part of ...
uppitywis 07/05/2008 - 1 - 1
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