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For Trayvon
This photo collage blends images of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Trayvon Martin with a slogan expressing the ...
vahana 07/16/2013 2 3 1 -
"Vultures on Our Backs": Protest Song Sing-Along
Songs have always been an effective part of American protest movements. Some folks might even argue that protests become more popular once they find the right soundtrack. Singing not only passes ...
vahana 10/15/2012 1 3 - -
"Sensata": Protest Song Sing-Along
To encourage the workers camped at Bainport and to rally all American workers to their cause, I offer these new parody lyrics for the tune of "Rosanna," original song by David Paich recorded by the ...
vahana 10/14/2012 3 4 - -
Liar, Liar: Has Mitt Romney read "Atlas Shrugged"?
I imagine that he has not. But I know that his running-mate Paul Ryan has. And since Ryan has made a personal fetish of the book, at one time setting it above the Bible in his estimation of the ...
vahana 10/11/2012 9 1 - -
"Whitewash Romney": song parody (with mp3)
Please forgive my poor voice. Forgive my lack of technical skill in producing mp3 files. In a forgiving mood, you may enjoy my song parody based on the music of Elton John's "Whitewash County" ...
vahana 10/06/2012 6 4 - 24
Sunday Sing-Along: A patriotic anthem (parody) for the debt crisis
First, some apologies and a disclaimer. I have neither the singing voice nor the technological expertise to create a sound file to accompany this diary. To protect myself from possible retribution ...
vahana 07/31/2011 3 1 - 28
An "Easter Egg" at the Royal Wedding: Alfred, Lord Tennyson's Secret Invitation to the Ceremony
Count me one of the estimated two billion British royal wedding watchers. Sleeping in, I was content to view BBC America’s first rebroadcast of the event. A dedicated Anglophile and long-time ...
vahana 05/02/2011 59 91 13 1026
What Now? Reading Basho in the Wake of Disaster
In the year we know as 1689, poet and teacher Matsuo Basho embarked on a 1500-mile walking tour of northern Honshu, Japan. Leaving his home in Edo, modern-day Tokyo, Basho and his traveling ...
vahana 04/02/2011 24 46 5 209
"Here Comes the Sun": POTUS in Las Vegas (Photo Diary)
Rain in Las Vegas, NV, is almost always a blessing. With an annual average rainfall of about 4 inches, less in recent years with the ongoing drought, and Lake Mead's accelerating disappearing act, ...
vahana 10/24/2010 16 31 2 157
"Justice and Population Biology" and HCR
Reading veritas curat 's diary, " Justice and Population ...
vahana 03/11/2010 11 9 - 177
State Employees' Public Option in Nevada Costs 76% of National Average
For the 2009 Plan Year, 7/08-7/09, the annual average state health insurance premium for the State of NV self-funded public employee’s benefits plan was $8,169.40 (Source: State of NV, PEBP ...
vahana 09/20/2009 21 26 1 106
Patriotism for Grownups: An Open Letter to Lisa Schiffrin
After reading Kino's diary on Lisa Schiffrin's latest comments ...
vahana 10/23/2008 6 3 - -
Lipstick on a Pig? EESA 2008 Dressed up for Senate
The full text of the Senate's version of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 is available here . If you download the .pdf, you'll see that ...
vahana 10/01/2008 4 2 - 3
Today's Email to Senator Harry Reid
Like many of us, I've taken up a new hobby these days: writing to my US senators and congressmen. And like most folks with a brand new interest, I find myself addicted. There's a real urgency for ...
vahana 09/25/2008 - 4 - 3
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