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Expressing myself -- NOT voting for Landrieu
It is not a good feeling when the only option for expressing your beliefs in an election is not to vote. But it's the only way to send a message to the Democratic Party that Mary Landrieu ignored me,
waydownsouth 12/01/2014 18 3 - -
Wanna see the graphic: Rubio grabbing water after 11 minutes vs. Davis going without for 11 hours
Okay, this isn't much of a diary. I'm just asking one of you talented folks out there, perhaps the one who made the great Hillary and Wendy graphic the other day, to make one contrasting Rubio's ...
waydownsouth 06/28/2013 3 - - -
My daughters watch the inauguration and a Happy Days rerun on same day: how far we've come on race
My daughters and I watched much of the inauguration yesterday. Like many, we were deeply moved by Obama's speech, but were perhaps the most happy simply watching the Obama family hang out together. ...
waydownsouth 01/22/2013 86 91 1 -
My apologies for diary on testosterone gel.
I deleted my previous diary because I realized I am too ignorant on the subject to have written a diary on it. It was a knee-jerk reaction to commercials for testosterone gel similar to Viagra ...
waydownsouth 10/23/2012 22 11 - -
I can think of one child of a single mother who did pretty well
Romney's comment about single parents was offensive to me as a single dad. The idea that a question about gun violence should turn into an answer berating children who are raised by single parents ...
waydownsouth 10/16/2012 11 10 - -
Obama Zydeco from Louisiana, as on Rachel Maddow election night 2008, revisited
Hey y'all! Some of you may remember the Louisiana Zydeco video a few friends and I made in 2008 to help put President Obama in the White House. You can link to it here if interested: This ...
waydownsouth 09/22/2012 16 19 - 173
The corporate broadcasting money filter -- or why your donation ends up in Republican pockets
One thing I don't understand is why no one talks about what really happens with political advertising money and how it inevitably ends up in the pockets of pro-Republican broadcasters and ...
waydownsouth 09/19/2012 7 4 - 50
Performing with Joan Baez at Occupy Wall Street, Foley Square
I've been lucky enough to experience many powerful things with Joan Baez. This is one:
waydownsouth 11/11/2011 46 100 3 413
Where do the millions of foreign dollars go? To TV stations...
Everyone is talking about all the foreign and untraceable money coming into the campaign, but few seem to be focusing on where it eventually ends up - in the pockets of TV stations who run the ...
waydownsouth 10/16/2010 7 14 - 83
Vitter lies - "... largest tax increase in American history."
To my dismay, I am on David Vitter's e-mail list. I have requested removal from it several times but I still receive a few e-mails a week. I'm not sure how I ended up on the list, though I may ...
waydownsouth 09/15/2010 23 6 - 81
Obama- It's no longer about uniting from beneath but LEADING from above
I see Obama in the middle of a lake. He has spent his life pulling left and right together to make a raft on which he could stand to mount his career and his campaigns. But, that raft will not ...
waydownsouth 01/22/2010 8 7 - 18
Thanks for being a part of our movement for change!
This is what the picture of Barack and Michelle Obama that has been on my fridge for a year and a half says. Today, I took it down. I doubt I will ever display another picture of a politician in my ...
waydownsouth 12/10/2009 41 7 - 98
BREAKING: My fever, thanks to Britain's NHS, at no charge
I originally began this diary in a sarcastic and caustic tone, opening with the sentence, "Today I ventured into the belly of the beast, a horrible, nightmarish death tunnel of socialized medicine." ...
waydownsouth 10/09/2009 41 41 1 222
Joan Baez diffuses right wing protest at Idaho concert
What would you do if you found yourself standing face to face with people bearing signs accusing you by name of killing babies and encouraging the shooting of American soldiers? Might you lose your ...
waydownsouth 08/12/2009 624 1770 59 2575
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