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Smooth upgrade! But...what's with the /nsa URL?
KDDING! I'm JUST KIDDING, folks. Thanks to the admin team for all they do to keep this place running. Go enjoy the beverage of your choice, folks - you've earned it.
wesmorgan1 04/11/2015 4 7 - -
Lexington (KY) Mayor Submits Budget for Police Body Cameras
As we increase our advocacy of body and dash cameras for police, I think it's important that we call out those police departments that are already moving in that direction. This would seem ...
wesmorgan1 04/09/2015 6 4 - -
Varsity Letters, Parenting, and Recognizing Success
There was a (briefly) Rec-Liisted diary Saturday afternoon that you should read before diving into this one. Basically, there's a controversy in Wichita, Kansas around a special needs student and ...
wesmorgan1 03/29/2015 71 14 1 -
So, Where (Exactly) Are All the Cops? Some Hard Numbers...
Unless you've been living under the proverbial rock for the last few months, you know that America's police have been the subject of contentious discussion, debate and protest across the country. In ...
wesmorgan1 01/17/2015 58 44 1 -
A Red State Police Chief Addresses Protests - With Brilliance
The Metro Nashville (TN) Police Department (MNPD) is one of the 40 largest local police departments in the US, according to the 2008 Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies ; in that year,
wesmorgan1 12/27/2014 87 460 13 -
My Wish for You, Gentle Reader
Whatever your beliefs or traditions, may this season bring you a sense of renewal.
wesmorgan1 12/25/2014 7 7 - -
The PERFECT Comeback When Frothers Rage "Tyranny! Dictator! Unconstitutional!"
OK, so any number of right-wing voices are letting fly with True Patriot Rhetoric TM describing the President's Executive Orders on immigration as "tyrannical", "a Constitutional crisis", and "...
wesmorgan1 11/21/2014 9 29 - -
"Military Surplus" Includes Junior NSA Surveillance Gear
Much of the discussion of police militarization has centered on the Department of Defense's 1033 program , through which it "donates" military equipment, including combat vehicles and weaponry, to ...
wesmorgan1 09/13/2014 42 91 2 -
Government: What's Your Best Thing Ever?
I just read a diary that named public libraries the "best socialized good in America." Of course, the general public's impression of "socialism" is not exactly... attuned to the public good (or the ...
wesmorgan1 09/11/2014 7 1 - -
UPDATED x2: Baltimore Ravens cut Ray Rice, NFL issues indefinite suspension
Hot off the presses (well, straight from Twitter, anyway): The #Ravens have terminated RB Ray Rice's contract this afternoon. — Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) September 8, 2014 No additional ...
wesmorgan1 09/08/2014 78 37 - -
Music for the Big Data/Surveillance State
It isn't often that one hears a song and experiences that delayed "Wait.... what ?" reaction to the lyrics. I recently had that very experience with a beautifully written piece that carried very ...
wesmorgan1 07/23/2014 5 8 - -
MS-SEN: McDaniel to contest primary
Hoo, boy, students of political science will be talking about this one for years ... According to multiple media sources, Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel will file a legal challenge to the ...
wesmorgan1 07/04/2014 102 96 - -
Girl "tossed from KFC" Seems to Be a Hoax
According to the Laurel Leader-Call , that horrid story of a scarred 3-year-old girl being asked to leave a KFC in Jackson, a hoax. It would seem that none of the family's story can be ...
wesmorgan1 06/23/2014 330 160 1 -
NC-02 (Primary): Clay Aiken's opponent dies in home accident
From WXII :ASHEBORO, N.C. —Keith Crisco, a Congressional candidate who was in a close race with "American Idol" finalist Clay Aiken, died suddenly Monday.
wesmorgan1 05/12/2014 55 57 1 -
"All Politics Is Local" - and Mobility Tells Us Why
"Podunk." "Flyover country." "Inner city." "The sticks." "Suburban." "Red state." "Blue state." We toss these and similar terms around every day. It's a routine--and easy--thing to criticize ...
wesmorgan1 04/19/2014 25 20 - -
Want to Make 64 Cents on the Dollar? Invest in Early Childhood Education
As is true in most states, Kentucky is fighting budget battles on a yearly basis. All too often, education at all levels--from Pre-K to the state universities--suffers from the budgetary ax. This ...
wesmorgan1 03/13/2014 4 4 - -
Kentucky to appeal decision on same-sex marriage recognition without AG - and McConnell takes heat
Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway has announced that he will not appeal the Federal District Court decision that struck down the state's refusal to recognize same-sex marriages performed in ...
wesmorgan1 03/04/2014 10 12 - -
First 'ripple effect' of marriage equality decision in Kentucky
As has been discused in great detail, US District Judge John G. Heyburn recently ruled that the State of Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states . Well, it didn't take ...
wesmorgan1 03/01/2014 13 42 - -
In Which A Baptist Church Does the Right Thing About Sexual Abuse
For all the talk about churches and religious hierarchies doing everything they can to sweep cases of clergy sexual abuse under the rug, it's refreshing to see a church handle an incident in ...
wesmorgan1 02/12/2014 16 36 - -
Stock Market History: Why the Dow Jones Industrial Average Is Meaningless
If you pay any attention to US financial markets, you can't avoid the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). It's cited every single day as one of the THE barometers of our financial and economic ...
wesmorgan1 02/12/2014 58 39 3 -
A Big Week for Kentucky's Insurance Exchange
In the largely manufactured outrage over the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, even the larger media have praised Kentucky's implementation of its online exchange, Kynect . Well, this was a good ...
wesmorgan1 11/22/2013 30 44 - -
Hit by the Shutdown? Tweet #ThanksGOP
My son is ready to take his first driving test, in order to earn his learners' permit (or, as they now name it, his graduated license ). Oh, wait - we must present his Social Security card, and we ...
wesmorgan1 10/01/2013 1 5 - -
Luck? Farce? Nth-dimensional Chess? No, No, No - This IS Diplomacy.
The latest round of Syria diaries is in full flower. Given the nature of this community, it isn't surprising that their themes range from "dang, Obama's lucky" to "Russia's the white knight here?" ...
wesmorgan1 09/10/2013 418 292 3 -
Rodeo Clowns, Mocking Presidents, and Equal Treatment - A Recipe for (Honest) Confusion
I'll say this up front, just to be clear: I did not consider the "rodeo clown" incident racist in nature. That opinion, shared here and elsewhere, generated an interesting range of responses. ...
wesmorgan1 08/18/2013 21 2 - -
KY-SEN: Grimes (D) releases ad - "The Campaign Begins" (& endorsement from Bill Clinton)
Alison Lundergan Grimes released a REALLY good "meet the candidate"-style online ad to open things up against Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. It runs a bit long, but at 3:41 it's well worth ...
wesmorgan1 07/30/2013 11 17 - -
Pope Francis: "Who Am I to Judge" Gays?
I'm not a Catholic, but I find this breathtaking in a way... On his return flight from Brazil, where he had spoken at World Youth Day, Pope Francis held an impromptu press conference aboard; such a ...
wesmorgan1 07/29/2013 13 6 1 -
Archbishop of Canterbury: Let credit unions use church halls
This is...fascinating . The Archbishop of Canterbury, head of the worldwide Anglican church, was a member of Parliament's commission on banking standards and has been an outspoken critic of the ...
wesmorgan1 06/30/2013 10 12 - -
Real Talking Points: The Constitution, Religion and "A Christian Nation"
Over the last few decades, it has been something of an article of faith among conservative pundits and provocateurs that the Founding Fathers intended the United States to be an explicitly Christian ...
wesmorgan1 06/30/2013 18 10 1 -
One Way to Talk with Southern Baptists about Marriage
I'm a Baptist. I'm a Southern Baptist. I'm an ordained Southern Baptist deacon. I've taught Sunday school, I've sung in choirs, I've directed choirs, I've taught Vacation Bible School. I've ...
wesmorgan1 04/14/2013 162 110 5 -
Nothing More Need Be Said, Except...
...a grateful nation remembers, honors and thanks you, SFC Monti. SFC Monti is the 3465th person to receive the Medal of Honor, and the first to receive it for heroism in Operation Enduring Freedom.
wesmorgan1 09/18/2009 1 1 1 6
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