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Richmond, CA, my town, again shows America how it's done!
A strong get-out-the-vote effort by the Richmond Progressive Alliance costing less than $200k defeated Chevron's $3 million campaign to put its handpicked candidates in office. That's $72 per voter,
whataboutthosesheep 11/05/2014 17 32 1 -
Grotesquely Enriched Con Artist Retires to Uruguayan LDS Mission After Huge Medicare Rippoff
His name is Gary D. Newsome and he's at least $22 million richer since 2010 after becoming CEO to Health Management Associates, a for-profit hospital chain based in Naples, Fla., and ...
whataboutthosesheep 01/25/2014 18 22 - -
New Pope Known to be Heterosexual
In a series of statements given to reporters, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna said the the newly selected Pope Francis is "known to be heterosexual", and "not a pedophile" The Viennese ...
whataboutthosesheep 03/13/2013 27 5 - -
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