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The BP-Republican Facebook page.
A Facebook page that is titled: Accidents Happen. Don't Blame BP for Oil Spill . Who said ...
whataretheysmoking 06/17/2010 2 1 - 95
"Imagine if the Tea Party was Black".
"What is a little bit disconcerting and concerning is the inability for sporting goods stores to keep ammunition in stock," she said. "That tells me the nation is arming. What are they ...
whataretheysmoking 06/15/2010 34 28 2 57
Blanche Lincoln has big brass ones.
The Senate today voted against a resolution introduced by Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) that would have blocked the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating global warming emissions ...
whataretheysmoking 06/10/2010 29 11 - 26
Going Vandal by Willow Palin.
Fifteen-year old Willow Palin is the new torchbearer of the proud Wasilla hillbilly tradition. She was the "ringleader" in the vandalism of a home, according to certain Alaskan insiders.
whataretheysmoking 03/31/2010 147 33 - 207
Help Rush Limbaugh pack his bags.
The de fatso leader of the Republican Party pledged to leave the country if HCR passes. "I don't know. I'll just tell you this, if this passes and it's five years from now and all that ...
whataretheysmoking 03/23/2010 10 6 - 85
And God said to the GOPers: "Go forth and multiply".
GOP Rep. Devin Nunes condoning the teabaggers calling John Lewis "n****er" and Barney Frank a "fa***t". Yeah, well I ...
whataretheysmoking 03/21/2010 19 2 1 10
Idaho to sue federal government on HCR mandates.
Idaho governor Butch Otter is trying to garner attention as he is wont to do. He was one of the first governors who came out with both barrels against the stimulus and finally ...
whataretheysmoking 03/17/2010 65 16 - 37
Why do Republicans hate Asian folk?
Lindsey Graham (Racist-South Carolina) has made sure that the GOPers have them all covered. Blacks, Hispanics, Europeans, Arabs, Asians. The flavour du jour is Japanese. That Pelosi woman, it seems,
whataretheysmoking 03/16/2010 22 12 - 28
"Barack the Magic Negro" distributor gets GOP gig.
And the sun rose in the East. This isn't news, just one for the record. Remember Chip Saltsman? The former Tennessee Repubican chair withdrew from the RNC chairmanship ...
whataretheysmoking 03/15/2010 15 16 - 29
Global collapses are a systemic outcome of Reaganomics: Simon Johnson
whataretheysmoking 03/11/2010 135 167 8 73
Palin: "Jesus is my Palm Pilot"
Or something. Also. First Talibunny called Obama "a charismatic guy with a teleprompter". Then she called her hand notes a "
whataretheysmoking 03/08/2010 15 4 - 17
Obama butts heads with American Federation of Teachers.
A school in Central Falls, Rhode Island fires 93 educators en masse , leaving behind only ...
whataretheysmoking 03/03/2010 304 36 4 61
The Original Dick™ will not be out-dicked.
Nor will Baby Dick™. Liz Cheney's Keep America Safe has released a new video challenging the loyalties of Justice Department lawyers who "...
whataretheysmoking 03/02/2010 4 8 - 19
Obama exposes Republican assholery - in three short sentences.
Obama to John Barrasso (R-WY) Obama: "Would you be satisfied if every member of Congress just had catastrophic care - you think we'd be better health care purchasers?"
whataretheysmoking 02/25/2010 411 716 11 1466
Republican Senators are worried about "minority rights" now?
Hush, Lindsey, stop sobbing. And you know, at the end of the day, I want health care reform, but I want a Senate that works and slows down bad ideas and sometimes, unfortunately, good ...
whataretheysmoking 02/24/2010 9 5 - 20
Sending Dubya to Haiti aka Slapping Haitians in the face.
President Obama plans to send former presidents Clinton and George W. Bush to Haiti to assist ...
whataretheysmoking 01/14/2010 138 14 1 29
A blanket, a coat and a Kossack pledge.  
This post is inspired by LeanneB 's. How many of us have extras of these things? ...
whataretheysmoking 01/13/2010 17 26 - 30
Todd Palin loves America (And So Are You!)
whataretheysmoking 01/08/2010 22 7 - 13
Lieberweasel vs Sanders. Why Senate liberals are irrelevant.
From the Urban Dictionary Balls: 1. A man's testicles where sperm is produced. 2. Courage or bravery. 3. Manliness. 4. ...
whataretheysmoking 12/17/2009 29 2 - 24
Feingold: "The President wanted this."
From The Hill “This bill appears to be legislation that ...
whataretheysmoking 12/16/2009 107 28 1 51
Lieberweasel's gnarly finger on the possible "trigger".
My head reels, but really, you can't make this shit up. From Jon ...
whataretheysmoking 12/10/2009 10 2 - 88
Purity Troll and Proud of It.
Yesterday this post on the Coathanger Crew who voted with Nelson - Conrad, Pryor, ...
whataretheysmoking 12/09/2009 98 2 1 30
I've experienced terrorism and I support the President.  
I was born in South Asia (India). i know what terrorism is. Last year the city where I was born and where my near and dear ones live was savaged by ...
whataretheysmoking 12/01/2009 52 29 - 62
The stupakest thing I stupaked about.
Someone "cheneys the shit out of you". That move was "as slick as santorum". A new word has been added to the lexicon - STUPAK . from ...
whataretheysmoking 11/09/2009 3 1 - 43
Boehner: Being gay is a choice, being Christian is not.
House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) objects to H.R.1913 (Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009) that seeks to make it a federal crime to assault people on the basis of ...
whataretheysmoking 10/14/2009 77 20 - 23
Tax dodgers get the "change they can believe in".  
Gays can wait. People without health insurance can wait for a shred of "bipartisanship" to surface somewhere. And since we must not discriminate against the rich, tax dodgers who operate from ...
whataretheysmoking 10/13/2009 19 4 - 46
Why Faux News has the highest ratings aka Why I'm not an old, grouchy dittohead.
I'm from Larry Craig's blazing red state. Everywhere I turn, there's Faux News - in the bank, at the gym, in the store. When I look up from the elliptical machine, there's a procession of blowhards ...
whataretheysmoking 10/08/2009 59 10 - 63
A Plea to Help Rep. Tom Price (Hyprocrite-GA)
He wants an apology from Alan Grayson for accurately representing the Republican health care plan.
whataretheysmoking 09/30/2009 5 6 - 12
"Buy more guns. The Nazis and feminists are coming."
whataretheysmoking 09/28/2009 58 15 2 129
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