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I Am The 41%
So the exit polls say that Mitt Romney won the white vote by a margin of 59-41. So say the New York Times. While Fox Noise freaks that this is the worst...thing...ever because Mittens still lost the ...
wheelimus 11/07/2012 8 6 - -
Hasbro Childrens Hospital Fundraiser
One year ago two staples of the Transformers (you know, the Hasbro toys that turn from cars into robots...though that's REALLY simplifying) fandom ( The Allspark ...
wheelimus 02/03/2011 1 - - 68
Linda McMahons Doomed Candidacy Just Cost Someone His Job
I wanted to touch on a bit of news today that most of you would probably not see or care about if you did. But which I think is a direct result of Linda McMahon's doomed and comical run for the US ...
wheelimus 06/14/2010 25 4 - 52
They Said It Was A Pre-Existing Condition
"They said it was a pre-existing condition?" That is what I recently exclaimed, in complete shock, to my wife of ten years. She had just told me that a friend of hers at work had recently been to ...
wheelimus 03/19/2010 44 18 - 51
Oh! Sweet Nuthin
Feel free to start the video below playing, there's nothing to be seen other than the cover to Velvet Undergrounds essential masterpiece "Loaded", but I think the song is a great title for a thread ...
wheelimus 12/15/2009 1 - - 16
It's Time For The Nuclear Option
We all remember the cold dark days that brought us Justices Roberts and Alito and all of President Bush's other judicial nominations. When we were cautioned against filibustering the travesties ...
wheelimus 11/11/2009 5 3 - 64
Palin/Bachmann 2012!!!
So I'm sure that a lot of you have been getting a chuckle out of the awe inspiring ten thousand some odd wingers protesting in the capital right now. Trying to hard to work against their own self ...
wheelimus 11/05/2009 52 2 - 92
With A 12:1 Advantage, Why More Troops?
I've been fixated on this for a few days and taking a bit of heat at my other favorite place to talk ...
wheelimus 10/29/2009 41 4 1 67
If Joe Filibusters Kick Him Out Of The Caucus
I'm with most of you I'd assume in that I feel like Joe Lieberman should have been kicked out of the caucus a long time ago. But, damn it, we as a party and a majority have no backbone if his gavels ...
wheelimus 10/28/2009 39 12 - 27
Opt-Out Public Option A Poison Pill For Stupid States?
I'm not here to get into the fight about whether Reid is right or wrong to go with his watered down public option. It'd be preaching to the choir. I'm with you guys, I wanted single payer and a ...
wheelimus 10/27/2009 85 9 - 38
In This Dream I Had, I Solved Health Care
I'm usually not one to ever bring up dreams I have. Mainly because I rarely have dreams. Never have. In fact, I spend more time not being able to sleep than I do dreaming. Damn insomnia. However, ...
wheelimus 10/01/2009 4 - - 20
Democrats, To Quote Woody H. "Nut Up Or Shut Up"
This weekend, while trying to distract myself I'll be seeing the new Woody Harrelson flick "Zombieland." Distract myself from what? Well, the fact that "Yes We Can" has been flipped upside down ...
wheelimus 09/30/2009 8 3 - 50
Dear Bill Clinton: Primary Blanche Lincoln
Shocking absolutely no one, Senator Lincoln has turned tail and ran on the front of health care. She's not only backpedaling on her previous support of the public option, she's vowing to work ...
wheelimus 09/03/2009 30 6 - 35
Some Alternatives To Dick Cheney For The GOP
Well, we're hearing more and more talk that the GOP might actually think of nominating Darth Vader himself for President. While I, like most of you, relish that fight as the next best thing to a one ...
wheelimus 09/02/2009 14 3 - 22
Richard Lugar Shows Sotomayor Some Hoosier Hospitality
Just wanted to post a short diary mentioning the fact that Richard Lugar has become the first Republican in the Senate to declare his support for (soon to be) Justice Sotomayor.
wheelimus 07/17/2009 16 9 - 2
Remember, We Don't Need Arlen To Vote Yes On EFCA...We Just Need Cloture
With today's hilarious news that Arlen Specter has jumped from his sinking ship to our fine vessel, there has been a bit of disappointment that he hasn't also flipped on the Employee Fair Choice Act.
wheelimus 04/28/2009 23 21 1 194
Bush and Henry VIII: They Would Have Loved Each Other
The exploits of King Henry VIII have long fascinated me. Even in a time of lesser knowledge, one has to be pretty damn full of themselves to pull even half of the idiocy that he mustered. And yet, ...
wheelimus 04/22/2009 8 4 - 2
Who Gives A Bleep About Joe Lieberman?
Sure has been an interesting 24 hours following the reaction to (more) Democratic capitulation in the form of Joe Lieberman. Sigh, it's like we're Wiley E Coyote and Joe is the Road Runner. One of ...
wheelimus 11/19/2008 23 3 - 4
Kick Their &%#$ing Asses Guys
I'm tragically stuck at work until noon. Damn meeting that my superiors just wouldn't re-schedule. But I'll be out there soon getting the mother %&$#ing vote the mother %&##ing out! Sorry, I'm a ...
wheelimus 11/04/2008 4 2 1 -
If You Only Read One Diary I Ever Write, Please, This One
I've written a lot of diaries over the last few years. I've probably said a few stupid things and made a few bad predictions. I write from the heart and from the top of my head and sometimes that ...
wheelimus 10/31/2008 12 18 - 14
Sorry John, I'm Drinking Your &!%$ing Milkshake
I'll admit that the wonderful "How an umbrella can win the election" diary (you should recommend that one long before this ...
wheelimus 10/29/2008 5 7 - 9
Obama Up 10 In Indiana? Not Good Enough!
If you're like me, you've had a s**t eating grin all morning due to the Big Ten Battleground Poll. Obama up 10 in Indiana? Unthinkable! And yet, it matches what I'm seeing and hearing on the ground.
wheelimus 10/23/2008 15 8 - 1
"We Gotta Stay Positive"
I hope that this diary does come off positive, because while there are a few minor bits of snark below my overall message is one of positivity and hope. As we enter the final few weeks of this ...
wheelimus 10/20/2008 3 5 - 9
Potential Debate Replacements For McCain
Well, we're in an extraordinary time my friends (pun intended). A day from the first Presidential debate and we don't even know if our opponent will have the guts to show up. Instead, he is urgently ...
wheelimus 09/25/2008 14 1 - -
Sorry Keith, Your Bosses Are Wusses
I'm sure you've all read the story about MSNBC deciding that Keith Olbermann is too liberal and honest to be anchor during the upcoming Presidential debates. Sure, Countdown will be on before and ...
wheelimus 09/08/2008 13 3 - 1
Dear John McCain
Dear John McCain While, as a Democrat, I love to see you stepping in dog's causing me a bit of a problem. You see, it's Friday morning. I'm bored. I've laughed all I can at you not ...
wheelimus 08/22/2008 6 - - 1
Since Obama Isn't The Antichrist, Some New Ideas For Fundies
Well, the authors of the "Left Behind" series have gave us all a sigh of relief by announcing that Barack is not, in fact, the Antichrist. In fact, in Markos'
wheelimus 08/15/2008 15 - - -
No Thanks: Final Thoughts On Edwards
This diary is inspired by one that Markos wrote in reaction to Elizabeth Edwards ...
wheelimus 08/12/2008 92 13 1 19
Forget McSame...It Should Be McShame
As we've suffered through the longest Presidential race in history, a narrative on our side of the political spectrum arose. McSame. Obviously, because McCain's policies were so close to those of ...
wheelimus 07/24/2008 6 6 1 2
Buy A Piece Of Democracy In Kansas, Only $8.34
Earlier this morning I came across the most original campaign ad/drive ever. I simply had to share it with everyone and give any who want to join the revolution a chance. I've already budgeted a ...
wheelimus 07/18/2008 8 16 - 25
BREAKING: Ingrid Betancourt Reported Rescued
Not a lot to put into the diary yet, but the AP is reporting that Ingrid and 3 American hostages have been ...
wheelimus 07/02/2008 32 11 - 2
When I Was A Sheep
It was early 1996. I was 16 years old, very very impressionable. A sophomore in high school and my cumulative political exposure was my best friend at the time (whose father was a staunchly anti ...
wheelimus 07/01/2008 12 7 - -
Up Yours Too, John McCain
Yesterday I wrote this diary where I acknowledged the good things John had done while urging him to run a clean honest ...
wheelimus 05/23/2008 20 8 1 -
Thank You, John McCain
My mother always taught me that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. This has not worked out too well for me as far as politics go. The nicest thing I can say about ...
wheelimus 05/22/2008 4 1 - -
Why Mark McKinnon (Will) Cost McCain The Election
As we've all read, Mark McKinnon has left the John McCain campaign due to a promise not to campaign against Barack Obama. A former Democrat, the now Republican and "close personal friend of George W ...
wheelimus 05/21/2008 15 9 - 36
11 Real Human Beings, 11 November Plans
For my diary today I wanted to share the very real and very true plans of 11 of my closest friends (and even a few not so close). From all walks of life, with what they're really feeling the day ...
wheelimus 05/07/2008 1 1 - -
Thoughts On The Ground In Indiana
I'm an Indiana resident. Perry 05 to be exact. Voted today. So did my wife. Every friend I still talk too voted today. Heh. Tons of co-workers voted. I may have not been able to donate as much as I ...
wheelimus 05/06/2008 13 13 1 2
Obama Is TAKING Indiana
Don't let the recent poll that has us 10 down worry you. I'm convinced none of these pollsters know Indiana any better than they know their own hind quarters. I'm sure they've accounted for the ...
wheelimus 04/02/2008 19 27 1 5
The Writers Strike Picket Line Harrasement Diary
**crushes beer can** **chucks beer can at picket line** COULD SOMEBODY RECYCLE THAT? THANKS! Ahem, in case I've got anyones attention lets rant. So some people started a "writers strike" over ...
wheelimus 03/15/2008 32 9 - 3
Shut Up And Listen To Patterson Hood
Apologies for the title, but I did want to be catchy. Not to interrupt the latest struggle of "Obama and Edwards, who is Great? And who is Greatest?", but a great man just released a CD and said ...
wheelimus 01/22/2008 3 3 - -
Why I'm Supporting John Edwards...With An Asterisk
Recently I've been hopelessly conflicted about who to support for the Democratic nomination. It's been "Edwards or Obama" for months now. I feel like I'm trying to decide between a big slice of ...
wheelimus 01/07/2008 36 15 - 5
It Isn't About Who Won, It's About Who Lost
I have to be honest. Sometimes I'm turned off by the rhetoric of the Edwards and Obama supporters here. The "rec war" has gotten out of control, and the whole "YOU'RE EITHER WITH US OR AGAINST US" ...
wheelimus 01/04/2008 2 4 - -
Edwards Supporters: Help Me Support Him By Answering One Question (also open to Obama folks!)
Yesterday I wrote a diary urging that we support the Democratic nominee, whoever that may be (even Mrs. Clinton). And I ...
wheelimus 12/21/2007 93 14 1 1
The Only Thing You REALLY Need To Know About The '08 Presidential Election
I've been amused at the quasi "recommended diary" war we've had going on. Each day it seems there's 2 or 3 Edwards diaries crashing against 2 or 3 Obama diaries. With the occasional "HILLARY SUCKS" ...
wheelimus 12/19/2007 19 4 - 1
<CENSORED> Britney Spears And Pay <CENSORED> Attention
The purpose of this diary is not to rail on Ms. Spears, whose plight I've come to learn a bit too much about while trying to seek out real news. In fact, you'll find I spend almost no time on the ...
wheelimus 10/19/2007 23 9 - -
The Pressure Is Working: Baron Hill To Override SCHIP Veto
I am on Baron Hill's mailing list, as I'm one of his constituents, and I received the following just minutes ...
wheelimus 10/11/2007 11 9 - 20
Maybe The Iraq War IS Like Major League Baseball
As a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, I was offended twice by Rep. John Shimkus' (R-IL) rant on the house floor. Offended once by the naive overly-simplified nonsense coming out of his mouth. And offended ...
wheelimus 05/03/2007 10 2 - 1
The Path To 11/7: Based On The 11/7 Commission Report*
wheelimus 09/16/2006 4 2 - 4
Fight The Neocons On An Unexpected Front: Country Radio
wheelimus 03/30/2006 19 12 - 5
An Easy Solution To Illegal Immigration
wheelimus 03/26/2006 16 2 - -
Dirty Politics In The Indiana "Bloody 8th" (IN-08)
wheelimus 02/10/2006 8 2 - 1
How Should Bush Arrive For The State Of The Union?
wheelimus 01/31/2006 44 4 - -
At 4:30 Today, A Yes Vote Means "No!" Forever
wheelimus 01/30/2006 7 8 - -
My Open Letter To Senate Democrats: Let Them Fight
wheelimus 01/27/2006 2 4 - -
Security The Focus Of '06 Midterms? Sure Thing!
wheelimus 01/21/2006 6 2 - -
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