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Ohio teacher fired for trying to stop a classroom bully
As schools nationwide embrace campaigns to stop bullying, one well-liked Ohio teacher is out of her job after she tried to show one bully how his behavior ...
Jen Hayden 05/18/2015 181
"Born Again" as a Jerk
A bumper sticker I see fairly often in my sleepy, hippy hamlet is "Born okay the first time." I always chuckle when I see it--not in that condescending, patronizing way too many Christians do when ...
RevAaron 05/18/2015 34
Book By Fox News 'Liberal' Uses Free Speech To Claim Liberals Are Killing Free Speech
The network that markets itself as "fair and balanced" has spent years proving their commitment to that slogan by balancing their right-wing infused "news" delivered by GOP mouthpieces with right-...
News Corpse 05/13/2015 16
Ohio Republicans Hide Poll Tax in New Bill
Republicans in Ohio have come up with a new poll tax to keep the poor/young/liberal leaning folks from voting. Tucked into a Voter ID bill (HB 189) is a provision that residents would have to ...
StarbucksGirl51 05/13/2015 8
New research suggests fracking is probably poisoning the air
Trees may be brown because of the seasons, not the air quality Researchers from Oregon have concluded that the air quality around fracking operations is bad.
Walter Einenkel 05/13/2015 14
President Obama Hits Fox News For Portraying The Poor As Sponges And Leeches
Speaking at the Catholic-Evangelical Leadership Summit on Overcoming Poverty at Georgetown University (video below), President Obama made an astute observation about one of the causes of persistent ...
News Corpse 05/12/2015 19
UN criticizes US human rights record. Cites police brutality, pervasive surveillance and Gitmo
NY Times: U.S. Must Do More on Civil Rights, Officials Agree “We must rededicate ourselves to ensuring that our civil rights laws live up to our promise,” James Cadogan, a senior Justice ...
subir 05/12/2015 1
Joe Gergley, GOP candidate for mayor in Ohio, tweets racist and homophobic remarks
Joe Gergley is a 26 year old GOP candidate for mayor of Gahanna, Ohio (a suburb of Columbus) and he recently won the mayoral primary with 1/3 of the vote in a low turnout election. Of course, once ...
QueenCityPundit 05/11/2015 4
America Wants A Black Jon Stewart For President - Or Center-Right Nation My A...
The conventional (alleged) wisdom from mainstream media punditry has been telling us for years that America is a center-right nation. Never mind the contrary evidence that polls reveal about a ...
News Corpse 05/10/2015 17
Mother's Day
I'm like a lot of, or even like every other adopted child in the world. I have two Moms...
nicolemaschke 05/09/2015 4
Audit shows Scott Walker's slushy WEDC continues to break laws
Those of you on Kos may not have heard too much about the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC), or even know too much about the level of disaster that Scott Walker's reign as governor ...
Jake formerly of the LP 05/09/2015 24
Sorry Fox News, Ebola Wasn't The Obama Apocalypse You Hoped It Would Be
Last year the world was gripped by fear over the deadly outbreak of Ebola in West Africa. There is no doubt that it was devastating for the victims and their families. However, for most of the rest ...
News Corpse 05/09/2015 21

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