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A friend of mine released an album - reminds me of Robert Reich meets Steinbeck meets Woody Guthrie
A friend of mine recently released an album - he's done about 60 in the last 20 years, but what struck me about his new release is how populist and relevant it feels to the present day. His name ...
whiskeytown 05/05/2015 4 7 - -
Mark Begich offically concedes in AK
as per the local Anchorage press and his facebook wall "Serving Alaska in the U.S. Senate has been a tremendous honor. Today I spoke with Dan Sullivan and ...
whiskeytown 11/17/2014 7 7 - -
I was outraged years ago - now I'm just meh
we were bitching about this years ago, and the right didn't care - but NOW they're outraged - ...
whiskeytown 06/07/2013 12 14 - -
Did the Republicans inadverently drive the push for Gay Marriage in Minnesota?
as inevitible as the Gay Marriage passage in MN was in our fine progressive state, one can't help but wonder if the Marriage Amendment bill that was defeated in November wasn't a catalyst that ...
whiskeytown 05/13/2013 24 30 - -
this is bad - now I'M advocating secession
Q-tip's excellent diary has been weighing heavy on my mind today, with the spectre a Republican president who can't win a popular vote winning every electoral college contest via rigged electoral ...
whiskeytown 01/24/2013 26 2 - -
let's all take a moment to remember Karl Rove
let's take a moment here to remember the true losers of this campaign - Karl Rove, Crossroads GPS, and all those billionaires who threw hundreds of millions of dollars representing a puny fraction ...
whiskeytown 11/06/2012 251 510 4 -
wish u could have been there - in and out in 10 min
in 2008 (and 2004,) I made the mistake of getting up early at 6am or so to get to my polling place - I have since learned my lesson and now stay home till 10am to give the guys going to work time to ...
whiskeytown 11/06/2012 5 5 - -
My Paul Wellstone story
I don't know if I've ever shared the time I met Paul Wellstone - it's a minimal affair, but I thought it was humorous enough to share - it all started in talk radio......
whiskeytown 10/26/2012 2 2 - -
here's the latest Republican meme's I 've seen
two things are coming out of my Republican friends tonight - this is going to be their big whiney tomorrow, for ...
whiskeytown 10/16/2012 13 24 - -
I'm a paranoid crazy leftist wingnut for thinking this is all planned, right?
am I the only one thinking somewhere back in the Republican Halls of power, there are old rich white men positively giddy about the deaths of American Embassy workers and a repeat of the Iranian '79 ...
whiskeytown 09/14/2012 50 7 - 294
this ad is so bad the TV stations have to air disclaimers after it
while watching the 6pm news (a rare occurrence due to my job schedule) - I was recently greeted with the graphic debauchery that comes from Gary Boisclair, a tea-party DEMOCRAT challenger to Keith ...
whiskeytown 08/10/2012 18 16 - 289
This is good, but I want another present for the American People
This morning's (surprise to me) ruling on Obamacare is a welcome present for the American People and the rule of law I have my eyes on a bigger prize though - for although today we have won a fight,
whiskeytown 06/28/2012 1 1 - 23
the purpose of broadcasting is....
as a junior in college, and a broadcasting major, I read this sentence and it knocked me off my feet - so obvious, and so apparently forgotten to Rush Limbaugh - it can be a harsh and brutal lesson ...
whiskeytown 03/04/2012 5 7 - 64
Obama Campaign Manager - We will work with SuperPAC's
With so much at stake, we can't allow for two sets of rules in this election whereby the Republican nominee is the beneficiary of unlimited spending and Democrats unilaterally disarm. Therefore, ...
whiskeytown 02/06/2012 27 21 - 188
We're in field goal range - let's not choke now
My beloved Vikings have done what they've done in the past - made it to the NFC championship only to lose to horrible circumstances - somewhere along the way, it occurred to me Health Care Reform ...
whiskeytown 01/25/2010 11 3 - -
Prez. Obama find a cure for cancer - Republican response mixed
While working on my computer, I accidentally flipped a couple wires and started getting emails dated two years from now - After making a bet on the 2011 Super Bowl, I browsed thru some of the ...
whiskeytown 02/25/2009 15 8 - 3
Sarah Palin - spewing ignorance
My High School Calculus teacher used to use this comment on us sometimes - he knew we were some of the smartest kids in school, but of course, we were no competition for the boss - ...
whiskeytown 10/07/2008 7 5 1 -
my thoughts (some technical) on the Palin speech
just a couple thoughts about last night's speech that came to mind - musings and so forth....
whiskeytown 09/04/2008 20 9 - 1
enough with whining about the Mpls/St. Paul Police.
Here's the deal, people - I am local and have been watching local media on this today. I just watched some footage from the 5pm and 6pm newscasts - from what I saw on there, there is a low level ...
whiskeytown 09/01/2008 62 9 - 12
At least it's not a close race anymore...
I just had one quick nice thought about the Palin nomination. It refocuses the media narrative from a "neck and neck" race to a longshot Hail Mary.
whiskeytown 08/29/2008 2 2 - -
remember the seven stages of grief they have to go thru
believe I heard the comparison made earlier today that the Clinton supporters are in denial - this sounded familiar to me, and sure enough, there are seven stages of grief when suffering a terrible ...
whiskeytown 06/04/2008 18 6 - -
one name on the ballot? That's fair?
Huffpost has a headline that Hillary is considering a "Nuclear Option" to get the Florida and Michigan delegates seated.
whiskeytown 05/05/2008 9 - - -
Do you realize you are being played?
Hillary is trumping up numbers of $10 million in the 24 hrs since her Pennsylvania win. One would expect with the scorched earth policy that she will proceed to blow all that on the next two ...
whiskeytown 04/24/2008 21 9 1 -
It's time for the Superdelegates to step up.
Hillary cannot see that WE as a nation and movement are more important then HER and her ambitions. That's why she should not and does not deserve to be president.
whiskeytown 03/25/2008 36 15 2 -
If Hillary weren't the former First Lady, she wouldn't be in this position. She's very lucky
There, you have it. I've said it. Flame on.
whiskeytown 03/12/2008 33 9 - -
further ruminations on Chess and the Democratic Nominee
On a chessboard, pieces play out - attacks are launched, defenses countered, and new plans devised for both sides. In the case of expert play, this may take the appearance of mindless moves, but ...
whiskeytown 02/26/2008 21 4 - -
figuring out what your opponent is thinking....
As an amateur poker and chess fanatic, I am constantly reminded that to win, one must get into the heads of one's opponents, since to know what your opponent is thinking is the key to your own ...
whiskeytown 02/08/2008 4 - - -
A line around the parking lot for the DFL caucus.
I saw folks were arriving early and signing up for the 6:30 caucus times in Minneapolis on the TV news, so on went the coat and boots, and off I walked for 2.5 blocks to my polling place where I ...
whiskeytown 02/05/2008 18 8 - 5
My first post, my first caucus....
I signed up for Daily Kos about a year ago, but I have just lurked - I have not posted till today. I am still heavily in debt to humanity, having voted for GWB in 2000 and voted against him in 2004,
whiskeytown 02/04/2008 13 15 - -
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