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#sekritarmy won't back down (pooties, woozles, critters and stuff)
We never run out of things to say. And we continue to confuse our opponents with our skill.
whoknu 05/31/2015 63 101 - -
#sekritarmy robo calls (pooties, woozles, and stuff)
You ever get the feeling you aren't being heard? Don't worry, we have an app for that.
whoknu 05/24/2015 42 87 - -
#sekritarmy roadtripping (pooties, woozles and stuff)
We guess this solves the question. Things have been a little slow.
whoknu 05/17/2015 50 115 - -
#sekritarmy goes uphill both ways (pooties, woozles and stuff)
After enduring a week of rain... A spring snow storm...
whoknu 05/10/2015 62 108 - -
#sekritarmy cinco de mayo (pooties, woozles and such)
It's time to do some celebrating. We have been planning this for a while.
whoknu 05/03/2015 64 97 - -
#sekritarmy quickie (with pooties, woozles and such)
They know our plans. They just don't know when they will be launched.
whoknu 04/26/2015 42 89 - -
#sekritarmy Springs into action (pooties, woozles, and stuff)
Other than a few yips, we haven't seen much of the other side. They could still be traumatized from the last offensive.
whoknu 04/19/2015 70 108 - -
#sekritarmy self reflection (pooties, woozles and stuff)
We at the #sekritarmy have been taking time to examine life. We make sure to review all of our talents.
whoknu 04/12/2015 36 91 - -
#sekritarmy needs a time hop (pooties, woozles and stuff)
There just isn't enough time in the day. We sometimes have trouble getting everything done.
whoknu 04/05/2015 105 112 - -
#sekritarmy sorry, not sorry (with pooties, woozles and stuff)
So.... I guess we forgot something last week. We have a good reason.
whoknu 03/29/2015 67 105 - -
#sekritarmy pi (with pooties and woozles and stuff)
The pi party was teh awesome. And now it's over.
whoknu 03/15/2015 57 100 - -
#sekritarmy buzz (with pooties, woozles and stuff)
They are starting to take us seriously. But they still have no idea how far we will go.
whoknu 03/08/2015 64 103 - -
#sekritarmy on the loose; why they lose (pooties, woozles and such)
There was plenty of stuff this week to keep us busy. So we did what we usually do.
whoknu 03/01/2015 75 116 - -
#sekritarmy dreams (with pooties, woozles and stuff)
You could say the #sekritarmy is an eternal optimist. We like to think there is hope for the future of humanity.
whoknu 02/22/2015 48 85 - -
#sekritarmy trolls (with pooties, woozles and internet things)
There still those who question our power. We really don't think we have anything to prove.
whoknu 02/15/2015 63 118 - -
#sekritarmy on watch (with pooties, woozles and stuff)
The #sekritarmy has gathered. The consensus is for us to continue our mission.
whoknu 02/08/2015 37 108 - -
#sekritarmy upgrade (Now with more pooties, woozles and stuff)
The #sekritarmy worked all last weekend when we realized our systems were getting out of date. We found a few problems that were slowing us down.
whoknu 02/01/2015 69 118 - -
#sekritarmy maintenance (with pooties, woozles and stuff)
Our system is down for maintenance so review the below training manual and wait for further instructions coming soon. There are a lot of misconceptions out there. And we try to dispel ...
whoknu 01/25/2015 55 122 - -
#sekritarmy above and beyond (pooties, woozles and stuff)
There are those who think we should just give up. After all, they seem to have the upper hand.
whoknu 01/18/2015 85 115 - -
#sekritarmy pirates (pooties, woozles, critters)
We have done some analysis of the numbers. And come to some conclusions about the world.
whoknu 01/11/2015 52 99 - -
#sekritarmy review (with pooties, woozles and stuff)
Another year down, and some things really need to change. We try to tell them what the problem is.
whoknu 01/04/2015 52 118 - -
#sekritarmy oops (pooties, woozles, and stuff)
So we guess there was an update that we missed... An apology might be in order.
whoknu 12/28/2014 65 98 - -
#sekritarmy final grade (with pooties, woozles and such)
It's a busy time of year. We have lots to get done.
whoknu 12/14/2014 63 105 - -
#sekritarmy afterparty (with pooties, woozles, and stuff)
It's been a tough week. We had a successful ...
whoknu 12/07/2014 91 113 - -
#sekritarmy Sunday (with pooties, woozles and stuff)
The #sekritarmy is taking some time off today. We had a rough week.
whoknu 11/30/2014 81 92 - -
#sekritarmy muse (with pooties, woozles and stuff)
The #sekritarmy has been thinking of singing the blues. It seems to be a thing...
whoknu 11/23/2014 65 93 - -
#sekritarmy down the rabbit hole (again-with pooties, woozles and stuff)
Ever wanted to go inside with the #sekritarmy elite corps? Well, here's your chance to ride along.
whoknu 11/16/2014 46 103 - -
#sekritarmy test pattern (pooties, woozles and stuff)
The #sekritarmy had some unexpected maneuvers today so we are asking our loyal troops to create their own diary in the comments. We will return next week.
whoknu 11/09/2014 94 67 - -
#sekritarmy statistics (with pooties, woozles and stuff)
Your #sekritarmy is doing a little math review and found the opposition's numbers just don't add up. We suspect they are just guessing at the answer now.
whoknu 11/02/2014 53 96 - -
#sekritarmy advice (with pooties, woozles, and critters)
The #sekritarmy is often asked for advice on a variety of issues. And in between our regular jobs...
whoknu 10/26/2014 57 95 - -
#sekritarmy days (pooties, woozles and stuff)
So you all think you know us well. And our power is what we want you to see.
whoknu 10/19/2014 50 98 - -
#sekritarmy ground game (pooties, woozles, and stuff)
It's that time of year again when a knock at the door signals panic. But we have been warning about this for months.
whoknu 10/12/2014 71 101 - -
#sekritarmy Sunday (pooties, woozles and stuff)
The expectations placed on us can be a bit unrealistic. But we have a long history of bending the rules.
whoknu 10/05/2014 40 88 - -
#sekritarmy and the locals (pooties, woozles, and stuff)
So you all thought the #sekritarmy was all talk and no action did ya? Well this week we took to the streets for a little action .
whoknu 09/28/2014 41 104 - -
#sekritarmy time (pooties, woozles, critters)
We know why you come here every Sunday morning... But we have our reasons too.
whoknu 09/21/2014 53 98 - -
#sekritarmy is back (with pooties, woozles and stuff)
So, we made it back. And we did some soul searching while we were gone.
whoknu 09/14/2014 54 121 - -
#sekritarmy skips town (pooties, woozles, and critters)
The #sekritarmy needs a break from things. We are leaving town, so don't try and stop us.
whoknu 09/07/2014 60 126 - -
#sekritarmy trust (with pooties, woozles, and stuff)
The howls are getting louder. And we have had enough.
whoknu 08/31/2014 93 93 - -
#sekritarmy all your base are belong to us (pooties, woozles, critters)
The #sekritarmy has been flying under the radar for years. Fighting for our rightful place in the world.
whoknu 08/24/2014 69 109 - -
#sekritarmy back to school (pooties, woozles, critters)
The school year around here starts earlier and earlier every year and the dog days of summer are now at an end. But teachers feel repetition is important in learning, we tend to agree.
whoknu 08/17/2014 94 115 - -
Yeah, #sekritarmy is late, what of it? (pooties, woozles and stuff)
Yeah, we know we are late but we have our reasons. We heard some talk that maybe we aren't really a #sekritarmy.
whoknu 08/10/2014 72 117 - -
#sekritarmy still here (pooties, woozles and stuff)
For those who thought we were giving up They continue to underestimate us.
whoknu 08/03/2014 47 129 - -
#sekritarmy is busy (pooties, woozles, and stuff)
Wondering why the #sekritarmy is a bit light today? Well, we do need to disappear for a bit, as we have some work to do.
whoknu 07/27/2014 113 108 - -
#sekritarmy winning! (pooties, woozles, and critters)
We have done our homework. And made our strategic moves.
whoknu 07/20/2014 62 98 - -
#sekritarmy won't be one (pooties, woozles, critters)
The opposition has finally gone over the edge. We have to admit, we did some gentle pushing.
whoknu 07/13/2014 70 127 - -
#sekritarmy sneaks in (pooties, woozles and stuff)
We refuse to wait for your permission. And your fence won't keep us out.
whoknu 07/06/2014 61 99 - -
#sekritarmy time for a change (pooties, woozles and stuff)
Ever get the feeling we are on a downward spiril? Starting to give chaos theory a look?
whoknu 06/29/2014 83 119 - -
#sekritarmy rolls on (pooties, woozles, critters)
We have been telling people for years. And we finally think the message has been heard.
whoknu 06/22/2014 126 114 - -
#sekritarmy I am your Father (pooties, woozles and stuff)
Oh, so many memories of good times with our Dad. It was always important for him to have the nicest yard on the block.
whoknu 06/15/2014 66 122 - -
#sekritarmy doldrums (pooties, woozles and stuff)
We have been kinda bored... So we decided to troll the internet.
whoknu 06/08/2014 99 110 - -
#sekritarmy misunderstood (pooties, woozles, and stuff)
There are a lot of misconceptions out there. And we try to dispel them whenever we can.
whoknu 06/01/2014 72 113 - -
The most important thing you will learn about Social Security today
The United States is monetarily sovereign and is the monopoly issuer of it's currency. No one else is authorized to print and spend the U.S. dollar. What this means is that the government can always ...
whoknu 05/31/2014 29 26 6 -
#sekritarmy counseling (pooties, woozles, and critters)
Sometimes the week just never seems to end and a little therapy is in order. Our counselors are effective in getting to the heart.
whoknu 05/25/2014 150 120 - -
#sekritarmy graduates (pooties, woozles, and critters)
If anyone doubted our superiority, they only need attend our graduation ceremony. Our graduates have shown they are leaders.
whoknu 05/18/2014 71 109 1 -
#sekritarmy tells no tails (pooties, woozles and such)
Being a Mother is the ultimate fulfillment of life. We watch as our children grow into beautiful adulthood.
whoknu 05/11/2014 61 121 - -
#sekritarmy superiority (pooties, woozles, and stuff)
It has come to our attention that there may be fraudulent attempts to join us. They think we haven't been paying attention.
whoknu 05/04/2014 61 94 - -
#sekritarmy mission control (pooties, woozles and stuff)
Here at #sekritarmy Mission Control™ we start our day early. The first order of business is to list our goal for the day.
whoknu 04/27/2014 75 118 - -
#sekritarmy peeps (with pooties, woozles, and stuff)
Some have noted that today might be some sort of holiday. We present the evidence...
whoknu 04/20/2014 104 109 - -
#sekritarmy rights (pooties, woozles, and cows)
The #sekritarmy has taken stock of the situation and come to a final conclusion. We have all the rights.
whoknu 04/13/2014 92 96 - -
#sekritarmy going underground (pooties, woozles, critters)
The #sekritarmy has been broadcasting their intentions for years. Some of you didn't listen.
whoknu 04/06/2014 81 122 1 -
#sekritarmy nails it (pooties, woozles and other stuff)
We have a certain reputation. But we really do have a softer side that you rarely see.
whoknu 03/30/2014 113 104 - -
#sekritarmy cool kidz wanna rock (pooties, woozles, critters)
Our opponent has finally noticed something. And they don't like it, they don't like it at all.
whoknu 03/23/2014 139 115 - -
#sekritarmy existentially (pooties, woozles, and stuff)
Maybe we shouldn't advertise our intentions. Because we then get accused of spreading anarchy.
whoknu 03/16/2014 77 115 - -
#sekritarmy is awake (pooties, woozles, critters and stuff)
We think it's time to have a little chat... Some of you aren't following the rules.
whoknu 03/09/2014 134 134 2 -
#sekritarmy don't need no stinkin' rulz (pooties, woozles and stuff)
Our Capitalist Overlords™ are still in the dark. They still think they have us all figured out.
whoknu 03/02/2014 64 104 - -
#sekritarmy fame (pooties, woozles and critters)
This changes everything... We may need to rethink our strategy.
whoknu 02/23/2014 89 111 1 -
#sekritarmy down the rabbit hole (pooties, woozles, critters)
Ever wanted to go inside with the #sekritarmy elite corps? Well, here's your chance to ride along.
whoknu 02/16/2014 41 93 1 -
#sekritarmy has sekrit powers (pooties, woozles, critters)
We have been trying to keep our powers a secret for many years. But we finally had to release the list.
whoknu 02/09/2014 75 120 - -
sekritarmy's big game (pooties, woozles and critters)
The all out battle for dominance has begun. And we can't be too careful when it comes to security.
whoknu 02/02/2014 68 115 1 -
#sekritarmy wins the week, again (pooties, woozles, critters)
The #sekritarmy doesn't understand how so many of our adversaries believe they are 'winning' After all, our recruiting strategy is fool-proof.
whoknu 01/26/2014 43 104 - -
#sekritarmy never sleeps (pooties, woozles and critters)
Is winter getting you down? Has watching the news become overwhelming.
whoknu 01/19/2014 70 115 1 -
#sekritarmy test (pooties, woozles and such)
Many are unsure if they qualify to join the #sekritarmy. But we are here to tell you it's possible to strive for perfection. If you are able to stay calm when the situation demands it, you ...
whoknu 01/12/2014 51 93 1 -
#sekritarmy is winning (pooties, woozles and stuff)
Everybody has their pet theory. But they don't have any inkling of the real threat.
whoknu 01/05/2014 77 102 - -
Local Teaparty stalwart calls for Pet Health Insurance Mandate
I returned to work today after a few days off for the holiday in rather low spirits but determined to slog through the day the best I could. As I walked down the aisle I considered whether I should ...
whoknu 12/30/2013 11 59 - -
#sekritarmy New Year (pooties, woozles and critters)
Got the post holiday blues? Did you fail to get what your really wanted?
whoknu 12/29/2013 45 103 - -
#sekritarmy hides (pooties, woozles and critters)
We've always known how to work any angle. And new ones pop up every day.
whoknu 12/22/2013 71 96 - -
#sekritarmy's War on Christmas (pooties, woozles, and critters)
We have decided to take a holiday break from our normal maneuvers. And join our brethren's seige on the true battle of our time; the war on Christmas.
whoknu 12/15/2013 95 100 - -
#sekritarmy knows (pooties, woozles and critters)
They thought trying to hide their intentions would fool us, but they would be wrong. They tried to get rid of us.
whoknu 12/08/2013 82 109 - -
#sekritarmy turkeys (pooties, woozles and stuff)
So the #sekritarmy took a little time off for the holiday. And spent some time with family.
whoknu 12/01/2013 66 107 - -
#sekritarmy polls well (pooties, woozles, critters)
They won't admit that we will always win. We make it impossible for them to see it any other way.
whoknu 11/24/2013 76 83 - -
#sekritarmy conspiracy theory (pooties, woozles and stuff)
Conspiracy theories float around the intert00bs all the time, but the #sekritarmy knows what's really going on. The sacrifice of our troops is legendary in our quest for knowledge.
whoknu 11/17/2013 41 99 - -
#sekritarmy is inevitable (pooties, woozles, critters and stuff)
Ever get the feeling the other guy has an unfair advantage? Do you have to put up with critics who are always trying to bring you down?
whoknu 11/10/2013 64 104 - -
#sekritarmy has answers (pooties, woozles, and stuff)
We get lots of questions, we have answers... Ever wonder where that extra shoe on the highway came from?
whoknu 11/03/2013 73 85 - -
#sekritarmy delegation (pooties, woozles, and critters)
We are tired of being tired. We have fought hard and long all week.
whoknu 10/27/2013 82 93 - -
#sekritarmy class in session (pooties, woozles, and critters)
We have attempted in the past to gently inform our readers, but the time has come to lay out the stark truth. We understand that there are those who question our authority. No matter...
whoknu 10/20/2013 58 94 - -
#sekritarmy goes nuclear (pooties, woozles and stuff)
Important things just don't seem to be getting done. We have warned them before.
whoknu 10/13/2013 33 87 - -
#sekritarmy accounting (pooties, woozles and critters)
The #sekritarmy has run the numbers and found that our government creates it's own money. So we can't understand why there are those who tell us we ...
whoknu 10/06/2013 46 105 - -
#sekritarmy over the line (pooties, woozles, critters and stuff)
After this week's endless silliness, we had just had enough. We gave our view on things, but were mostly ignored.
whoknu 09/29/2013 89 93 - -
sekritarmy school (pooties, woozles, and critters)
When life gets tough, the sekritarmy get's going. We are not afraid to take a risk.
whoknu 09/22/2013 38 89 - -
#sekritarmy vs Mother Nature (with pooties, woozles and critters)
The weather at the #sekritarmy home base has been interesting this week. But we are not deterred from our mission.
whoknu 09/15/2013 84 108 1 -
#sekritarmy time out (with pooties, woozles and others)
The #sekritarmy is suffering from an overload from all the battles we needed to wage. We have tried to focus more on ourselves to recharge.
whoknu 09/08/2013 87 110 - -
#sekritarmy self reflection (pooties, woozles, and critters)
The #sekritarmy has always been an enigma to our enemies. They rarely understand our drive to succeed.
whoknu 09/01/2013 100 110 - -
#sekritarmy back from the abyss (pooties, woozles and cast of 1,000's)
We know there was a bit of concern when #sekritarmy was offline last week. But we felt it was necessary to train for the job ahead.
whoknu 08/25/2013 85 122 - -
#sekritarmy sees all (pooties, woozles and such)
The attempts to blind us to what is really going on will not work. Our abilities transcend all normal channels.
whoknu 08/11/2013 100 81 - -
#sekritarmy walks into a bar (with pooties, woozles and critters)
I know our followers are getting frustrated with the status quo. And it's been really hard to separate the seed from the chaff.
whoknu 08/04/2013 98 100 - -
#sekritarmy in the beginning (summer pootie, woozle and critter rerun)
We started small. And honed our skills in obscurity.
whoknu 07/28/2013 75 88 - -
#sekritarmy have you heard the word? (pooties, woozles and critters)
Have you heard of the #sekritarmy? The media has tried hard to misinform.
whoknu 07/21/2013 98 84 - -
#sekritarmy secret life (pooties, woozles and stuff)
When off duty, the #sekritarmy is not always as you would imagine.
whoknu 07/14/2013 32 82 - -
#sekritarmy SNAFU (pooties, woozles, critters and such)
#sekritarmy has done some analysis. And come to the conclusion that the absorption into the matrix has been initiated.
whoknu 07/07/2013 55 92 - -
#sekritarmy isn't kidding (pooties, woozles, critters and stuff)
People accuse us of being aloof. But we really don't spend that much time alone.
whoknu 06/30/2013 74 89 1 -
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