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It’s 15 -1 - The New York Times is in love with Scott Walker.
As a Wisconsin resident who is fed up with Scott Walker and the compliant press locally I thought that when the national ...
widem 05/07/2015 13 19 2 -
Republicans Throw Stink Bomb at Mary Burke
Former Trek Bicycle Executives hurl a last minute Stink Bomb at Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke. Allegedly, Mary Burke was fired from her job as head of European operations at Trek. ...
widem 10/30/2014 24 23 1 -
Phishing Spam
Maybe it's just me. I signed up on the Obama web site last year. For this purpose I used a seldom used email account. This past winter that email account started to receive spam. And now the ...
widem 05/16/2013 14 2 - -
Milwaukee Right Wing Talk Rant
Our local right wing talk radio wingnuts still don't get it. Vicki McKenna today on WISN-Radio in Milwaukee has made several references to her audience it's time to get "Guns and Ammo" and ...
widem 11/07/2012 10 2 - -
Madison Nov 5th Photo Diary
Here are some of my pics. I was probably half way back from the stage area. Around ...
widem 11/05/2012 4 8 - -
Bill Clinton at UW-Waukesha
Standing here waiting for the "Big Dog" at one of my alma maters, UW-Waukesha in the heart of the most Republican County in Wisconsin. Way to go Bill Clinton! Oh yes Marquette Poll had Obama up 8% ...
widem 11/01/2012 11 3 - -
Preparing for a recount?
I just flew into Washington, DC this morning from Milwaukee for a business conference tomorrow. I took the Metro from National Airport (I can't call it Reagan!) to McPherson Square on the Blue Line.
widem 10/28/2012 11 5 - -
WISC Absentee Ballot Problems
Are the republicans trying to create absentee ballot confusion in the most republican Wisconsin state senate district? This district just happens to be located in Waukesha County the most ...
widem 10/05/2012 2 3 - 72
Romney and the $17000 Bucket
Romney didn't say anything about property and income taxes in his $17,000 bucket proposal. The tax proposers always conveniently forget to mention the property and state and local income tax ...
widem 10/03/2012 9 3 - 82
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