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Senator Joe Manchin (D-WVa) Calls For Bitcoin Ban - Needs To Step Down Now! I have been an avid reader and supporter of the Daily Kos for the last 5 years. I was raised a Democrat in one of the reddest ...
windjc 02/26/2014 156 1 - -
Hilarious Parody Video Of "Blurred Lines" - Serious Message
Hi Daily Kos, I am a long time reader and not so often diary writer. But I wanted to share something on behalf of my talented girlfriend, comedianne Melinda Hughes. Today Melinda put up a music ...
windjc 07/24/2013 6 4 - -
New RAND POLL: 0 51 R 45
The results of the new rand poll for Oct. 25th have Obama at record highs and more than a 5 point lead. Obama 50.56% up from 49.5% Romney 44.64% down from 45.48% The trend line on this unique poll ...
windjc 10/26/2012 53 17 - -
Live Phone Polls Give Obama Heavy Advantage
Let's look at Ohio as a microcosm of this effect. Live phone interviewing polls are giving Obama a much larger advantage than robocalls. Let's just look at the most recent polls. First the ...
windjc 10/22/2012 57 23 - -
First Post-Debate Poll +2 Obama
The Rand American Life Panel is out with their updated tracker, including Wednesday. The results are a 2 points in favor of Obama, from 49/45 to 50/44. Obama received slight upticks in household ...
windjc 10/18/2012 18 6 - -
Obama's Gallup Approval Ratings +6 Today
Just sayin... 52 week high. I have no idea how many of those polled were after the debate last night, but for a 3 day average there must have been a massive jump in approval ratings yesterday. ...
windjc 10/04/2012 21 5 - 221
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