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Morning Feature: The Rights We've Always Had?
Community college student Yassir Afifi didn't want a legal ...
winterbanyan 10/20/2010 148 62 - 90
Morning Feature: Community Health Center Unveiled
With great joy and celebration, a community health ...
winterbanyan 09/02/2010 122 30 - 46
Furthermore! - "My walk of shame"
One of the ...
winterbanyan 07/05/2010 326 453 2 151
Morning Feature: Echoes of War
My dad was a veteran of WWII, who fought in the Pacific. ...
winterbanyan 06/23/2010 87 35 1 43
Morning Feature: The best years of your life? Whoa!
I've been pushed onto memory lane by my youngest daughter'...
winterbanyan 06/01/2010 165 45 - 38
"Death Panels:"  My dad, my dog, and me
Two weeks ago, in the space of 16 hours, I lost my dad and my dog. Denial finally slipped away, and I spent a lot of hours sobbing my eyes out. I'm not sobbing now. After watching the Health Care ...
winterbanyan 02/27/2010 152 211 - 84
Monday Pooties & Woozles: Calico Catitude
winterbanyan 02/15/2010 327 110 4 40
Morning Feature:  Who are "the least of these?"
winterbanyan 10/28/2009 408 303 10 161
Weaseling? My call to Sen. Bill Nelson re: HCR.  
Well, I got an e-mail from Senator Bill Nelson yesterday. He's in favor of health care reform and since he's on the Finance Committee, that's a good sign, right? Maybe. Or maybe he's weaseling ...
winterbanyan 09/16/2009 37 19 - 83
Morning Feature: Thirty Things I've Learned on DKos
Good morning, Blogistan Polytechnic Institute. It's Crissie's day off, so I'm here to talk about the things I've learned at DailyKos over the past 18 months. Good lessons all. Don't take any of ...
winterbanyan 09/09/2009 182 42 - 66
Morning Feature: Health Care Horror Story (not Mine)
My neighbors are responsible people. He retired from Army Special Forces. She was pursuing her life-long dream to become a nurse. They had scrimped and saved to buy their dream house, and even ...
winterbanyan 09/04/2009 70 14 - 25
Morning Feature: Health care networks and the big lie
One of the big claims in the current health care debate is being framed around government interference between you and your doctor. So let's talk about how your insurance providers use networks ...
winterbanyan 08/26/2009 112 30 - 18
Morning Feature: I fired my health insurance
This is a meta-diary. NCrissieB is too disheartened by the general vitriol of the discussion on Health Care this morning to feel like posting Ask Ms. Crissie. So, in the interests of giving the ...
winterbanyan 08/23/2009 336 242 1 56
Morning Feature: Insurance Jujitsu
In my mail Saturday I received the latest BlueCross/BlueShield scam. And oh, yeah, it's a scam. You only figure out the great parts by the time you finish reading the fine print. Want health ...
winterbanyan 08/11/2009 120 24 2 39
Morning Feature: Going Green and Going Insane
I know everyone's all wound up tight about health care. That's probably part of the reason I'm going insane. But there's another reason, too. So what I'm going to try to do here is take you with ...
winterbanyan 08/04/2009 76 25 1 56
The Real Terrorists: Beating the health care horse again
The real terrorists this country needs to fear are the health insurance industry. Each day at least 47 million Americans live in terror and take huge risks because of them. Others live in fear ...
winterbanyan 07/24/2009 16 11 - 65
It ain't over, sadly.
The divisions in this country have been turned to cement in just the past few weeks. My daughter had a horrible day at school, my neighbor down the street seems to have decided the election didn't ...
winterbanyan 11/05/2008 45 17 - -
I shouldn't diary this: Moments of Magic
The Greatest Nation on Earth. How many times have we heard that? Yet I'm here to tell you we're not the greatest nation on earth, certainly not now, and maybe never. What we used to be was ...
winterbanyan 10/26/2008 42 26 2 13
How unions saved  America
Unions saved us from Communism and Fascism. I do not exaggerate. Back in the 1920s and 30s, with wealth in the hands of the few, and most workers in the position of being wage slaves, and then ...
winterbanyan 10/24/2008 23 18 3 24
Hey, Palin, You don't know what a small town is!
I've had it with Sarah Palin and her repeated insistence that only small town Americans are hard-working real Americans. Why? Because her version of small town is about geography and some ...
winterbanyan 10/20/2008 23 16 1 17
Going Green and Going Insane
I know everyone's all wound up tight about politics. That's probably part of the reason I'm going insane. But there's another reason, too. So what I'm going to try to do here is take you with me ...
winterbanyan 09/12/2008 40 19 2 214
Why couldn't my mom have what my dog MUST have?
I know in the midst of the convention and election, all conversations lead to politics, the economy, foreign policy, and who has made us mad. This isn't an issue that will even come up in the ...
winterbanyan 08/26/2008 46 34 1 20
Obama, the "Raisin Bombers", and my German friend
Yesterday my dear friend in Germany called me. She's been through all the ups and downs of the Bush years with me (well, there must have been some "ups" but I can't recall them) and has oftened ...
winterbanyan 07/24/2008 25 36 5 235
A Pirate Looks at 58
Indulge me, please. One of my favorite Jimmy Buffett songs is A Pirate Looks at 40 . Somehow it reaches ...
winterbanyan 07/22/2008 30 21 - 31
Those rights you think you've always had
Sometimes a little history is in order to understand the evolution of U.S. law and the rights we assume have always been ours. There's some real food for thought in the kernels of history...and ...
winterbanyan 07/09/2008 10 7 - -
Stow those fireworks
Be a good neighbor: Stow those fireworks. Resist the temptation to buy them, resist the temptation to set them off in your neighborhood. Don't become your local "terrorist." Believe it or not, ...
winterbanyan 07/04/2008 14 8 - 4
Taking back the Bible? Obama's Faith-based initiative
Yesterday when I watched KO, I found myself disturbed both by Obama's announcement that he intended to continue the Office of Faith Based Initiatives, and by KO's reaction to it. Talk about a soup ...
winterbanyan 07/02/2008 27 6 - -
428 Wolves, a war, and why I cry
It's been some morning. It started with 428 wolves, then I came here read Granny Doc's diary, and NCrissieB's diary, and a couple of others, and I just want to weep. Can't you see the big picture?
winterbanyan 07/01/2008 23 8 - -
The warming climate -- A major threat to liberty
I'm an old radical who raised her kids on the following meme (long ago, when the drug war began), "If you want to see people give away freedom, make them scared. Make them feel threatened." We'...
winterbanyan 06/29/2008 28 32 4 172
Remember McGovern?  You poor ideological purists...
Of course you don't remember McGovern. Why? Because he didn't get elected. The old lady will try one last time...
winterbanyan 06/28/2008 113 24 2 17
Whining? What do you want next year in government?
As you sit whining over your beer, your wine or your weed, depending on your persuasion, complaining about being betrayed, may I suggest you take a deep breath and consider what you ...
winterbanyan 06/27/2008 16 8 - -
ARK:  What have you done?
I watched EVAN ALMIGHTY this past weekend, and apart from laughing and grinning because we've all been in that place where our best laid plans arouse nothing but laughter from the ...
winterbanyan 06/25/2008 17 9 - 10
MoveOn to disband its 527...because of Obama is about to pledge to disband its 527 in response to Obama's call for campaign financing from small contributors. From Now, in Barack Obama, we have a ...
winterbanyan 06/21/2008 21 10 1 -
A personal conversation: The Daily Campaign for Obama
I had an interesting conversation with my lawn guy yesterday. I think it should put us all on notice about a little bit of what is going on out here...And the fact we have to use every opportunity ...
winterbanyan 06/13/2008 7 2 - 2
Anonymity, Privacy: Dead legends revisited
Time to wake up and smell the coffee... and trust me, the coffee isn't a cup you want to drink. (Or maybe you've already developed a taste for this brew...)
winterbanyan 05/16/2008 10 5 - 8
Brainwashed: the Cold War generation and today's politics
I had an epiphany last night about my generation and the mess this country has been steadily getting into. Put on your 3-D glasses, folks younger than 45. Then try to imagine....
winterbanyan 04/29/2008 48 20 3 166
The Beef: The gender war and the primaries
Much to my amazement, this primary seems to have become more of a gender war than a race war, the exact reverse of what I expected. Sorry to say, there's plenty of reason for that. Obama needs to ...
winterbanyan 04/23/2008 7 4 - 1
Terror without medical insurance
The real terrorists this country needs to fear are the health insurance industry and the health care industry. Each day 45 million Americans live in fear and take huge risks because of them. This ...
winterbanyan 03/29/2008 50 47 - 157
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