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If This Was About the "Grand Bargain"...(UPDATED)
...they didn't need to shut down the government to get it. I'll keep this short and sweet. According to a rec'd diary "breathlessly" citing only RW sources, the shutdown was about getting the "...
wmtriallawyer 10/02/2013 271 275 2 -
Amazing! House GOP Admits Cutting Health Subsidies Hurts People
"The world is made for those who aren't cursed with self-awareness." -- Annie Savoy, Bull Durham Well, this is rich. Buried in a front page Washington Post article this morning is this little ...
wmtriallawyer 09/27/2013 32 90 2 -
If Death is Death...
no matter the delivery mechanism...then I have a few suggestions for practices that I think need to be brought back into common practice. Death is it shouldn't matter, in terms of ...
wmtriallawyer 08/28/2013 144 62 - -
NRA and GOP Team Up to Exploit 8 Year Old Boy
Remember when right wingers and gun enthusiasts chided the President for exploiting the tragedy in Newtown and the memories of those children for political purposes? Yeah. Well. In another instance ...
wmtriallawyer 05/31/2013 64 37 - -
Making Public Service "Cool Again"...By Cutting Pay and Benefits
Hidden in the Obama Budget, something not getting as much attention as chained CPI, is a provision that slaps federal workers in the face... benefit and pay cuts for federal workers: President ...
wmtriallawyer 04/08/2013 16 7 - -
It's Not About Chained CPI
I'll repeat that: the kerfuffle over the President's budget proposal isn't about chained CPI, benefit cuts, means testing of entitlements, etc. It's about something potentially much more damaging ...
wmtriallawyer 04/05/2013 57 39 2 -
BREAKING NEWS: How Numb We've Become
This will be short. I suppose after Newtown, we just come to expect it. And I suppose on this day, with the resignation of a Pope being big, big news, we can't be blamed if we miss it. But in ...
wmtriallawyer 02/11/2013 202 375 3 -
"Arithmetic!" It was the signature line of President Clinton's speech to the DNC a month ago as he explained what the great secret formula was to balancing the budget. Democrats got a kick out of it,
wmtriallawyer 10/09/2012 3 9 - 64
You Always Double Down on 11
In the mid-90s cult hit "Swingers", protagonist Mikey heads out to Vegas with playboy buddy Trent for a night of debauchery, starting with the blackjack tables. Trying their best to look like whales,
wmtriallawyer 09/18/2012 8 11 - 130
Government Waste! Off with Their Heads!
Oh, the Washington Post blared the headline today. Brian Williams called it one of the worst "fleecings of America" last night on the NBC Nightly News. Seems as though the GSA got caught in a big ...
wmtriallawyer 04/03/2012 4 9 - 68
Vote Against FDR in '44
Executive Order 9066 is a crime against our constitution. It allows for the indefinite detention of US citizens by the military inside ...
wmtriallawyer 12/29/2011 295 211 3 1314
BREAKING: MD House of Delegates Judiciary Committee Advances Same Sex Marriage Bill
Great news out of the Free State. After a week of goofy wrangling, delegates backpedaling, then recommitting, the Maryland House of Delegates Judiciary ...
wmtriallawyer 03/04/2011 22 41 - 172
A "Bipartisan" Idea We Can All Get Behind
Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) has a truly bipartisan idea: at the President's upcoming State of the Union speech, rather than having the traditional seating arrangement split among party lines,
wmtriallawyer 01/13/2011 25 18 - 62
Pundit Scapegoats the President
(Note: This is meant as a funny to show that the diary in question is about as productive as this one. As such, it is self-parody as much as it is parody. ...
wmtriallawyer 09/29/2010 590 417 2 129
You First, Rep. King
Ok. You might have heard Stephen Colbert testified this morning in Congress for the "Take Our Jobs" ...
wmtriallawyer 09/24/2010 11 20 - 60
Gibbs Gibbs Gibbs Gibbs "commie liberals" Gibbs Gibbs "professional" Gibbs. Gibbs? GIBBS?!? G-I-B-B-S??? Rat bastard Gibbs! Greenwald! HuffPo! Klein! Schultz! Maddow! GIBBS!
wmtriallawyer 08/10/2010 98 18 - 51
Law: Obama Stimulus Package Gives Billions to Job Training in U.S.
Hmmm...gee. I read David Sirota's diary and was a bit flummoxed that President Obama's administration, apparently through USAID, was actively outsourcing 3,000 jobs to Sri Lanka to the tune of $20 ...
wmtriallawyer 08/05/2010 468 459 2 33
He's Long Gone: A Tribute to Ernie Harwell
Ernie Harwell passed away yesterday. It was not unexpected. He was 92, and less then a year ago ...
wmtriallawyer 05/05/2010 30 31 2 186
The Constitution is Apparently Not Good News for John McCain
There's absurdity, and then there's loopy. John McCain, in apparent attempt to grab hold of the mantle of neo-con nuttiness where the last administration left off, apparently thinks ...
wmtriallawyer 05/04/2010 375 457 3 268
The Bet -- Updated
Folks, we've devolved into more meta about the President's recent appeal to turn out the vote in 2010. And I suppose that is OK, for what it is worth, but I wanted to comment on the actual ...
wmtriallawyer 04/26/2010 527 794 3 161
Change the Channel
Meteor Blades had a good diary up earlier today about the meta-storm that went on the last few days. Set ...
wmtriallawyer 04/08/2010 54 53 - 36
If Defending My Party and President is a Sin...
then call me a sinner. Simply put, while I've been fighting the battle for civility and reality on this blog for a long ...
wmtriallawyer 04/06/2010 76 72 2 42
I'm Done Trying to Convince the Willfully Ignorant
I'm done. Absolutely, 100% done. Part of my job as a Democratic activist is to try to persuade voters to vote for my party and my candidates. But on this health care issue, I'm just not going to ...
wmtriallawyer 03/26/2010 398 568 7 86
The Combustible Mix of Populism and Hyperbole
I'm probably as populist as they come, in a lot of ways. I cut my teeth in politics working for "America's #1 Progressive Populist", Jim Hightower. But when populism dives into hyperbole, it's a ...
wmtriallawyer 02/24/2010 79 64 1 34
Oh noes! Treating a Terrorist Like a Criminal Actually Works
Remember all the hubbub those on the right had about Christmas underwear bomber Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab? That treating him like a criminal and having the FBI interrogate him was the wrong thing to ...
wmtriallawyer 02/03/2010 157 258 2 40
OK, I'm not usually big on a. response diaries or b. short diaries, but something is amiss here. I'm ...
wmtriallawyer 01/14/2010 441 325 1 44
I Don't Know Jane Hamsher.
I've never met her, though been in the same room with her. Same goes with Markos. And quite a few (but not all) of the front pagers. And yet, I wish each of them peace and good wishes for the ...
wmtriallawyer 12/22/2009 467 557 3 87
Debate the Mandate, But Don't Call it Unconstitutional
Before proceeding to read this diary, do me a favor. Google the following phrase: "health care mandate unconstitutional." I'll wait... OK. Notice anything about what came up as links? If you ...
wmtriallawyer 12/17/2009 625 173 5 125
Lost Opportunities and Lost Friends
This diary has been ruminating in my head for the past several weeks, but I wasn't able to actually write it until now. Don't ask me why...sometimes you aren't ready until the muse actually strikes.
wmtriallawyer 12/11/2009 775 726 20 547
Cognitive Dissonance
As all of you, I'm appalled at the poster being featured in the front page diary at ...
wmtriallawyer 11/05/2009 13 30 - 147
Calling all Marylanders...Fundraiser for Judd Legum November 14th
Hi all, Just wanted to use my diary today to promote an event that I happen to be hosting for Judd Legum . As many of you may know, Judd is running for ...
wmtriallawyer 11/04/2009 13 5 - 36
In case you hadn't noticed...
Hi. This diary was inspired by a comment by Adam B in the current set of dueling meta rage diaries about something I'm ...
wmtriallawyer 11/02/2009 29 43 - 58
I'm Betting On McCain
Listen, I know times are tough. But I'm putting my faith in President McCain. The man ran on a clear vision for the country, and that's why we elected him. And while I realize folks might not be ...
wmtriallawyer 10/14/2009 377 652 13 361
20 People More Deserving of the Nobel Prize -- The Wingnut Edition
Amazes me how we all go a-twitter about awards. Granted, it's the Nobel Prize and all, but we're debating it with the same passion as, say, the Oscars or the Heisman Trophy. Seriously, people, ...
wmtriallawyer 10/09/2009 54 30 - 35
Shut the Hell UP!
My Friday rant today is pointed right at the heart of the GOP leadership. For the most part, I've been amused at the crazy rantings coming from the Right these days, but for some reason, this whole "
wmtriallawyer 09/04/2009 350 683 10 78
The GOP's Punk Job on Health Care Reform
So, this is how the post-Obama GOP operates. Bereft of any ideas of their own, any electoral strategy worth a fig, here's what they've come up with to save their hides: 1. Manufacture dissent via ...
wmtriallawyer 08/20/2009 24 18 - 18
Hey, Sen. Coburn, You Already GET Public Health Care
There are days you are overwhelmed by the stupidity of Republicans in Congress. And then there are days you get to watch Tom Coburn in action. Coburn, in some sort of attempt to be cute,
wmtriallawyer 07/15/2009 139 285 1 50
Maryland Republican Group Takes Down Obama/Hitler Comparison
Some of you may have seen my diary from a few days ago highlighting a post on ...
wmtriallawyer 06/25/2009 13 25 1 73
Maryland Republican Group Likens Obama to Hitler (UPDATED)
Yeah, I know. Seems like right wingers like to toss out Godwin's Law any chance they get when it comes to our President. So it's not that surprising, but...given this is a local issue for me, I ...
wmtriallawyer 06/22/2009 147 59 - 126
It's OK to Hate...So Long as You Condemn von Brunn
That seems to be the message the white seperatist movement is clinging to today, through one of its chief spokesmen,
wmtriallawyer 06/11/2009 310 288 1 23
Teh Stoopid, It Burns!!! Or...Elections Have Consequences.
I'm not sure whether I'm supposed to be amused...or upset...or just shaking my head at the pathetic. But I think I'll take Door #3, please. Let me state the foregone conclusion that seems to be ...
wmtriallawyer 05/27/2009 279 483 3 62
Media Starts Doing Job 7 Years Too Late
Excuse me, but I need to get something off my chest. In two days, two recommended diaries highlighted mainstream media talking heads, in the form ...
wmtriallawyer 04/24/2009 361 572 2 111
RIP Mark "The Bird" Fidrych
A sad day for baseball and Detroit Tiger fans everywhere... Mark "The Bird" Fidrych has passed away ...
wmtriallawyer 04/15/2009 12 18 - 16
Oh Noes! Wingnuts Ain't Gonna Like This...Stimulus Projects UNDER Budget
Overshadowed by the pirate rescue mission, the Easter Egg Roll, and the new Obama puppy, the little reported news is that the stimulus package may actually be, well, working. That, of course, is ...
wmtriallawyer 04/13/2009 362 711 13 176
In Other DOJ News...Free Paul Minor
A fellow Kossack alerted me to this story, so I decided to give it a little more sunlight, particularly because it is time sensitive. Paul Minor was a prominent Mississippi attorney who was a ...
wmtriallawyer 04/09/2009 25 34 - 29
DOJ and the FISA Lawsuit: The Lawyers are Doing Their Job (Updated)
After reading throughout the Netroots some of the concern vis a vis the latest Motion to Dismiss filed by the Department of Justice in the FISA lawsuit, I thought I would give my perspective, as a ...
wmtriallawyer 04/08/2009 955 651 24 255
Dear Rush: You Can Come Debate Me Instead
This Rush Limbaugh thing is getting surreal. Limbaugh is issuing a challenge to the President of the ...
wmtriallawyer 03/04/2009 495 715 17 44
Correcting A Terrible Misconception About the Assault Weapons Ban (AWB)
OK, I've seen several diaries already about Eric Holder's announcement about reviving the Assault Weapons Ban. And there is something I'd like to clear up in the debate. Setting aside the ...
wmtriallawyer 02/26/2009 529 142 2 53
Forget Jindal. There Was Something Even More Hilarious.
And that hilarity was the absolute, unabashed hypocrisy of the GOP members of Congress. Did you notice it at all? Did you? As much as I liked Obama's speech (and damn you, Mr. President, for ...
wmtriallawyer 02/25/2009 655 695 6 58
Let's Get Ahead of the Curve on This One
With the news that Tom Daschle has withdrawn his name to be HHS Secretary, it's time for the netroots to consider some names they would like to see in that position and start pushing one, and hard.
wmtriallawyer 02/03/2009 534 345 4 38
Lieberman Thinks Torture is a Punch Line
Sigh. You really have to wonder about those elite inside-the-Beltway types and their sense of humor. Last night, at the weird ritual known as ...
wmtriallawyer 02/01/2009 61 30 2 22
Obama is NOT "Triangulating."
Alright. I'm seeing this start to pop up in threads already. Odd, considering Obama has been President all of a week, but apparently, he's already thinking about 2012 and to some, Obama is now a ...
wmtriallawyer 01/27/2009 99 68 - 34
The Change Started With Him
Not so long ago, right after the election was over, there was a fierce fight going on in the progressive blogosphere. It centered upon all the picks Obama made with respect to his Cabinet, and ...
wmtriallawyer 01/22/2009 65 39 - 20
My Report from the West Side of the Capitol
Hello all. Well, we made it. It has been quite a surreal day, to be sure. First, the obvious details. Yes, everybody is thrilled. Yes, it was pretty cold out there. And yes, I can now say until ...
wmtriallawyer 01/20/2009 54 63 - 15
The Story of Barack Obama and Rev. Joseph Lowery
Phoenix Woman has a great recommended diary on Rev. Joseph Lowery, his bio, and his role in the inaugural ceremonies. In ...
wmtriallawyer 12/18/2008 25 47 - 20
So, What Will It Take to Make You Happy?
I pose this rather obtuse question because, frankly, I thought we would all be happy, at least in a political sense, given the results of the 2008 election. Some things to ponder about Obama's ...
wmtriallawyer 12/17/2008 751 480 7 36
How the Last Eight Years Has Created Concern for Obama's Picks
OK. Robert Gates. I get it. Lots of people don't like the pick. Ditto Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State (which, frankly, is the only head-scratcher so far for me, given the baggage she carries.
wmtriallawyer 11/26/2008 54 25 - 29
The Quiet Transition You are NOT Hearing About
Everybody is abuzz with respect to the transition. Names leak out here and there on who is getting appointments, and then in the crucible of the media and the blogosphere, those names are ...
wmtriallawyer 11/20/2008 404 1013 23 44
BREAKING: Ted Stevens Concedes
Top o' CNN right now. So congratulations to Sen. Elect Begich. But first, before we go, we need to take care ...
wmtriallawyer 11/19/2008 215 171 2 58
Bigger Fish to Fry
To start this diary, let's take a look at a reality check:
wmtriallawyer 11/18/2008 90 36 1 13
It's About the Change, Stupid.
I suppose it was inevitable. I knew the Obama honeymoon would have to end. I just didn't expect it so soon. What's that, you say? It hasn't even begun yet? Really? I couldn't tell.
wmtriallawyer 11/14/2008 39 22 - 19
The Scariest Part of the Lieberman Fiasco
In watching with popcorn what is or isn't going to happen to Joe Lieberman vis a vis the Democratic Caucus or his chairmanship, the thing that scares me the most is the failure to recognize, either ...
wmtriallawyer 11/12/2008 73 48 2 27
MD-01 Update: Kratovil Gains Votes in Absentee Count
This is going to be a short diary for those interested in the MD-01 seat bewteen Frank Kratovil and Andy Harris. As you may know, Kratovil was up around 1000 votes as of this morning, and ...
wmtriallawyer 11/06/2008 25 16 - 27
A Time for Thanks
As the returns started to roll in last night, and after the polls closed here in Maryland, as we waited in our local war room for returns on MD-01, we opened a bottle of Havana Club and took a sip ...
wmtriallawyer 11/05/2008 42 42 - 28
Bush Plans Massive Rape of Regulations in Final Months
In law school, I took a course called Administrative Law. It was all about the federal regulatory and "rule making" process, an area of our government that 90% of our citizens probably know little ...
wmtriallawyer 10/31/2008 479 1022 29 88
Silly Season Erupts
Well, well, well, 5 days from the polls closing and just like clockwork, silly season erupts. What do I mean? Well, let's see... I've read diaries about how we're losing PA. I've read diaries ...
wmtriallawyer 10/30/2008 18 23 - -
Don't Vote
Back in 1996, when I worked on my first Congressional campaign, putting in 14+ hour days, every day, I remember getting to about this point in the campaign, a week out, and having a conversation ...
wmtriallawyer 10/28/2008 38 50 1 21
President Obama Will Be Called N******, and Worse
Folks, Barack Obama himself said it. He said this would not be easy. Amidst reports of another shouted epithet at a Palin rally, this time the n-word, and amidst reports that ...
wmtriallawyer 10/27/2008 107 68 1 12
RNC, You Don't Get to Whine Anymore about Obama's Fundraising
Ever. Sorry, no. I don't want to hear any shady crap about Obama's low dollar donations, or where the money is coming from, or how you are getting outspent. Because the retort will be: $...
wmtriallawyer 10/22/2008 79 61 1 8
15 Days, People! Discipline!
The last two weeks of a campaign are known as the silliest of the silly season, primarily because people tend to lose their minds and go off half-cocked with weird theories, rants, over-caffinated ...
wmtriallawyer 10/20/2008 22 27 - -
The Real Joe the Plumber Story
This is going to be a relatively short diary...apologies in advance. But something is striking to me that seems to be getting miss in all the hoo-hah about Joe the Plumber. Sure, it's amusing that ...
wmtriallawyer 10/16/2008 446 1317 29 134
Two Can Play This Game, John. I'd Like You to be More "Candid".
Ah, John. You are a tricky bugger, I give you that. Just look at what you said to Charlie Gibson last night on the whole ...
wmtriallawyer 10/10/2008 28 29 - 17
Sen. McCain, Ronald Reagan Called. He Wants His Legacy Back.
Geez, Senator McCain, when the wheels come off the Straight Talk Express, they really come off, don't they ? Word comes today, ...
wmtriallawyer 10/09/2008 58 109 13 262
It's Time for a Mandate
Last week, I wrote about how it was clear that Obama was winning this election, and how we should be using that point to ...
wmtriallawyer 10/08/2008 35 47 1 34
Stop Giving Them So Much Credit
No, really. It's OK. I'm here to tell you. It's OK to admit that we are winning this election. There is a fair amount of handwringing going on these days about whether Sarah Palin will ...
wmtriallawyer 10/01/2008 423 693 16 26
This Week John McCain Lost the 2008 Election
I'm calling it as of today, September 26th. And before you flame me out of existence, I'm NOT saying that it is time to stop being vigilent, to stop working, to stop donating, or the like. ...
wmtriallawyer 09/26/2008 72 71 3 19
CNN Smears Away at Obama and Biden
Un-frickin-believable. Right now, on CNN's FRONT PAGE, they are running a story with the following headline: ...
wmtriallawyer 09/24/2008 157 309 9 19
The Simplest Bailout Solution
Alright. The Bush administration has come hat in hand to Congress to bailout the financial markets. The people are PO'ed. They don't want to pay for it, understandly. So it crossed my mind ...
wmtriallawyer 09/23/2008 27 38 1 15
Allow Me to Put On a Tinfoil Hat...
OK. I'm not normally a conspiracy theorist in any sense of the imagination. But I'm watching 3 major bailouts happen in a week, and I've got to ask...anybody else see something fishy about this?
wmtriallawyer 09/19/2008 814 914 19 66
All Due Respect, Sen. McCain, Some of Us DID See This Coming
Sigh. It was funny, and sad, to see the clip of John McCain on Rachel Maddow's show last night saying that he essentially didn't see the subprime mess coming. Or the economy faltering. It reminded ...
wmtriallawyer 09/18/2008 375 636 32 39
Wake UP, America!
I am talking to you, America. Yes, you. In particular, the ones that are still on the fence in this election. The ones that are the soft supporters of John McCain. The ones that "just don't ...
wmtriallawyer 09/17/2008 31 22 - -
Chicken Littles vs. Kool Aid Drinkers
On Monday, Al from The Field posted this diary recommending quarantine for the "Chicken Littles." I recommended and ...
wmtriallawyer 09/12/2008 424 346 6 36
McCain's Biggest Misstep
Lost in all the hubbub about the Republican convention and the Palin pick is McCain's biggest misstep in this election to date. No, it is not the picking of Sarah Palin as his running's ...
wmtriallawyer 09/10/2008 25 42 - 18
McCain is No Bush
We've pretty much known since the beginning of this election season that John McCain = George W. Bush, at least in terms of policy. "McSame" himself admits he votes with the President 90% of the time.
wmtriallawyer 09/08/2008 30 42 1 20
Don't Let Them Hide the Ball
Last night, I missed John Sidney's acceptance speech, primarily because I was tied up at our local Democratic Central Committee meeting. As you can imagine, the topic of discussion eventually ...
wmtriallawyer 09/05/2008 23 48 - 16
Well, Sarah Palin made her national debut last night, with a red meat speech attacking Obama and attempting to reignite the culture war. For me, it wasn't the most hateful convention speech I've ...
wmtriallawyer 09/04/2008 599 986 20 46
Stop Whining, Sen. McCain.
Call it the Audacity of a Dope. Senator McCain, not even a week removed from his VP pick, is now saying the media's vetting of Sarah Palin is over.
wmtriallawyer 09/03/2008 39 60 1 18
Obama, The Grown-Up
What a difference a week makes, eh? A week ago, everybody and their brother (or sister) was wringing their hands, speculating over whether the Democratic Convention would do enough to show unity, ...
wmtriallawyer 09/02/2008 14 32 - 21
Thank You For Your Concern
Barack Obama did something fantastic last night. The speech was wonderful, or course. But it was the theme and structure underlying the speech that really was the icing on the cake. Let me posit ...
wmtriallawyer 08/29/2008 36 28 1 19
The Simplest Solution
OK. Sen. Clinton made a great speech last night. As many of the pundits are saying (Olbermann, Bob Schieffer, etc.), it's hard to know what more Obama would have expected from her. And yet...we ...
wmtriallawyer 08/27/2008 14 32 1 21
McCain Swiftboats Himself
Turn back the clock to 2004. I remember watching the Democratic Convention that year and seeing Sen. Kerry attempt to define himself as the war hero ready to be commander in chief. I remember, too,
wmtriallawyer 08/26/2008 48 18 - 17
So, a little poll from Zogby comes out and lots of people are in freakout mode, and Kos has front-paged about how silly that is. Good. Let me add one little bit o' info to the fire for each of you ...
wmtriallawyer 08/20/2008 341 324 1 30
The VP Pick is...
not going to be perfect. No, that's right, regardless of who Obama deems to run with, that person will have flaws. Probably a ton of them. So as the latest buzz keeps on keeping on, (...
wmtriallawyer 08/19/2008 60 10 - 19
No Drama.
As you have probably heard by now numerous times, the "no drama" edict is the one handed down from the top of the Obama campaign that permeates every facet of that organization. Every person hired ...
wmtriallawyer 08/13/2008 388 727 11 64
Expose McCain's BS on Taxes...Now. (UPDATED)
It is becoming increasingly clear that the McCain camp is copying from the Rove playbook by projecting his own weakness on his opponent. Another new ad today hits Obama on taxes, creating the fear ...
wmtriallawyer 08/08/2008 91 216 8 29
New McCain Ad Exposes His Idiocy on Economy
It's a laugher, I gotta say. McCain starts off with the "celebrity" stuff again, but this time with a twist...Obama can't help you with your economic condition because his policies will hurt the ...
wmtriallawyer 08/06/2008 23 33 - 16
Netroots Nation: The Details on Writing a Platform
OK folks. As you know a bunch of us are going to get together in Austin this week, and part of that get together will be two sessions, one on Friday and on Saturday, to kick off a netroots-wide ...
wmtriallawyer 07/14/2008 25 21 2 55
Netroots Nation: Let's Write a Platform! (UPDATED)
Ask and ye shall receive. As you might have seen a few days ago, I wrote a diary surmising that maybe, just maybe, we should ...
wmtriallawyer 07/11/2008 47 24 2 56
A Modest Proposal: Feingold for AG
I am generally loathe to engage in the speculative diaries about who should be on the cabinet should Barack Obama win. But after watching Russ last night on "Countdown," it occurred to me that ...
wmtriallawyer 07/10/2008 73 22 - 39
Netroots Nation: We Have a HUGE Opportunity
As you have probably heard by now, via various diaries and the like, Barack Obama and the DNC are opening up the development of the ...
wmtriallawyer 07/08/2008 33 44 - 37
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