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You Can't Relate When You Can't Be In Their Shoes: Reflection on #BaltimoreUprising
It’s been this way since the first black man was brought upon our shores in chains centuries ago. The promise of America has always been tenuous for people of color.  While Irish and Italians and ...
wolverinethad 05/04/2015 2 4 - -
The Soul of America
The soul of America is missing and presumed dead. I know that's not a very hopeful or positive statement. I know we're here to fight for a better America, to make our nation what a small band of ...
wolverinethad 12/17/2014 3 3 - -
A Word About Dissent.
Forgive me for the possibly rambling nature, but I wrote this off the cuff, as my mind has been on the subject for days, and I needed to get this off my chest. While perusing a used book sale over ...
wolverinethad 10/09/2014 3 12 2 -
I Was Profiled Once. I Know How Ferguson's Residents Feel
Had to delete and repost. I completely changed the title, and the URL and FB preview wouldn't, and I didn't want that. Apologies to those who commented. I know that a white person writing about ...
wolverinethad 08/21/2014 12 6 - -
Food price inflation: Quiet harbinger of a troubling future
A few weeks ago, I happened to notice that all Frito-Lay brand items were downsized in portion while prices remained the same. This wasn't the sort of little cuts we saw after the 2008 crash, where ...
wolverinethad 10/26/2013 33 39 1 -
Scandals and Roots
I suppose it’s no surprise that it is a Democratic administration in charge of a counterterrorism program that is the most lethal ever (outside of the Israelis), or that it is a Democratic ...
wolverinethad 05/20/2013 1 - - -
It's not okay, no matter what President does it.
The DOJ white paper , obtained by NBC's Michael Isikoff last night, confirmed some of our worst fears about the targeted drone strike system. First, that it indeed allowed for the killing of ...
wolverinethad 02/05/2013 25 29 - -
The New Yorker: Why the super-rich hate Obama
As I'm enjoying my Sunday morning breakfast, I pick up my weekly edition of the New Yorker and continued from where I left off last night. It was an article on why the super-rich hate the President ,
wolverinethad 10/14/2012 184 521 15 -
Creating a world in which unions aren't necessary
I shall preface this piece by stating a couple of things. First, that I am a former union member myself. Second, that I come from a union family (uncles, father, grandfather), and am grateful for ...
wolverinethad 09/29/2012 15 6 - 90
The mistaken idea about guns protecting our rights.
I've been gone nearly a year from dKos, reading sometimes, but not saying or commenting much. It saddens me that what brings me back is the tragedy in Aurora last night, and what I've seen and ...
wolverinethad 07/20/2012 126 10 - 254
The Public Validation of FDR: How President Obama pales in comparison
The criticism continues to pour in from the President's statement yesterday, all across the spectrum. On the left, both Keith Olbermann and Jon Stewart tore into him hours later, and on the right, ...
wolverinethad 08/09/2011 76 10 - 125
I Finally Got A Job
This diary is going to be short, but after my last diary talking about my sheer miserable situation, I figured I'd let everyone know the good news. I'm starting over. It's a different area of work ...
wolverinethad 08/07/2011 25 37 - 172
The President's pursuit of the mythical independents
I am going to try my best to be coherent, despite my seething anger at having been sold out. I have had it. This debt limit "compromise," this "deal," this sellout of Democratic principles and ...
wolverinethad 08/03/2011 4 6 - 34
Mr. President, it's time to deliver an ultimatum
This diary is being typed up on my Evo Shift, and while it's an awesome phone that I got for free, it's hard to type as much out when you're doing it with two thumbs (how Blackberry people do it is ...
wolverinethad 07/29/2011 3 2 - 36
It's hard to find the words right now...
I woke up today, and I can say, without any doubt, that this day is so surreal that I can hardly believe it's happening. In short order, I'm still jobless, with my unemployment having run out this ...
wolverinethad 07/15/2011 17 16 - 163
Bigotry in my backyard
I live in a suburb of Detroit, a place with a substantial Jewish population. Recently, the school district decided to sell a closed elementary school to an Islamic Cultural Association for $1.3 ...
wolverinethad 07/07/2011 8 10 - 86
President Obama hasn't done a damn thing yet. Stop acting like Chicken Littles.
Ok, this diary is going to be short, but the ridiculousness that made the reclist this morning set me off. After this, I plan to write my REAL diary, the one I've been planning for the last day.
wolverinethad 07/07/2011 239 174 - 891
This liberal is going to war. Are you going to join him?
Last night, I struggled for words about this, and today I was still, but I started talking online to a friend of mine about it, and the stream of consciousness was such that I figured I should put ...
wolverinethad 06/15/2011 152 171 9 1200
Baptist preacher who raped teen (forced to confess HER sin in church) found GUILTY!
I apologize for the short diary, but as I link below, Steven D really covered the guts of this case incredibly well two months ago. Just thought the news should get out.
wolverinethad 05/27/2011 165 287 2 2102
Sen. Rockefeller: "Young people today...don't have any social values"
Today, at the Senate's hearing on mobile privacy, caused by Apple's tracking program being revealed to the public last month, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, in the midst of questioning Facebook's ...
wolverinethad 05/19/2011 48 20 - 309
In Which I send a letter to the American Family Association about "Gays being Nazis"
There's not much I have to say in this diary beyond the letter itself. I hope you all read through it, and I strongly encourage you to write them yourselves. The recent events at the National ...
wolverinethad 05/18/2011 11 17 1 111
The Return of the Imperial Presidency...and why Americans are just fine with it.
This diary has been some time in coming, but it's something that I wanted to have time to ruminate on before I began to write about it. It's been a combination of events in Libya, reversals on ...
wolverinethad 04/29/2011 14 2 - 110
Michigan GOP tries to legalize LGBT discrimination in funding bill
I am sick of this. I am SO sick and tired of this. What is it about the Republicans? Why is it they try to hide their anti-American, anti-union, anti-woman, anti-LGBT crap inside of spending bills?
wolverinethad 04/15/2011 3 9 - 59
Useless flame wars, the loss of civility at dKos, and what we SHOULD be doing instead
I'm not even sure where to start. I've been around for a long time, and there's been flame wars before, but this just seems to be the worst. The lack of civility, the use of HR's as personal ...
wolverinethad 04/10/2011 148 24 2 369
You wanna fix the deficit? Get serious about taxes
Let's face it, there isn't a soul on the planet who likes taxes. However, A: they're necessary to funding a government, and B: we like our government services when it comes down to it. We like ...
wolverinethad 04/08/2011 16 4 - 86
Breaking: Budget talks fail for second straight night
I know this is pretty short and not really a diary, but the fact that Boehner keeps moving the goalposts while claiming he doesn't want a shutdown means that for the second time in 15-16 years, ...
wolverinethad 04/06/2011 9 7 - 119
Once again, it's time for "Blame Obama!"...except now it's from our side. This is why they're wrong.
I'm not big into calling out people on our own side, even less so when it's someone I tend to like and enjoy. ...
wolverinethad 03/30/2011 845 262 7 2002
[Photoblog] Protest of Gov. Snyder's speech in Farmington today
It is the strangest of coincidences that this happened, I have to say. I was driving home from lunch, looked up, and saw people on the sidewalk in front of a banquet hall protesting Gov. Rick Snyder.
wolverinethad 03/25/2011 19 83 1 348
"Unconstitutional & illegitimate Libyan war." Whatever happened to "right," Mr. Lind?
Michael Lind's Salon article this morning calling our intervention in Libya "unconstitutional and ...
wolverinethad 03/21/2011 34 13 3 197
Scott Walker trying to make labor relations commission's chief lawyer a political appointee
I have to give Scott Walker credit for one thing. He's not afraid of political death. He just keeps doing every single thing he can to piss off as many people as possible, while continuing to be ...
wolverinethad 03/15/2011 17 31 - 155
My letter to the President re: Bradley Manning
I had it this morning. Sometimes enough is enough, and I had it, and I had to say something. I had to draw a line, to say something that pained me to say. I love this President. For everything he ...
wolverinethad 03/09/2011 11 15 1 67
What's So Conservative About These People?
Crossposted from my personal blog, The Random Opinionator . After reading a ...
wolverinethad 03/01/2011 11 5 - 51
NYT story says Obama declared DOMA unconstitutional; ignores court decisions
The New York Times has a very up and down record as of late. Guys like Nick Kristof have done a remarkable job of covering the revolts in Egypt, and then you get them holding off, AGAIN, on a story ...
wolverinethad 02/27/2011 11 7 - 125
I publicly call out the L.A. Times on its one-sided Wisconsin editorials
As a former resident of Los Angeles, I was an avid reader of the L.A. Times for years. I still check it out every so often to see what's going on back in my old stomping grounds, or to read some of ...
wolverinethad 02/24/2011 2 - - 18
Fighting the inaccurate perception of the Wisconsin battle
Edit: Title changed to better reflect the gist of my diary. David Brooks makes my brain hurt again today. Sadly, so do some of my conservative friends, who've generally been moving towards ...
wolverinethad 02/22/2011 17 16 - 153
Deficit derangement
Over the past month, we've seen all sorts of "deficit-cutting" measures being proposed. And hey, as someone who's fairly fiscally conservative, I would agree with those proposals....if they'd been ...
wolverinethad 02/17/2011 17 26 - 178
Nixonland Redux
Throughout my life, I've been asked why I read so much. "Why are you always reading?" "Don't you get bored reading all that historical stuff?" My answer has always been the same. I'm fascinated by ...
wolverinethad 06/28/2010 5 4 - 21
Tolerant In Name, Not In Action
It was with the deepest sadness that I awoke this morning and discovered that once again, via a ballot measure, Americans voted to deny equal rights to their fellow citizens. I cannot express the ...
wolverinethad 11/04/2009 3 4 - 60
Is this what we voted for? My letter to the President
President Obama: As someone who spent hours talking numerous people on your behalf last year, who helped hold a fundraiser for you, who made his first political donation to you, who believed in you ...
wolverinethad 09/03/2009 12 11 - 10
How Do They Live With Themselves?
Watching Countdown right now, listening to the discussion of the CIA inspector general's report, knowing all I already do, I am still sickened by it all. I am sickened by the continued ...
wolverinethad 08/25/2009 41 15 1 62
Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me (w/poll)
Crossposted at my new blog, The Random Opinionator This morning's Washington Post ...
wolverinethad 01/28/2009 32 21 - 20
How Do I Convert My Evangelical Aunt To Obama?
I grew up in a Democratic family. My grandparents, my parents, aunts, uncles, etc. have almost always voted Democratic, many of us have been union members (as I am now), and some of us contributors ...
wolverinethad 10/16/2008 73 9 - 28
Updated: Doubling Down In The Financial Crisis
2008 is rapidly shaping up to be the year of the disappearing Wall Street giants. The early part of the year saw the rapid weekend collapse of Bear Stearns, bought by JP Morgan Chase for a song. ...
wolverinethad 09/15/2008 45 55 7 239
Why The National Polls Don't Matter
There's been an awful lot of hand-wringing around here the past few days as John McCain has moved back into a tie or gained some leads within the margin of error. The "oh noes!" and "OMG's!" were ...
wolverinethad 09/09/2008 31 9 - -
O Is For Outstanding
He did it. Barack Obama went out in front of 75,000 people at Mile High Stadium/Invesco Field and stood tall, stared down the GOP talking points, and punched them right in the face. This was the ...
wolverinethad 08/28/2008 2 1 - -
AP adopts right-wing's "liberal media" meme
So, I opened up Firefox and my AOL home page loaded up, and the headline was "...
wolverinethad 08/02/2008 23 15 - 27
Obama Reaches Out To The World
Wow. Simply freaking wow. It's hard to express how I felt about the just-concluded Obama speech in Berlin, Germany, but it's not hard to see the effect it had. We've heard for years from the right-
wolverinethad 07/24/2008 7 9 - -
Why We Need To Reform The Justice System: The Susan LeFevre Story
A big story in Michigan and Southern California over the past two months was the arrest of Susan LeFevre, 53, who had been on the run since 1976. LeFevre has since been sent back to prison in ...
wolverinethad 07/22/2008 12 3 - 2
The Fight Is Not Over On FISA
I wanted to consult with a professional before I wrote this, and so I did: a close friend who is an ex-Republican and a constitutional lawyer. In short, she ratified what John Dean said earlier: a ...
wolverinethad 07/09/2008 51 18 2 32
You Had It Right The First Time, Senator Obama
As a loyal supporter, as a donor, as a (trying to, anyways) fundraiser, as someone who has been shooting down smears about you at work, amongst friends and family, and anywhere else I hear them, ...
wolverinethad 06/29/2008 4 4 - -
Lindsey Graham, think about what you said...
I'm watching the Russert-less "Meet The Press," and I am sorely disappointed that Brian Williams isn't showing a bit of objectivity so far. Fulfilling my sig line, Williams hasn't laid a glove on ...
wolverinethad 06/22/2008 45 22 - 17
The Conservative Dependence On Absolutism (w/poll)
One of the most striking things I've noticed about conservatism/Republicanism over these past eight years (and, in many senses, the past thirty) is the consistent idea that the entire world is in ...
wolverinethad 06/16/2008 23 6 1 -
More false equivalence from the AP
It strikes me as rather amusing in how the Associated Press is continuing to try and equate Democratic actions with Republican ones. This becomes even more amusing when one actually looks at the ...
wolverinethad 06/10/2008 18 29 - 18
McCain says Obama wants to SURRENDER, will "educate" him
Of all the things I've heard from McCain, this is the one that ticks me off the most. SURRENDER? We Democrats want to SURRENDER? So, after being called defeatocrats and traitors, now we want to ...
wolverinethad 05/27/2008 29 14 - 16
Words Do Matter, Senator Clinton (w/poll)
There was this moment, some months ago, during one of the numerous Democratic debates, where Sen. Hillary Clinton basically said that it wasn't words that mattered, but actions. That sounded nice ...
wolverinethad 05/21/2008 12 1 - -
It's Time For This To End (Update x2)
I've stayed away from here over the past week or two, just lurking, keeping up, but not getting into the debates, because I needed the time to take care of myself, and it's too easy to burn out, and ...
wolverinethad 05/06/2008 22 11 - 7
"This Week" open thread--Will Stephanopoulos give McCain the business?
This diary is for the purpose of commenting on George Stephanopoulos' interview of John McCain on ABC's "This Week." After a shoddy, tabloid, bottom-feeding debate performance, does George make it ...
wolverinethad 04/20/2008 87 13 - 23
This Isn't The Same Old Candidate
I'm ten minutes into Meet The Press , and I already want to vomit. Barack Obama is getting railed by people (save for some defense by Bob Shrum) who are stuck in this old mindset of where ...
wolverinethad 04/13/2008 6 3 - 1
Bitter? You Think?
I go away for one day so I can attend a indie show here in Detroit (International Pop Overthrow-Detroit stop), and everyone's losing their damn minds over Barack Obama's usage of the term "bitter" ...
wolverinethad 04/12/2008 17 15 - 15
Highest youth turnout ever...and it's all Democratic
This morning's Detroit Free Press has a wonderful article about the enormous youth turnout in this year's ...
wolverinethad 03/01/2008 9 12 1 -
Why 2008 means so much more to me
While watching some Obama videos today, including the epic video on YouTube, it really, truly hit me what it was about this election that mean so much, that made this so much different. ...
wolverinethad 02/10/2008 7 5 - -
Righty blogs fundraiser....FLOPS
While perusing around the right-wing blogosphere as I couldn't sleep overnight, I ran into this little gem.'s so cute of them. Look at them ...
wolverinethad 02/08/2008 9 3 - -
Leaving Los Angeles
Almost three years ago, I came out here to chase my dreams, just like everyone else. I had a good relationship, children, a house, and the promise of better work. Last year, that all came ...
wolverinethad 01/19/2008 29 24 - 7
Courage Before Politics
Revised, as some corrections made this morning didn't post correctly. Today, we have become what we were some fifty years ago. Again. Quite frankly, it is amazing that as a nation, we have ...
wolverinethad 12/06/2007 6 3 - 24
Action Alert in California! City to shut down public services!
I received a letter in the mail on Saturday from the public officials who run my city of Covina, CA. The letter states because voters (apparently, ill-informed and/or lied to voters) struck down ...
wolverinethad 10/29/2007 12 17 1 19
Equal rights and last night's LOGO forum (w/poll)
Last night's gay rights forum on the LOGO network shows that we have a long way to in America to get to true equal rights. The candidates are so clearly trying to avoid offending "Middle America" ...
wolverinethad 08/10/2007 26 3 - -
The ultimate security is our freedom
Over the weekend, the Democrats caved to fear again. The changes to FISA, while temporary, are being handed to a president with no respect for the law and an Attorney General with no support from ...
wolverinethad 08/07/2007 3 2 - 8
Will Bill O' respond to my challenge? (w/poll)
I've written to Bill O'Reilly several times, and while being provocative (in an eloquent manner), he has never responded. So, while retaining a semblance of diplomacy, I'm calling him out this time ...
wolverinethad 08/03/2007 6 3 - -
Another proud moment for the MSM
I was going to write about Bill Press and his echoing of the Republican talking points about Patrick Fitzgerald, but then ...
wolverinethad 07/31/2007 5 5 - 6
Another John Solomon hitpiece on Edwards
By now, you'd think someone at WaPo would wise up about John Solomon and his tendency to only attack Democrats in his pieces about "corruption." You know, his tendency to target legitimate ...
wolverinethad 05/11/2007 319 17 1 17
So You Think You Can Change The World? (w/poll)
There is no worse feeling than hopelessness. The feeling that no matter what you have done, how much you have done, how hard you have fought, worked, sweated and bled for something, that it's not ...
wolverinethad 05/08/2007 13 4 - -
Enough. (Updated)
I had this thought, somewhere in my mind, that after the 2004 election, we'd never have to hear such phrases as, "If you vote for the Democratic candidate, the terrorists will strike again and you ...
wolverinethad 04/26/2007 4 5 - 5
Our disturbing trend: Arresting young children
Bob Herbert's column on Monday (it's behind the Times ...
wolverinethad 04/11/2007 45 11 1 19
The Rubber Stamp President
The title says it all. We spoke endlessly the past two years about the rubber stamp Congress that gave President Bush everything he wanted, but we never really talked about his tendency to give his ...
wolverinethad 03/20/2007 3 - - 8
In defense of impeachment (w/poll)
I've worked on this for weeks now, and I feel it is as good a case as any for this matter. I understand some of you may not agree with certain opinions of mine, but I would hope you will accept ...
wolverinethad 03/01/2007 15 19 2 35
George Will gives employers too much credit
UPDATE: So I went and talked with the HR people at my new job, and thank my lucky stars, it is a unionized job! My luck is greater than I initially thought. Thanks to all of ...
wolverinethad 02/27/2007 34 30 1 161
I'm glad Jonah Goldberg writes for the L.A. Times
Because I'd have a lot less to talk about if it wasn't for his hypocritical, hot-air filled writings. I know this was somewhat touched on already, but I've got a somewhat expanded and different ...
wolverinethad 12/16/2006 18 13 - 14
Will somebody call George Will a waaambulance?
Today's George Will column is the sort of hit piece we should expect to hear much of for the next ...
wolverinethad 11/30/2006 238 200 3 41
Why Jack Straw might be right about banning hijab
I know I'll probably get some heat about this, but here goes. Jack Straw wrote a recent editorial in his hometown newspaper in England about his discomfort with the hijab and how he feels it does ...
wolverinethad 11/25/2006 133 8 1 18
Why Democrats should court Arlen Specter
wolverinethad 11/08/2006 58 13 - 7
Letters to Broder (w/poll)
wolverinethad 09/21/2006 23 7 - 9
On torture
wolverinethad 09/20/2006 6 1 - 7
"Who knows the definition of humiliating treatment?"
wolverinethad 09/17/2006 30 19 - 17
Right vs. Might
wolverinethad 09/12/2006 4 3 - -
Tribute, tribulations, and terror: Remembering 9/11
wolverinethad 09/11/2006 1 1 - 9
I'm the train they call the city of New Orleans
wolverinethad 08/30/2006 8 16 - 133
Our searing shame: Rolling Stone's story on Guantanamo
wolverinethad 08/28/2006 27 41 - 14
An open letter to Fox News
wolverinethad 08/22/2006 8 7 - 8
Is this 1982? Israel & Lebanon repeat history
wolverinethad 08/01/2006 8 4 - 9
Beinart frontpaged at WaPo calling Dems "panderers"
wolverinethad 07/28/2006 51 28 - 3
ACLU goes out of bounds with Westboro lawsuit
wolverinethad 07/23/2006 46 6 - -
Writing to (Marshall) Wittman-refuting the DLC line
wolverinethad 07/22/2006 14 11 - 1
NYT bashing reaches new heights (or depths)
wolverinethad 07/12/2006 11 2 - -
The MSM puts Dems in a positive light! Oh, my!
wolverinethad 07/05/2006 27 6 - -
Updated: Iraq is Vietnam, Vietnam is Iraq
wolverinethad 06/25/2006 18 6 1 -
BREAKING: AG considers prosecuting reporters for national security stories
wolverinethad 05/21/2006 331 397 11 183
Dissecting Joementum's psyche
wolverinethad 05/16/2006 7 8 1 -
Defining moments (w/poll)
wolverinethad 04/29/2006 3 2 1 -
My personal experience with Focus on the Family
wolverinethad 04/22/2006 314 196 9 29
When being stubborn goes too far (w/poll!)
wolverinethad 04/19/2006 1 - - 1
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