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The Dark Soul of Conservatism: "End Obamacare, and people could die. That’s okay."
For an unvarnished look into the dark, dreary soul of American conservatism circa 2015, it would hard to top this opinion piece that was given a prominent place in the Washington Post's Sunday ...
wvmcl 01/26/2015 13 13 - -
Two-year old kills mom at Wal-Mart - what is happening to our country?
There was a previous diary on this incident, but it seems to be flying a bit under the holiday radar, so it’s worth reading this updated account in the Washington Post. http://www.washingtonpost.
wvmcl 01/01/2015 411 141 1 -
P.D. James, Crime Fiction Giant, Dies at 94
The contingent of mystery fans here on Kos will be sad to learn that one of the giants of the field, P.D. James, has passed away at age 94 today (Nov 27) in Oxford. http://archive.courierpostonline....
wvmcl 11/27/2014 19 47 - -
Stephen Gaskin dies - founder of Tennessee commune "The Farm"
My Sunday newspaper contained an obituary that awakened some long-dormant memories. Stephen Gaskin, the founder and guru of “The Farm,” one of the longest-lived and most successful communes to ...
wvmcl 07/07/2014 12 6 - -
Virginia 8th District: Who are you voting for in tomorrow's primary?
Tomorrow, June 10, will see the Democratic Primary for Virginia’s eighth Congressional district, to choose the successor to retiring Rep James L. Moran. This district, which snakes through the ...
wvmcl 06/09/2014 5 5 - -
News Flash from DC - Bikers fail to rescue Operation American Spring
Well, Rolling Thunder came and went yesterday and the bikers streamed out of town. Seems they decided not to join up with the Operation American Spring folks to storm the White House and arrest ...
wvmcl 05/26/2014 46 116 - -
Redskins a term of honor? - a short video could shoot that one down for good
As a resident of the Washington, D.C. area since the 1970s, I have been consistently dismayed that so much of the civic culture of my adopted hometown is built around a sports franchise whose ...
wvmcl 05/23/2014 5 6 - -
How to Lie With Statistics: Fox News on ACA enrollments
In a previous diary , I referenced that wonderful 1954 book How to Lie With Statistics by Darrell Huff. A short fun read, and every technique Huff described 60 years ago is in regular use today.
wvmcl 03/31/2014 6 6 - -
A scary number from Harper's Index: Will half our jobs disappear?
From Harper's Index Apr 2014: Portion of US jobs held by humans today that are at high risk of being automated by 2024: ½ Harper’s cites The Oxford Martin School at Oxford University. Harold ...
wvmcl 03/27/2014 33 10 - -
How to Lie With Statistics - Gallup edition
One of the main chapters in Darrell Huff's 1954 book "How to Lie With Statistics" concerns how graphs and charts are ready-made tools for inflating or downplaying a political point. A textbook ...
wvmcl 01/04/2014 7 5 - -
ACA: Positive frontpage article in Washington Post
Another sign that the tenor of ACA media coverage may be shifting as Jan 1 approaches. The Washington Post , which a little over two weeks ago frontpaged a thoroughly dishonest piece about " ...
wvmcl 12/29/2013 29 44 1 -
Good WaPo editorial on "Keep Your Own Doctor"
I’ve been critical of a lot of the Washington Post’s coverage of ACA implementation, but sometimes they get it right, and they did in the Dec 26 editorial titled “Health Care Economics 101.”
wvmcl 12/26/2013 153 62 4 -
ACA: Terrible WaPo piece on Obamacare "losers"
I’ve been very disappointed by Sarah Kliff’s ACA reporting in the Washington Post, as she seems determined to milk the “Obamacare losers” meme for all it’s worth. In a piece this morning, ...
wvmcl 12/12/2013 10 9 - -
"Psychic" Sylvia Browne is dead
This happened a week ago (Nov 20) but I just this morning saw the obit on Sylvia Browne, the fraudulent so-called "psychic." She had previously predicted that she would live to 88, but died at age ...
wvmcl 11/27/2013 54 8 - -
Machiavelli on Obamacare
I was reading Machiavelli’s The Prince and came across a passage so relevant to ACA implementation that I had to share it with you: It must be realized that there is nothing more difficult to plan,
wvmcl 10/22/2013 3 8 - -
VA Gov: Want to know why Cuccinelli's behind? - He's too soft on abortion!
An opinion piece in this morning's Washington Post gave me a chuckle. Maggie Gallagher, described as a senior fellow at the American Principles Project and co-founder of the National Organization ...
wvmcl 10/18/2013 13 3 - -
"Can't choose your own doctor" - What the heck does that mean, anyway? (updated)
[UPDATE] See update after fold The Obamacare haters are in the last gasp of trying to shoot down the ACA before people realize what a great thing they’re getting. To that end, they have ...
wvmcl 08/18/2013 106 83 1 -
Garrison Keillor hits the mark on gun madness
I haven't listened to Garrison Keilllor's Prairie Home Companion much in recent years, since I sort of feel he's already said everything he could say to me. However, I did catch parts of Saturday's ...
wvmcl 04/22/2013 21 7 - -
Didn't White House tours resume under Obama?
With all the teeth gnashing over cancelled WH tours, I think people are forgetting that there were no tours whatsoever for several years after 9/11/2001. I'm hoping some people can help refresh my ...
wvmcl 03/15/2013 8 - - -
Grover Norquist: The Man That Hath No Music in Himself
Q: Would you rather live without music or live without TV? A: Pass on music. Must have History Channel and “Monk.” Politico interview with Grover Norquist, April 3, 2009 http://www.politico....
wvmcl 11/29/2012 7 6 1 -
The Best Thing Progressives Can Do: Educate the Public on How Marginal Tax Rates Work
A couple of good recent diaries have highlighted a subject that has been near to my heart for years now. Through no real fault of their own, many (most) people on both the right and the left have a ...
wvmcl 11/20/2012 11 13 2 -
Shakespeare on Grover Norquist
“Politico,” had a profile of Grover Norquist several months ago, in which Grover mentioned that he doesn’t like music. It made me think of those great lines from Shakespeare&...
wvmcl 12/24/2009 5 11 - 21
BREAKING:  Republican Health Care Plan Unearthed!
It turns out that the GOP alternative health care proposal has been in development longer than anyone knew. Our intrepid researchers have unearthed an excerpt from the original draft, dating to 360 ...
wvmcl 07/23/2009 5 4 - -
Fairfax County, Virginia:  Vote this Tuesday to prevent GOP takeover!
Republicans are hoping to take over the third richest county in America because of poor turnout in this hastily-called special election. We need to get the Democratic vote out to stop them!
wvmcl 01/30/2009 5 13 - -
Virginians - vote early now!
Yes, Virginia, you can vote early. There are polling places in numerous locations in the DC suburbs, and, I assume, throughout the state. My wife and I voted for Obama, Mark Warner, and Jim Moran ...
wvmcl 10/24/2008 10 4 - 4
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