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(Updated) Why Romney's in Cleveland & Pittsburgh on Election Day? Fox News Guy Gives It Away
Earlier today, the Romney camp confirmed that he's campaigning in Cleveland and Pittsburgh on Election Day. Ashley Parker, NY Times: . Breaking: Per pool report, Romney will head to Cleveland, OH ...
wwjjd 11/05/2012 166 489 5 -
R 52/O 47: POLITICO/GWU Pollster's "Vote Election Model"
Yesterday on Fox News Sunday, Brit Hume announced that the POLITICO/GWU Battleground poll coming out on Monday will show that Mitt Romney is ahead by 5! I questioned how would Brit know this? Is ...
wwjjd 10/29/2012 46 27 - -
LOL! "Former Obama Supporter" Trolls Fox & Friends
"Hello Ms. USA!" was how "former Obama supporter," Max Rice, greeted Gretchen Carlson. Um, excuse me, she was Miss America ! The rest of the interview was just...interesting. Though, Max's shit-...
wwjjd 09/17/2012 14 10 - 391
Romney Even Lies About His 9/11 Memory
Man, this guy lies about everything! I don't think he can help himself. As BuzzFeed notes, in his 2002 memoir, Romney says: "I was on the phone to Salt Lake City, doing a radio interview. The ...
wwjjd 09/11/2012 18 2 - 235
Seriously, WTF Is Wrong With You People?
I check in once in a while now, but not too often because it's obvious that MANY of you people who write and comment on this damn website have lost your mother fucking minds!!! Every god damned day, ...
wwjjd 12/04/2010 125 22 1 87
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