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Guns and Education
No ...
xgz 10/28/2014 4 - - -
A letter circulating in China shows how bad Baidu is
Baidu is considered by many as the Chinese version of Google. However, unlike Google, whose company motto is "don't do evil", Baidu seems to believe the capitalist principle of money at all cost. ...
xgz 05/14/2014 6 7 - -
Massacre in Kunming work of Uyghur separatists
Yesterday more than a dozen men (and possibly two women according to some eyewitnesses) dressed in black, wearing facemasks and armed with long knives attacked the crowd waiting at the Kunming ...
xgz 03/01/2014 12 13 - -
Cartoon from China: Dennis Rodman, Kim, and Sola Aoi
Dennis Rodman had a wonderful time in North Korea. Some Chinese blogger drew this cartoon. Cartoon and English translation below the ...
xgz 01/19/2014 4 1 - -
The best video I've ever watched
This video about children's view on gay marriage is making rounds on Chinese blogosphere. It made me optimistic about our future. It's in English with Chinese subtitle:
xgz 11/09/2013 6 4 - -
People's Daily new headquaters building: A symbol of what?
The picture of the new headquarters building of the official Chinese communist Party newspaper People's Daily has gone viral on Chinese blogosphere. The reason? It looks like a big "FU" symbol. ...
xgz 09/22/2013 17 7 - -
Cirque du Soleil Shows Tank Man Image to Beijing Audience
The French Canadian circus company Cirque du Soleil displayed the Tiananmen Tank Man photo, photoshoped to show Micheal Jackson as the tank man, on the giant screen during a recent performance in ...
xgz 08/10/2013 5 11 - -
Explosion at Beijing Capitol International Airport (photos)
A man in wheelchair detonated a home-made bomb at the arrivals terminal (terminal 3) at Beijing Capitol International Airport, injuring himself. Here is a report about the motive of the bombing.
xgz 07/20/2013 8 12 - -
To Chinese and their homes, "China" means "demolishing"
The English word "China" can be transliterated into Chinese as "chai na", which means "in the process of demolishing". This has become a popular name for China in Chinese blogosphere, because of ...
xgz 07/16/2013 7 8 - -
Suzhou University Issues 2nd Public Statement about Ping Fu
Ping Fu's alma mater appears very much angered by Ping Fu's memoir which contained many unbelievable and unflattering descriptions about the university. It has requested that Fu retract her words ...
xgz 06/14/2013 5 4 - -
Let's not forget Tiananmen
It's the anniversary of June 4, 1989 Tiananmen democracy movement again. We should not forget those who gave their lives for democracy 24 years ago.
xgz 06/03/2013 16 15 - -
June 4, 1989 in our memory
Another year has passed, and China is still under a dictatorship. Students who braved bullets on Tiananmen Square 24 years ago are now in their middle ages. Most of the younger generation in China ...
xgz 06/01/2013 7 11 - -
After devastating earthquake, donors shun China's Red Cross
A magnitude 7 earthquake hit China's Sichuan province this morning (last night US time). Initial reports were at least 150 people were killed and over 3000 injured, and massive damages to properties.
xgz 04/20/2013 6 14 - -
The Ping Fu song
Someone came up with a lyric using the tune of Bob Dylan's Blowin' in the Wind ( to tell Ping Fu's story. Update: More stanzas to the lyric. A 2nd poem ...
xgz 03/12/2013 13 5 1 -
Did NPR just screw up or plainly lie about Ping Fu?
Today's NPR soft commercial for 3D printers contained this eye-popper: Among the celebrity entrepreneurs in the 3-D printing field is Ping Fu, who gave one of the most inspiring talks at SXSW. Fu is ...
xgz 03/11/2013 23 6 - -
The Double Faced Political Correctness of New York Times in Ping Fu Affair
The mainstream media has largely been acting as the accessory to Ping Fu's lying. One of my previous diaries dealt with Sir Harold Evans. Another example of the horrific performance by the media is ...
xgz 02/26/2013 7 5 1 -
The need for building a Chinese American Kossack community
This is an introduction to a new Kossack group, Way of Dragon . The recent Ping Fu affair has taught us one thing: that Chinese Americans need a voice of our own. Others will not and cannot speak ...
xgz 02/23/2013 33 37 - -
The Depravation of Sir Harold Evans
Sir Harold Evans is one of the most revered journalists in the world. He was named one of International Press Institute's 50 World Press Freedom Heroes of the past fifty years in 2000. In 2004, he ...
xgz 02/21/2013 6 5 1 -
Guardian exposes more lies in Ping Fu's "memoir"
Making good use of resources real journalists have, the Guardian has joined the fray in the controversy regarding Ping Fu's autobiography, Bent, not Break: A Life in Two Worlds . Joining in the ...
xgz 02/14/2013 120 14 - -
Why are we suckers for lies? A psychological explanation
The main part of this diary came from a comment by a reader Lang Lang on a book review of Ping Fu's Bend, not Break: A Life in Two Worlds . For more background, please read my previous diaries, ...
xgz 02/10/2013 103 6 1 -
Inconsistencies in Ping Fu's gang rape story (part of Ping Fu series)
This diary is a part in a long series reviewing the book Bend, not Break: A Life in Two Worlds by Ping Fu. Please read part I , part II , part III ,
xgz 02/08/2013 188 3 - -
Ping Fu's fantasy childhood life in communist Shanghai
In Ping Fu's book Bend, not Break: A Life in Two Worlds , the description of her life in Shanghai before the Cultural Revolution does not seem like an average family's life in Shanghai at all. It ...
xgz 02/07/2013 15 5 - -
Racism against Chinese Americans on clear display in Ping Fu affair
When Ping Fu's book, Bend, not Break: A Life in Two Worlds , went on sale with much media fanfare, almost every major media outlet reported her story. I heard it on NPR. It was then that Chinese ...
xgz 02/05/2013 75 6 - -
Ping Fu's time travel machine
Ping Fu's new book, Bend, not Break: A Life in Two Worlds , stirred a huge controversy because of its conflicting and sometimes nonsensical description of her life in China. In the face of mounting ...
xgz 02/04/2013 13 4 1 -
Bend, Not Break: A Lie in Two Worlds - Part III, Fu vs Fu
Mitt Romney was the champion of flip-flopping in 2012. But he only managed to do that over the course of a whole year, and he can claim that he merely changed his mind about what he would do if he ...
xgz 02/03/2013 2 4 - -
Bend, Not Break: A Lie in Two Worlds - Part II
Many Americans who do not know much about China are puzzled by the outrage displayed by Chinese Americans against the lies of Ms Ping Fu in her book. These Americans are "naive to the point of cute",
xgz 02/02/2013 4 8 - -
Bend, Not Break: A Lie in Two Worlds
Update: Part II is published here and part III is here . I was listening to the NPR news in the morning last week as I drove to work, and heard the promotion of a book by Ping Fu titled "Bend, Not ...
xgz 01/31/2013 32 39 3 -
Crazy: Tennessee Republicans still pushing Guns-to-Work law
During an interview conducted one day before the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the crazy Lt. Gov. of Tennessee, Ron Islam-Is-Not-A-Religion Ramsey was pushing to pass a crazy bring-your-guns-
xgz 12/15/2012 11 6 - -
Fair trade is good for both the US and China
A letter to U.S. Presidential Candidates before their third debate from a Chinese student in the US. Reposted from gmail blog with original author's permission.
xgz 10/21/2012 5 - - -
Foxconn's concentration camp style factories
Yesterday's Foxconn worker riot that forced Foxxcon to close its factory in Taiyuan (capitol of Shanxi province, not to be confused with Taiwan) brings China's labor conditions into media focus again.
xgz 09/24/2012 19 39 - 195
Businesses continue general strike in Northeast China, raise political demands
The ongoing general strike by most businesses in all major cities of Liaoning province, Northeast China, continues. The government's assurance that there is no large scale campaign to root out ...
xgz 08/09/2012 2 5 - 35
Protests? Massive business shutdown in Northeast China
It was at first a rumor on the internet, but now most of the major Chinese media websites are reporting. Over the weekend, about 90% of businesses in several major cities in Liaoning province, ...
xgz 08/06/2012 5 39 - 175
Most businesses in northeast China are shut down
It appears that most of the businesses in the cities of Shenyang and Liaoyang, in Liaoning province of China have shut down over the weekend. The reason given by the businesses is that the ...
xgz 08/06/2012 24 16 1 318
How Romney's Sankaty Advisors LLC does business
Here is a quick lead to one of the aquisitions Sankaty Advisors LLC did in 2009: Airvana. There appears an ongoing shareholders lawsuit that I am unable to find any info on. I hope someone is able ...
xgz 07/05/2012 1 2 - 65
University of Florida eliminates computer science research, dismantles department
Due to severe budget cuts imposed by the state legislature, University of Florida has decided to essentially get rid of their computer science program, fire all the teaching assistants, force 50% of ...
xgz 04/24/2012 61 27 4 285
Egg fried rice: the real Korean War legacy
In an alternative history, Mao passed his power to his son, Anying, in 1976. Deng stayed in the countryside to be re-educated, and died there, never coming back to power. There was no reform in China,
xgz 01/06/2012 16 19 1 169
Haimen, China, protest led by women
Women are leading the protest of the construction of a power plant in Haimen, China.
xgz 12/27/2011 2 2 - 31
"Free him!"
Students at Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China started a campaign to free Cheng Guangcheng, a blind human rights activist under "soft detention". Since any form of protest is not allowed in ...
xgz 10/12/2011 1 3 1 21
Stories of tragedy and courage in face of tyranny in China
Chen Guangcheng is a human rights activist in rural Shandong, China. He is blind since young age. Since he started defending the legal rights of his villagers against corrupt officials and brutal one-
xgz 10/11/2011 21 5 - 41
City wide taxi driver strike in Xiamen, China
Taxi drivers in Xiamen, China have gone on strike to protest high gas price, high rent, and low taxi fares. Some violence has occurred as drivers smashed some taxis on the street that did not ...
xgz 10/06/2011 5 6 1 43
Guangzhou, China: riot and deadly crackdown
The three day riot in Guangzhou, China appears to have ended with a deadly military crackdown. At the end, 5 people were killed, over 100 were injured, and hundreds were arrested. Dozens of police ...
xgz 06/14/2011 149 190 5 1085
Traditional Chinese Medicine: Alternative Medicine or Snake Oil?
The European Union ban of hundreds of traditional Chinese ...
xgz 05/17/2011 78 10 - 189
Thousands protest company closing in Nanjing, China, clash with police
The story of thousands of workers going on to street to protest unfair treatment in a company closing for two days on May 12 and 13 in Nanjing, has finally made onto the internet. The government ...
xgz 05/15/2011 30 19 - 126
Falun Gong: The face of Chinese opposition or a Chinese scientology?
Falun Gong is one of the largest groups of Chinese facing persecution from the Chinese government. Because of the brutalities suffered by its members in China at the hands of the Chinese government, ...
xgz 05/13/2011 26 9 - 135
Chinese woman runs for parliament, "was disappeared" with update
The phrase, "to be disappeared", is used by Chinese to describe someone who is forced to disappear by the authorities, often to a jail. A Jiangxi woman this month declared that she was running for ...
xgz 05/12/2011 162 88 - 693
Local Chinese government kidnapped children, put them up for adoption
Some Chinese newspapers have disclosed a disturbing practice by local governments in China to enforce the one-child policy: They actually kidnapped infants who were born outside of the allowed quota,
xgz 05/09/2011 22 5 - 106
China: Salute to Peru!
Discussion of the Libya revolution (or Egypt or Tunisia for that matter) on any social forum in China is limited, but not completely banned outright. Most posts are deleted. The ones remain do not ...
xgz 02/27/2011 10 3 1 37
Science, deception, and China: A bizarre case of a job offer that wasn't
Imagine that you are a talented young scientist in a hot emerging field at the frontier of medicine, having completed your Ph.D. study just recently. Every major medical school in the country went ...
xgz 02/19/2011 7 - - 66
The adventure of North Korean workers in Shanghai
This is an article being circulated on the Chinese web about 10 North Korean workers' experience in Shanghai. It gives us a glimpse of life in North Korea. I provide an English translation below the ...
xgz 12/30/2010 18 21 - 90
An Essay by Nobel Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo - This is why he deserves
I am posting from Beijing. There is a total blackout of the news that Liu Xiaobo has won the Nobel Peace Prize. Most people in Beijing haven't even heard of his name. Liu was a teacher before 1989 ...
xgz 10/09/2010 9 28 - 67
China is not a police state. It's a mafia state
I am angered by the news that Dr. Fang Shimin, a science writer in Beijing, was attacked today near his home. The attack apparently aimed to kill him. Luckily he escaped with only minor injuries. Dr.
xgz 08/29/2010 7 4 - 48
106 years ago, "Tibetans Choose War..."
For a curious reason, NYT decided to revisit the British invasion of Tibet in 1904. An invasion that was long forgotten ...
xgz 08/10/2010 31 14 1 44
Nikki Haley: Model minority or cultural sellout?
Republicans hold their few ethnic minority politicians out as examples of their progress in diversity: Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley. (But they wish they could hide Michael Steele). Bobby Jindal and ...
xgz 07/25/2010 65 5 - 142
Responding to Kos' suit, Del Ali admits manipulating data
TPM just published the full text of Research 2000 president Del Ali's response to ...
xgz 07/01/2010 129 48 - 64
In memory of Tiananmen Square
As we enjoy democracy here, we need to remember those who gave their lives fighting for democracy everywhere in the world. Twenty one years ago, in Beijing, people died trying to stop the army from ...
xgz 06/04/2010 9 10 - 34
AmericaSpeakingOut: Let's hold GOP accountable
Congressional GOP used taxpayers' money to launch their propaganda site The ineptness displayed by the site ...
xgz 05/30/2010 20 26 - 47
Erickson does a Will Folks, drags Nikki Haley through mud
Erick Erickson of the Redstate fame hinted this morning that he knew everything behind Will Folks' story. endeavoring to write about himself in the third person, though omniscient or ...
xgz 05/28/2010 64 10 - 96
Blood iphones: Foxconn employee suicides mount
Your iphones have blood on it. The number of suicide attempts this year in the factory that makes the iphone has grown to at least 16, with at least 12 dead. Three new suicide attempts were reported ...
xgz 05/27/2010 44 22 - 44
Rand Paul: Strange Ideas
Trey Grayson's website has been taken offline right after he lost the primary to Rand Paul. Here I copied over some of the materials (quotes of Rand Paul, videos, and other ...
xgz 05/19/2010 31 12 1 186
What your web experience would be like in China
A brief peek behind the Great Fire Wall of China. This is crossposted at Tales Across The Sea .
xgz 04/24/2010 29 12 1 29
Updated: (Lack of) democracy in China: The Han Han phenomenon
Imagine a diary on dailykos that is read by over a million people, has over 10,000 comments, and is reposted on thousands of other blogs. That diary would certainly sit atop of the recommended list ...
xgz 04/11/2010 30 18 - 71
(Update II: He didn't) The dermatologist who fired an Obama voting employee
The person with the online id "dermdoc" bragged "Laid off my first Obama voting employee today." He has accounts on texags and myBCS websites. Updated with dermdoc's reaction quoted from CBS below.
xgz 04/09/2010 170 40 - 156
Avatar: Symbol of political dissent in China
Avatar has become the most popular film released in China ever, even after its cheaper 2D version was banned by the government. While western media has reported the movie's smashing box office ...
xgz 02/21/2010 30 21 2 236
What unregulated medicine looks like: History of Xiao procedure
The ability to pee on your own is something we take for granted. But for a large group of people, this is only a dream for them. They are the patients with spinal cord injuries and those born with ...
xgz 02/09/2010 10 5 - 25
My boy was kicked out of Boy Scouts
It turns out that you have to believe in God in order to be a Boy Scout. This was a shocker to my family and we are still in disbelief. My son got his first lesson about intolerance in the society...
xgz 02/04/2010 422 77 2 127
Insurance rate is not the only problem in health care reform
Much of the focus in the health care reform debate has been on the competition in the insurance industry - by introducing the public option, the hope is to be able to break the insurance cartel and ...
xgz 10/24/2009 18 14 - 34
Two Blacks shot dead by police
With a headline like this, what message do you think it implies? Very often it implies of racial tension, discrimination, and police brutality. The actual title of the CNN story is "
xgz 07/13/2009 50 6 - 102
China blocks all google services
Today the Chinese government has started to block all services provided by Google, including search, scholar google, google maps, gmail, google translate, and others. Update II ...
xgz 06/24/2009 83 31 - 83
From Sasu’s blog: My Tibetan Friend, and Tibetan Affairs
Most western liberals are fascinated by Tibet. Many of them are also strong supporters of Tibetan independence. As an immigrant from China, I have encountered many uncomfortable situations when my ...
xgz 04/18/2009 15 2 - 18
Jindal staff digging deeper holes in revised Katrina story (w/ video)
After offering three different versions of Jindal's Katrina story, Jindal's staff finally settled on a version that sounds more plausible. They also offered a video from 2007 Jindal's governor's ...
xgz 02/28/2009 33 32 1 94
Jindal's Katrina Story a Lie (Final Update)
Bobby Jindal in his response to Obama speech tonight, told a story, his own personal experience, of how bureaucrats stopped rescue boats from going into New Orleans after Katrina. He used it as an ...
xgz 02/24/2009 638 783 17 2267
Asian Americans: This is the election of your lifetime
Please pick up your voter registration form from your post office or library, fill it out, and send it right away. This election is too important to pass up.
xgz 10/06/2008 59 6 - 8
McCain jokes
Presidential humor in two parts. Part I jokes told by McCain Part II jokes about ...
xgz 09/25/2008 11 2 - 1
Watching a wingnut turn to Obama
This is a recording of a wingnut on another weblog who is in the process of turning to ...
xgz 09/23/2008 28 16 - 1
McCain, cell phones, and Global Crossing
John McCain emphasized his role as former chairman of Senate Commerce Committee, ss pointed out by the FP story , by ...
xgz 09/16/2008 3 2 - 9
Obama, McCain on issues
Compare Obama and McCain side by side on issues.
xgz 09/14/2008 5 7 - -
Sarah Palin and Wasilla Sports Complex land deal
Sarah Palin was mayor of Wasilla from 1996 to 2002. Her record during that time can tell us a lot about her. The biggest deal during her tenure is perhaps the construction of the sports complex that ...
xgz 08/29/2008 45 54 6 1249
Asian-American PAC 80-20 Endorses Obama for President
80-20 aims to deliver a block vote of Asian Americans (80% to 20%) to one candidate who can best advance issues Asian Americans care most about. Specifically, 80-20 has been pushing for presidential ...
xgz 08/05/2008 18 9 - 1
Racial relationship reflected by China's earthquake
The devastating earthquake in Sichuan, China killed over 80,000 people and injured hundreds of thousands. Entire China was mobilized for disaster relief. Donations from around the world flowed in to ...
xgz 05/28/2008 57 9 - -
Henry Lee boycotts CNN
Well-known forensic scientist Henry Lee wrote to CNN and announced that he will not appear on CNN until CNN apologizes for ...
xgz 04/30/2008 78 3 1 75
Rare display of unity between China and Taiwan
On opposing the anti-China hysteria by western MSM, the population of China and Taiwan are displaying remarkable agreement. Taiwan is a democracy, has no media censorship, and its government has not ...
xgz 04/21/2008 40 3 - 9
Asian American's sharp turn to the left
Asian Americans have become a reliable Democratic voting block during the past decade. Clinton lost the Asian vote twice in the 90's. Gore won it in 2000 marking the first time Asian vote swung to ...
xgz 04/16/2008 25 11 2 1
Radio France International: Tibet Exile Government Speaks
Radio France International is certainly not the mouthpiece of the PRC government. Their April 2, ...
xgz 04/04/2008 12 2 1 2
The Dalai Lama: Ultimate Religious Fundamentalist?
The Tibetan violence of 3.14 has taught me one thing. By and large, the DKos community don't know Tibet. I don't dare to say that I do. But I do know that the Dalai Lama is not the glowing living ...
xgz 03/26/2008 193 4 2 294
Worldwide misreporting of Tibetan violence
In a previous diary I reported on two German TV stations apologizing for incorrectly using videos/photos of Nepal ...
xgz 03/26/2008 26 7 3 -
German TV stations say Tibet coverage in error
Two German TV stations admitted today that they had mistakenly showed footages or photos of police crackdown of protestors in Nepal in their coverages of Tibetan violence. This is not getting ...
xgz 03/24/2008 40 5 - 6
Taiwan referendum fails
The taiwan UN referendum, which many view as the first step towards independence, fails to draw 50% participation to pass. This indicates that Taiwan population are more willing to keep the status ...
xgz 03/22/2008 13 3 - 10
Is McCain showing early signs of Alzheimers?
His confusion about Iran and al Qaeda yesterday combined some his other behaviors may point to a possibility that many would not dare to think of, that McCain may be in the early stage of Alzheimers ...
xgz 03/19/2008 86 9 1 19
Feds get slapped in the face by the market
The feds backed a takeunder of Bear Stearns (BSC) by JP Morgan (JPM) with a $30 billion special financing. JP Morgan will buy Bear for about $2 per share or $236 million, a 93% discount from $30 ...
xgz 03/18/2008 15 3 - -
Sights and sound from Tibet, March 14, 2008
The violence shown in this video is shocking. This is not likely to be reported by the American ...
xgz 03/15/2008 29 3 - -
Obama leads by 14 in TX, 8 in OH
A little known outfit called "Decision Analyst" published two polls in TX and OH, showing Obama with significant leads in both states. In TX, Obama leads Clinton by 14%, 57% to 43%. In OH, Obama ...
xgz 02/24/2008 57 5 - 5
Is nanotechnology immoral? Americans say yes
This really blew my mind. How can Americans be so stupid?
xgz 02/20/2008 110 15 1 8
Obama supporters, please respond to the 80-20 call!
The Asian American organization 80-20 just issued a call to defeat Obama's candidacy: In response to Sen. Obama's steadfast refusal to address the grievance faced by Asian Ams, and given ...
xgz 12/28/2007 56 1 - 1
Working girls in China shout: Long live USA!
A post is making rounds in Chinese blogsphere that demonstrates why fair trade, not "free trade," is good for everyone. This link ...
xgz 12/26/2007 15 8 1 -
Johnathan Goodwin: patron saint of green cars or a fraud?
Kos' frontpage diary repeated a great story about an 8th grade educated car mechanic doing what Detroit claimed was impossible - ...
xgz 10/30/2007 65 10 1 228
2001 MinnDOT study seriously flawed
Several diaries have mentioned the 2001 study (here) commissioned by MinnDOT on the I-35W ...
xgz 08/02/2007 4 8 1 2
Asian American vote crucial in Webb's win
xgz 11/14/2006 17 8 - -
Asian American group endorses Democrats after letter from Dean
xgz 10/26/2006 10 13 - 17
Why did we lose: A need for disciplined progressive
xgz 09/28/2006 8 2 - -
Bob Ney could be Delayed
xgz 08/08/2006 15 8 - 1
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