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Malicious radio ads
Yesterday I was doing some work for a couple of radio stations in New Hampshire. They are running ads from an organization promoting the Trans Pacific Partnership and praising Senator Kelly Ayotte ...
necturus 05/20/2015 1
Arkansas: Eureka Springs passes anti-discrimination ordinance that protects the rights of LGBTs
The people have spoken. Voters approve 2223 in landslide Wednesday, May 13, 2015 By Alana Cook, The Lovely County Citizen newspaper The citizens of Eureka Springs voted overwhelmingly Tuesday in ...
Zwoof 05/19/2015 8
Sen. Feinstein is a mind reader
I got an interesting email today. Sen. Feinstein wanted to thank me for emailing her about her TPA vote. She wrote "Thank you for contacting me regarding the negotiation of the Trans-Pacific ...
dangoch 05/15/2015 10
Amtrak derailment kills six as Congress argues over Amtrak funding
Laura Clawson 05/13/2015 123
TPP, Fast Track, Will Drive Consumers to China for Affordable Medicines
Contrary to the Obama Administration's claims, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) could boost China's standing as a global leader in the development, production and sale of affordable generic drugs.
ershaffer 05/09/2015 22

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