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In Watertown, part 2
This is a follow up to my diary from earlier today, which I also sent to Josh Marshall, who posted on TPM. But I wanted to give you all the update as well: It was a very long night, but both my ...
xopherma 04/19/2013 25 90 - -
On the front line, in Watertown
I live on Dexter Ave. in Watertown, Mass. where we just experienced what I can only describe as war.
xopherma 04/18/2013 115 202 2 -
MA-Sen: Another lesson for Scott Brown, from the children of Massachusetts
In the wake of last night's debate debacle, where Scott Brown continued to sling his ignorant views on Native identity, I'm sharing this message written by Patrick Sauer , a freelance writer based ...
xopherma 10/02/2012 90 449 9 2063
MA-Sen: Teaching Scott Brown a lesson
I encourage all you non-Native-American Native Americans out there to send your own message -- let's teach Sen. Brown a lesson about identity. More after ye olde squiggle.
xopherma 09/28/2012 115 408 6 1984
Note to Scott Brown: My Native identity is more than skin deep
As a mixed-blood Kiowa Indian who lives in Massachusetts, you can guess I have very strong opinions about Scott Brown’s attack on Elizabeth Warren regarding her racial identity. I can respect ...
xopherma 09/25/2012 11 35 1 205
Chicken Soup for the Clinton supporter's soul
The title sounds like this would be from a long-time Obama supporter, n'est-ce pas? Well, it's not; one look at my diary history will tell you that much. I'm finding, somewhat to my surprise, that I ...
xopherma 06/05/2008 70 12 3 -
Barack the Gardener
Yes, I voted for Hillary Clinton. But first, let me tell you about a great movie from the late ‘70s. (bear with me… I get back to politics eventually...)
xopherma 02/08/2008 84 3 - 11
Nugent: People will die; deal with it, America
I'm not strongly anti- or pro-gun (at least when it comes to non-assault weapons), so I've found the expected debate post-VT interesting, if a little frustrating. But I've generally been able to ...
xopherma 04/20/2007 51 5 - 1
Media whores on film: "All the Reverend's Men"
xopherma 07/18/2006 4 8 2 5
NSA phone transcripts: Sen. James Inhofe
xopherma 06/07/2006 3 2 - -
God has spoken
xopherma 06/02/2006 8 1 - 7
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