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Offer: a free book that addresses gun violence
Today, gun violence brings more grief, more tragedy. Years ago, in response to a school shooting in California, I wrote an "issues" novel titled We the Enemy to try to spark new conversation about ...
yar 12/14/2012 1 - - -
free e-novel offers unique take on gun control
The other day I offered free ebook copies of my novel, We the Enemy. There are some left, so I thought I'd try again. As for gun control, one of the good guys in the novel says, "If you ...
yar 01/21/2011 2 2 - 79
Free ebooks of novel in exchange for feedback
I'm offering 50 free ebook copies of my novel, We the Enemy, to Daily Kos readers in return for feedback. Why Daily Kos? Because it's my philosophical community, the natural thought-home ...
yar 01/18/2011 9 5 - 73
Let's try shunning
Let's shun the AIG and other financial "wizards" who have done so much damage. Or at least shame them. Don't think it could work? Maybe it could.
yar 03/16/2009 8 1 - 1
Obama, talk to them/us about honor
More and more, it seems like ads and PR blasts by the McCain campaign promote falsehoods and distortions that make me wonder, have they no sense of honor? I'm sure that they are cognizant of what ...
yar 09/10/2008 9 4 - -
A fair solution to seating MI & FL delegates?
The problem with the solutions proposed so far for seating Michigan and Florida delegates is continuing unfairness to large numbers of voters. The Michigan voters who would have voted for Obama but ...
yar 05/12/2008 41 1 - 2
Too cynical for our own good
If there was ever an indicator of how badly we need Obama's leadership, it's ...
yar 05/02/2008 1 - 1 -
I don't want a mud wrestler for my nominee
Yeah, the conventional wisdom is that politics is a dirty game, but that's the way you've gotta play it. And Hillary is in full Smackdown mode. I hate it a lot. And I don't think it HAS to be that ...
yar 04/17/2008 4 1 1 11
Historians on Bush
An article on the History News Network offers a survey of 109 historians on the presidency of George W. Bush. My favorite quotes: “No ...
yar 04/03/2008 23 12 2 1
John Edwards, where are you when we need you?
I supported you, John, and then you were gone. But one candidate remained committed to change, as you were. Who appeals to the best in us, as you did. Here are your words ...
yar 03/21/2008 84 8 1 3
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