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Rush Weighs In
Well, I'll let Mr. Limbaugh express himself: "I was trying to think earlier today if ever in my life I could remember any major political party being so irrelevant," Limbaugh said on his radio show.
yawnimawke 10/16/2013 29 7 - -
From Six Figures to Minimum Wage
Well, not exactly six figures but pretty damn close.
yawnimawke 10/11/2012 16 29 - -
Not Paying Taxes is a Goper Pillar
Maybe we need to step back and actually look at the big picture here while the freepers and redstate mouth breathers exhalt what a GOD Willard Romney is for speaking "truth to power" about the 47%ers.
yawnimawke 09/18/2012 3 - - 35
Together We Stand, Divided We Fall
So says Floyd in 'Hey You'. And the time has come to quit the "kool-aid drinkers" and references to race in disparaging OUR US President Obama. Now I freely admit, I have no idea what is going on in ...
yawnimawke 09/11/2011 2 21 1 75
Boycotting My Cubbies for America
KO on in the background as I'm reading emails about upcoming events and I hear Keith say Chicago Cubs. "Whaa" my lizard brain says. I look up and start active listening. KO is talking about the ...
yawnimawke 10/22/2010 43 13 - 56
Daschle Admits Public Option Was Never Option & Walks it Back
Update: The discussion has been lively but please understand, Daschle is part of the problem. GOTV is paramount to make sure people like him and corporations realize that we, the people, are the ...
yawnimawke 10/05/2010 1361 469 4 154
George Washington Drives?
So I'm sitting here, procrastinating on cleaning, watching my beloved Bears play against the dreaded Cowboys (sorry Dallas fans, but I bleed blue, orange, and white) and I'm confronted with the ...
yawnimawke 09/19/2010 16 1 - 42
Daily Kos Gulf Watchers ROV #165 - BP's Gulf Catastrophe
You are in the current BP disaster ROV, number 165. Number 164 is here . Please ...
yawnimawke 07/01/2010 322 1 1 37
BP Oilpocalypse Liveblog ROV #111
You are in the current BP disaster ROV, number 111. Number 110 is here . Please DO NOT Rec this ...
yawnimawke 06/17/2010 322 6 1 53
BP Oilpocalypse ROV Diary #94
You are in the current BP disaster ROV, number 94. Number 93 is here . Please DO ...
yawnimawke 06/14/2010 335 3 1 82
BP Oilpocalypse ROV Diary #70
You are in the current BP disaster ROV, number 70. Number 69 is here . Please DO NOT Rec ...
yawnimawke 06/07/2010 321 4 1 23
BP Oilmageddon ROV liveblogging diary #33
You are in the current BP disaster ROV, number 33. Number 32 is here . It bears repeating - ...
yawnimawke 06/01/2010 401 8 - 110
BP Players - Who Are These Guys?
So this morning I'm watching Little Geek and Big Geek slicing away at the BOP at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico and I started wondering. Who okay'd this procedure? This is the best solution they ...
yawnimawke 05/31/2010 10 24 2 56
Daily Kos LMRP Liveblog - Diary #18 - Who Are They Kidding?
PLEASE GO TO Daily Kos LMRP Liveblog Diary #19 - Witnessing Geocide NOW! ...
yawnimawke 05/29/2010 299 4 1 43
See you on the flipside Pete
While there are many bands in this world who have significant influence in our lives, there are some that come to us from seemingly nowhere and remind you of where you've been. That's what Type O ...
yawnimawke 04/15/2010 6 6 - 46
Health Care Reform Debate LiveBlog-Shuttlepod 2
This is the second shuttlepod for Health Insurance Reform Bill schedule to begin voting at 1:00 EDT. Everything below the fold is Adam's work that I brazenly ripped-off because he did such a ...
yawnimawke 03/21/2010 170 19 - 30
HCR Senate Liveblog #8
Please don't rec this diary, and rec the mothership instead: Mothership ...
yawnimawke 11/21/2009 415 4 - 125
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