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Tea Party - Bring on Armageddon
In my observation of the Debt Ceiling negotiations, my perspective was that the Tea Party - didn't understand monetary policy -didn't understand the relationship between Treasury bonds, the ...
yellow dog in NJ 07/17/2011 14 17 - 164
Nearly 40,000 deaths in Mexico
Mexico has evolved into a full blown narco-state. Drug cartels have taken control of local governments, engaged in unimaginable violence, and shown little regard for the value of human life. The ...
yellow dog in NJ 06/18/2011 42 20 2 289
What do you need?
As the President pointed out last night, our dependence on fossil fuels has to end. This diary is an exploration into solutions. What do you need to end your dependence on fossil fuels? I'll toss ...
yellow dog in NJ 06/16/2010 17 2 - 23
What does the Oilpocalypse Mean? -Nothing Really
Everyone is following the BP story. Everyone is witnessing the horror in the Gulf. Dead birds. Dead fish. Dead turtles. Dead dolphins. No more blue fin tuna. No more domestic shrimp and oysters. ...
yellow dog in NJ 06/13/2010 50 7 - 30
I thank the UAW
It's final. GM files for bankruptcy tomorrow morning. I would like to take a moment to let all the UAW members know how ...
yellow dog in NJ 05/31/2009 20 19 - 25
Why Aren't there Protests for Better Education?
A Sociology professor of mine many years ago, asked the following of our class: What is the most important component in the continuation of a society? The answer is ...
yellow dog in NJ 04/19/2009 54 13 - 77
Sanders introduces Usury Limits
Loan Sharks in Three-Piece Suits Sen. Bernie Sanders will introduce legislation this week to cap interest rates ...
yellow dog in NJ 03/11/2009 180 331 6 139
Geithner's Flawed Logic
Until the concepts of derivatives emerged, there were only 2 times when the worth of something meant something: 1. When you buy it 2. When you sell it Which brings us to the concepts of Mark-to ...
yellow dog in NJ 03/01/2009 47 8 1 17
Frontline vs. House of Cards
PBS ran the 1st run of Inside the Meltdown tonight. A brief synopsis: The story begins with the lead up to Bear Stearns failure. The ...
yellow dog in NJ 02/17/2009 58 25 2 18
TARP 2.0
Troubled Asset Relief Program Geithner is going to release the government's program for the new and improved TARP Monday at noon EST. Many of the TARP reformations have ...
yellow dog in NJ 02/08/2009 3 1 - 39
Here we go
There are much better writers than I to cover this, but I don't see any posts about it. So here goes ... I woke up this morning to read this: FDIC seeks to triple Treasury Dept ...
yellow dog in NJ 02/03/2009 8 2 1 6
2009 Depression Anxiety - Update
Are you feeling it? 2 years ago, I never paid attention to my 401K. I did not watch the NYSE. I could have cared less about CNBC, stocks, bonds. I never even really liked math or economics. Now - I'...
yellow dog in NJ 01/24/2009 69 9 - 21
Fish and Wildlife may delist Gray Wolves
yellow dog in NJ 11/23/2008 16 17 2 33
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