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Comcast WarTime Standard Internet Oil
I just read the Friday article on Comcast in Wall Street Journal. It was a combination piece discussing Comcast opposition to net neutrality and the Comcast proposed acquisition of TimeWarner (...
yragentman 01/27/2015 4 2 - -
why less for settle?
The trend to settle for settlements is a debasement of the justice system. The Department of Justice, State Attorneys General and various police departments, etc. have all adopted the policy of "...
yragentman 01/21/2015 9 - - -
Torture - Now and Then
Then: 1947 In the aftermath of World War II, Japanese officer Yukio Asano is charged by a US war crimes tribunal for torturing a US civilian. Asano had used the technique of “waterboarding” on ...
yragentman 12/09/2014 4 3 - -
Isolated, unrelated NFL bad actors?
With all the coverage of the rash of players with domestic and child abuse, it is curious to not see any discussion of underlying causes. It is similar to the coverage of radical Islamists - all ...
yragentman 09/19/2014 12 1 - -
take that you virus
The US foreign policy has fully devolved into a "one size fits all" approach. Anywhere there is a problem - Send in the military! Obama responds to a serious public health problem in west Africa ...
yragentman 09/19/2014 19 - - -
Clearly, the police state actions in Ferguson are a major story - not limited to Feguson, St. Louis, or even MO. Militarization of police is a national issue, for sure. But, seriously, All ...
yragentman 08/18/2014 27 - - -
Obama's real challenge
Here I go with another opinion. Obama should make his highest priority for the remainder of his term - convert Roger Ailes. Using the power of the Presidency, Obama should do a LBJ and set up ...
yragentman 01/25/2014 7 1 - -
One possible reason why NSA can't be stopped
I am sure this has been considered - and probably dismissed as tinfoil hatism. One possible reason why Obama et. al. can't take legitimate steps to stop NSA abuses is that there are things that ...
yragentman 01/19/2014 16 12 - -
ACA caught in the web
From my perspective, the biggest issue with the ACA was the reliance on and over emphasis of the web interface. Creating a web frontend to a system with so many complex backend interfaces was ...
yragentman 11/23/2013 6 3 - -
LAX Reactions
Of course, the reactions to the TSA shooting at LAX are focused on two things: 1) the shooter was an anti-government crazy 2) the TSA employee was a good, decent family man I have yet to see ...
yragentman 11/04/2013 6 1 1 -
Tar Sands, Baby
Percolating in the background, obscured by shutdown hostage shenanigans and gloating over rebublican civil strife, remains the Keystone Pipline and tar sands money pits. Tell, KOSites, has anyone ...
yragentman 10/28/2013 5 - - -
How about recall Rebubs?
Any KOSites know what it would take to start re-call drives to get some of the problematic tea baggers out of the House? I realize re-calls are always a long shot, but with the right billionaire ...
yragentman 10/11/2013 14 1 - -
KOS filter
Can I request a feature for the Daily KOS? Would it be possible to set up my profile to skip posts, threads and diaries those subject is right wing republican candidates, policies or pontificating?
yragentman 09/26/2013 22 - - -
What's the Real Syrian Deal?
As with many strategies, the real agenda is best hidden by diversion. The biggest the agenda, the bigger the diversion. What bigger or better diversion that bombing and war? So, it is a good time ...
yragentman 09/07/2013 11 1 - -
Back to the Ground Game
It would really be a great time for Obama to call a few more plays for the ground game - particularly in Ohio. Use the campaign organization to turn up the people to let Representatives (i.e. ...
yragentman 11/30/2012 2 4 - -
A Week Without Right
Here is my proposal - Can the DailyKOS Kommunity take a week without posting, mentioning or highlighting anything about the right wing? All diaries, posts, comments exclusively on Democratic ...
yragentman 11/21/2012 7 1 - -
still focused on the wrongs
A while back I pointed out that DailyKOS (and other blogs I frequently read) spend a disproportionate amount of space covering with the Wrongpubicans are doing. At the time, I counted the items on ...
yragentman 05/24/2012 4 5 - 48
Obama Bummer Banner Ads
Personally, I am definitely NOT inspired by Obama banner ads recently. Pictured with his wife and daughters next to a message "Help us get re-elected" or some such? Leave the daughters home or in ...
yragentman 03/01/2012 19 - - 139
Daily Republican Cause
Once again today's (2/20/12 3:07pm eastern) Daily KOS reads more like a republican cause. Scanning the entries/items, I see 10 things - not counting the Open Thread or Morning Digest. Of those 10,
yragentman 02/20/2012 4 1 - 28
Caucus Crockus
I am so sick of non-stop blogging, broadcasting and bloviating about republican candidates, policy and pontificating. This here blog is sometimes a case in point. Riddle me this - why isn't the ...
yragentman 02/07/2012 3 - - 17
Whilst Pink Ribbon waved, Senate Caved
While the whole Komen-Planned Parenthood donnybrook was happening, our representatives in the Senate caved and agreed to the FAA bill with all the destructive, onerous, egregious anti-union ...
yragentman 02/07/2012 2 2 - 46
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