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For me, there is nothing more frustrating than a webpage that auto-plays audio. It means I cannot surf while I work. Today, I was recording some audio for use in an upcoming Netroots Radio program and whenever I visited Daily Kos I got some terrible, horrific shrill audio from some kind of auto-play ad. It was so loud in volume that it nearly blew my head set off of my head.

Fer Fuck Sakes,

This should not be happening.

Dear Marcos, can you please issue a directive to prevent this in the future please.



Did you hear this today? Did you enjoy it?

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If you state "I voted" on Facebook, your circle of friends (which is likely to include some people who are not likely to vote) will see that you voted and depending on what they actually think of you (extremes here are a good thing) they may be goaded into going out to vote.

NBC News article with all the links

Here's a link to a site with images you can use to change your profile pic:

Happy voting!

p.s. Netroots Radio and Daily Kos Radio will be providing live radio coverage of the election results beginning at 6pm eastern tonight. Hope you'll tune in. You can listen to us via the Netroots Radio live stream on iTunes, on the mobile app 'Stitcher' or at our blog (linked above).


Yep, we have made the leap... jumped out of the frying pan... dove off the cliff....

Netroots Radio Podcast shows can now be found on Stitcher. We have had our live stream available for a month or so, which is great because a lot of people on mobile phones were having a hard time figuring out how to get that working.

Stitcher is an amazing smart phone app for listening to podcasts of your favorite shows, they have most of the NPR shows, the CBC shows, Daily Kos Radio and now Netroots Radio as well as about 14000 other talk radio shows.

Some selected and recent podcasts are available online here:

or get the Stitcher App for your Smart Phone (droids and iPhones) and do a search for Netroots Radio to find us. You will find links to our pods and live stream. Please favorite our podcasts and our live feed if you appreciate community progressive radio and want to be able to find us quickly from your favorites list.

If you check us out you will find shows by fellow Kossacks including:

An interview with Crashing Vor by myself and Justice Putnam.

Kicking Ass with Steve and Fripp

At the Table with the lovely and talented Kelly Lincoln (Roaring Girl)

The After Show with Winkk and Justice Putnam

Our Post Debate Coverage with our Round Table

and coming soon, for my sci/tech oriented readers as well as the general lay public, A new Science and Technology podcast with yours truly and Rick (Hatamoto). Details TBA in the near future.

We hope you enjoy our programs and we are always desirous for live callers into our shows and scouting for new talent. I hope you will give us a listen.

Now that we are on stitcher, it's a whole lot easier to find us when you are on the move.


p.s. we will be doing joint live radio election night coverage with the good folks from Daily Kos and who knows, you might get to hear David Waldman (Kagro X), Armando, Meteor Blades, Marcos and our Netroots Radio crew in real time on election night.


Some Fictional Headlines:

"In Debates, Romney has no firm policy on anything, he is a human windsock" CNN

"Romney appears to be suffering from flip-flop-itis" Washington Post

"National Polls a virtual tie, voters being misled by Main Stream Media" CBS

"Obama has huge lead in Electoral College, almost sure to win a second term despite media bias" New York Times

more below the orange terrorist fist bump.

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Today, the Globe and Mail (Canada's National Newspaper) unleashed a story about Kevin O'Leary. He is known in Canada to the general public as a business finance guy who believes that 'greed is good'. He first came to public awareness as a panelist/member of the Dragons Den. A show where the panelists act like venture capitalists. A show where rich and successful people get to mock contestants ideas mostly but may actually strike a a deal occasionally. He has since been been spun off into 'The Shark Tank" a similar American reality show with the same formula.

The man is a bully, a liar, a cheat and a thief.......and a hero (to many)

From the US political perspective, the story starts to get interesting when Bain Capital becomes involved.

Here's a short clip of Kevin O'Leary trying his best to be the Don Cherry of Canadian Finance.

FYI Kevin is the bald white guy with no compassion.

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Mon Sep 24, 2012 at 08:06 PM PDT

It's Time to 'Throw them an Anvil'

by yuriwho

If you are talking politics with your friends and neighbours or if you are canvassing door to door, it's time to focus on the down ticket races.

Please learn all you can about the local policies and bigger picture positions of the local democrats in your area. Lets start talking about the local politicians instead of the Obama/Romney non-race.

We need to win governors, congressional seats and federal senate seats but we also need to build for the future. State houses and state senates, AG's, Judges (in states that vote for them), local Mayors, councillors etc. Now is the time to be talking local within the framework of this presidential race. If Obama had a house and senate he could work with, he'd get a lot done. Contrary to common belief, Obama never had both a house majority and a filibuster-proof senate super-majority.

He had 59 or 60 (for a brief moment) in the senate before 2011 but with 4-5 blue dogs, that meant that every piece of legislation was held hostage in one way or another. Hopefully, if Harry Reid makes good on his statements about reforming the senate filibuster rules we'll have a chance to reshape policy for the next 4 years and beyond.

Thinking longer term, we want more and BETTER democrats and that starts with the farm team. The farm team is local.


Fri Sep 14, 2012 at 09:20 PM PDT

Chalk Lecture vs Powerpoint

by yuriwho

I am teaching a large class of undergraduates Organic Chemistry.

Contrary to how I learned the subject, I have discovered that many profs at many universities today (including mine) are slacking and using powerpoint presentations provided by the textbook publishers (or sometimes created by the prof). Indeed, those powerpoint slides will have better graphics than you can draw with chalk, but they are not simultaneous with your thoughts on the matter. In certain subjects, one of the core lessons is to learn the medium of expression, the symbolism of the subject. In Organic Chemistry that is the ability to draw a molecular structure accurately and rapidly.

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Clearly his statement supporting the rights of anyone to enter into a marriage with anyone else regardless of gender has no immediate impact on the law regarding marriage or civil unions.

So what is the real impact this has?

IMO, the biggest impact is that friends and families around the globe (not just in America) will be discussing this over the next few days and weeks openly. In many families and between many friends, this will be a topic that has never been discussed. Or if previously discussed, this will either challenge the issue for reconsideration or affirm your previous beliefs.

Families are now allowed to discuss this at the dinner table. This will probably result in a lot of hurt feelings and examination of the fundamental issues at stake.

This global discussion will occur in the US, in Europe, in China, in Russia, heck, probably in Afghanistan too. This is going to be a global topic.

So regardless of whether you think this is going to help or hurt Obama politically in his re-election bid (I personally think it will help him), the bigger effect will be a global re-examination of peoples viewpoints on the topic around the dinner tables of the world.

This can only be a good thing for equality.

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The more things change the more they stay the same.

From Canada's premier national daily newspaper, the Globe and Mail.

Greg Davis, the Republican mayor of Southaven, Miss. was caught when state auditors requested receipts to explain 170 K in unaccounted expenses. The public only found out after 'The Commercial Appeal' (a Memphis TN newspaper) filed FOIA requests.

According to The Commercial Appeal, a newspaper in Memphis, Tenn., the receipts include thousands of dollars in liquor and lavish dinners, as well as a $67 charge at a store called Priape, which bills itself as “Canada’s premiere gay lifestyle store and sex shop.”

Hmm, Priape....derived from the word priapism perhaps. Thats when you have an erection lasting >4 hours as we've all been warned about in those viagra TV commercials. It originally derives from Priapus, a minor rustic Greek fertility god who is reported to have had a permanent oversized erection. In all, a pretty good and fairly obvious name for a gay mens sex shop.

Mr. Davis ran as a conservative, family values candidate in an unsuccessful bid for Congress in 2008. He has a wife of 19 years, Suzann, and three young daughters, who are all active members of Heartland Baptist Church, according to the city’s website.

Family values!

there's really nothing to add here. He doth protest too much.

“At this point in my life and in my career, while I have tried to maintain separation between my personal and public life, it is obvious that this can no longer remain the case,” Mr. Davis told the newspaper in an interview on Thursday afternoon from his Southaven home. “While I have performed my job as mayor, in my opinion, as a very conservative, progressive individual – and still continue to be a very conservative individual – I think that it is important that I discuss the struggles I have had over the last few years when I came to the realization that I am gay.”

I think it's cool that he is admitting his sexuality. This will be a hard time for him. But, if he weathers the immediate storm, he may actually be a better and happier person in the future.


When I read the news headlines these days I think this world of ours is backwards, upside-down and directionless. I have to check to make sure that I'm not reading The Onion, because even The Onion writers are not this crazy.

If I were to write a story & headline about my reaction to the world, the title would be:

"Area Man convinced all news has become satire"

Headline after headline, the parody scrolls by till I am exhausted trying to make sense of it all.

"World leaders declare austerity is only solution to financial crisis, markets crash anticipating a global depression in response to austerity programs"

"Canada withdraws from Kyoto treaty, claims it blocks progress toward reducing global warming"

"Republicans oppose Obama plan because of the colour of his skin"

"Gringrich is only Republican candidate with intellectual heft"

"Republicans demand that unemployed must pee into cups to receive assistance from insurance program they payed into"

"We must cut entitlements like Social Security and Unemployment Insurance"

"Poor children should replace janitors at schools to save our economy"

"Rick Perry dons jacket from 'Brokeback Mountain' to deliver homophobic campaign ad"

"Gay penguins at Toronto zoo to be forcibly separated"

"DSK admits his sexual interaction in NY Hotel with cleaning lady was consensual, NY AG declines to prosecute"

"Occupy Wall Street protesters to be cleared from park after condoms found in tent"

I could go on and on and on. It gets really depressing.

It makes me question whether the majority of people in the western world would rather live a dream existence with fake news and a fake reality rather than recognize the boring and harsh reality of real life as experienced by real people.

"Breaking news: Justin Bieber has insulted relations with Israel by refusing to pose with Bibi Sneeze-sound" <-- that was a real headline (paraphrased)

I have lost my faith in modern mainstream media.

Anybody know of any well organized self-sufficient intellectual communes in Ontario? I am feeling the urge to withdraw from society.

edited for minor typo's


The main stream media news is

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Thu Nov 24, 2011 at 11:39 PM PST

My first and only Pootie/Woozle diary

by yuriwho

this will be short.

I am a woozle kinda guy, however this pootie vid featuring one of my favourite bands from my home town area made this vid.

I think it needs to go viral!

However not FIV viral, you know, the social kind. The one where everyone watches and laughs and ignores their impending root canal.



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I've been thinking that we need to get a symbol to represent solidarity with #occupywallstreet. This is more for the people who cannot attend an Occcupy Protest themselves (for whatever reason). It's a way to show that you support them!

I think that symbol should be simple, widely available such that either everyone already has one, or it's so cheap and readily available that anyone, even someone without a sewing kit can get or make one.

I propose the Blue Band.

Blue to represent the Earth, the Blues, the 99%

It could be a blue rubber band around your wrist, a denim armband or headband, a blue belt, whatever you have that is blue, can be made into a band and worn in everyday life.

I am not saying this has to be the symbol for solidarity with the movement. But I think we need a symbol to express solidarity. This is my idea for that symbol.

I'm sure some people would dislike rubber for environmental reasons. The way I look at it is: it really doesn't matter what it is made of, if you already have it, you can put it to good use. Consider it waste reuse. I bet there are a lot of brides with something blue they could use.

Remember it should be cheap/free, and readily available to anyone.

Let me know your thoughts and other suggestions for a symbol.

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