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A Texan is Saving Greece
Irony? ........ Untill recently he was an obscure academic in Texas writing books about he makes Angela Merkle's knees quiver. He is the ' Sexiest Man in Europe ' Follow ...
yuriwho 02/20/2015 23 28 - -
God Save the Queen with Common Decency
Brian May, the famous guitarist from the rock band Queen has started to engage the public in the UK with a new campaign centred around common decency. As far as I can tell, it's a quest for ...
yuriwho 01/17/2015 11 10 1 -
The New Media esp. Video Shorts
As we move toward shorter communications (Twitter) both online and off (can I call you later?). Two short films have randomly gathered my attention. The first movie is about college life as a ...
yuriwho 12/08/2014 2 3 - -
Meet the next Prime Minister of Canada: Justin Trudeau
Justin Trudeau grew up on 24 Sussex Drive Ottawa (our White House). His Father was Pierre Elliot Trudeau , Prime Minister of Canada from 1968-1979. Like his father, Justin is running under the ...
yuriwho 10/19/2014 56 49 2 -
An Important Scientific Breakthrough: Super Capacitor Batteries
Graphene won the Nobel Prize in 2010 . A two dimensional lattice of sp2 hybridized carbon atoms with an extended Pi network that allows for the free flow of electricity within the plane of the layer ...
yuriwho 04/12/2013 26 48 - -
A dogs life in The Wild North
This is video from an aboriginal Canadian who lives near Hay River in Canada's North West Territories. As part of his living, he's a trapper, so he may say things that offend animal lovers, However, ...
yuriwho 04/10/2013 5 6 - -
Carnival Cruise Lines 'Tough Baby' metes vengeance upon humanity
Warning, plot spoiler below for "The Shipping News", by E. Annie Proulx . E. Annie Proulx, one of the great Canadian writers, wrote a book called "The Shipping News" which was about the culture and ...
yuriwho 04/04/2013 7 4 - -
Why the Beatles are still relevant today
Here's a very simple song written back in 67 by Paul McCartney in the heat of the moment in the studio in response to others in that studio, the song is titled "Hello, Goodbye". It was released in ...
yuriwho 12/24/2012 16 9 - -
SciTech with Yuri & Rick 6pm EDT on Netroots Radio: Fukushima part 2
Our second show on Fukushima will be airing today (Dec 17, 2012) at 6pm EDT, 3pm Pacific on Netroots Radio . The website for the SciTech with Yuri and Rick show can be found at http://scitechradio....
yuriwho 12/17/2012 5 10 - -
SciTech with Yuri and Rick: EP 2 Mars and Fukushima
We discuss the newest chemistry results from the SAM instrument (Sample Analysis at Mars) of the NASA Curiosity Rover in the introductory segment. Short answer: organics detected, not certain of ...
yuriwho 12/15/2012 5 8 - -
Understanding the Chemistry of the Mars Missions
We have started a brand new Show on Netroots Radio called "SciTech with Yuri and Rick". Both Rick and I are Science oriented Canadians who also care about US Politics. In our first show we introduce ...
yuriwho 12/04/2012 17 11 - -
Netroots Radio "SciTech with Yuri and Rick" 6pm EST
Our new show about Science and Technology will be going live on Netroots Radio at 3pm pacific/6pm eastern today. Your hosts Yuri (thats me) and Rick ( Hatamoto here on DKos) will be doing this as a ...
yuriwho 12/03/2012 1 4 - -
I was unable to visit DKos today because I was recording System Audio
For me, there is nothing more frustrating than a webpage that auto-plays audio. It means I cannot surf while I work. Today, I was recording some audio for use in an upcoming Netroots Radio program ...
yuriwho 11/22/2012 25 4 - -
Say "I Voted!" on Facebook and other Social Media
If you state "I voted" on Facebook, your circle of friends (which is likely to include some people who are not likely to vote) will see that you voted and depending on what they actually think of ...
yuriwho 11/06/2012 4 4 - -
Netroots Radio Podcasts are now on Stitcher
Yep, we have made the leap... jumped out of the frying pan... dove off the cliff.... Netroots Radio Podcast shows can now be found on Stitcher. We have had our live stream available for a month or ...
yuriwho 11/01/2012 7 7 - -
Why is Mitts' Flip-Flopping Not THE Headline
Some Fictional Headlines: "In Debates, Romney has no firm policy on anything, he is a human windsock" CNN "Romney appears to be suffering from flip-flop-itis" Washington Post "National Polls a ...
yuriwho 10/23/2012 15 17 - -
Shark Tank, Dragons Den & Bain Capital/Mitt Romney
Today, the Globe and Mail (Canada's National Newspaper) unleashed a story about Kevin O'Leary. He is known in Canada to the general public as a business finance guy who believes that 'greed is good'.
yuriwho 09/28/2012 16 5 - 93
It's Time to 'Throw them an Anvil'
If you are talking politics with your friends and neighbours or if you are canvassing door to door, it's time to focus on the down ticket races. Please learn all you can about the local policies ...
yuriwho 09/24/2012 8 29 2 183
Chalk Lecture vs Powerpoint
I am teaching a large class of undergraduates Organic Chemistry. Contrary to how I learned the subject, I have discovered that many profs at many universities today (including mine) are slacking ...
yuriwho 09/14/2012 38 13 1 162
Obama's Marriage Equality Statement & the Dinner Table Discussions
Clearly his statement supporting the rights of anyone to enter into a marriage with anyone else regardless of gender has no immediate impact on the law regarding marriage or civil unions. So what ...
yuriwho 05/09/2012 15 11 - 136
Mississippi Mayor (R) busted for spending taxpayer funds at gay sex store in Toronto
The more things change the more they stay the same. From Canada's premier national daily newspaper, ...
yuriwho 12/19/2011 5 3 - 82
Is it just me, or do we live in 'Bizarro' World.
When I read the news headlines these days I think this world of ours is backwards, upside-down and directionless. I have to check to make sure that I'm not reading The Onion, because even The Onion ...
yuriwho 12/15/2011 22 20 1 190
My first and only Pootie/Woozle diary
this will be short. I am a woozle kinda guy, however this pootie vid featuring one of my favourite bands from my home town area made this vid. I think it needs to go viral! However not FIV viral, ...
yuriwho 11/24/2011 15 22 2 179
A symbol to show your solidarity with #OccupyWallStreet
I've been thinking that we need to get a symbol to represent solidarity with #occupywallstreet. This is more for the people who cannot attend an Occcupy Protest themselves (for whatever reason). It'...
yuriwho 10/19/2011 10 7 - 153
Liberals one seat shy of a majority in Ontario, Canada
Ontario voted today, the results are striking in the regional polarizations. vote map click on ...
yuriwho 10/06/2011 7 10 - 100
You Are Now Top Front and Center on CNN #occupywallstreet
Here's the link to the CNN story about it . and they are trying to portray you as a group action with no message. ...
yuriwho 10/03/2011 21 7 1 167
In a World of Austerity, Obama Bucks the Trend
Despite the clear and present danger of the republican position for austerity and deregulation, the debt ceiling crisis and hostage negotiations, Obama is one of very few world leaders demanding a ...
yuriwho 09/08/2011 7 15 1 98
Netroots Radio: An Interview with Crashing Vor (the podcast)
Last wed night we broadcast my first radio program for our new fledgling radio network Netroots Radio from our flagship station ...
yuriwho 06/24/2011 7 13 1 84
Netroots Radio: An Interview with Crashing Vor
Broadcasting tonight (Wed) from 9-midnight eastern, we have an interview with Crashing Vor .
yuriwho 06/22/2011 5 8 - 62
Netroots Radio: An Interview with Crashing Vor
Broadcasting tonight (Wed) from 9-midnight eastern, we have an interview with Crashing Vor .
yuriwho 06/22/2011 5 4 - 35
NSFW: Survivor/Witness Guilt of the War Correspondent
I never paid much attention to the activities/life of a war correspondent until a journalist friend of mine was sent to cover events in the middle east a couple of years ago by a major news ...
yuriwho 06/21/2011 1 5 - 70
Inspiring the Youth Generation
A lot has changed in the world recently and social media and the internet have a lot to do with it. The youth of today have grown up in a facebook and youtube world. Within that, an opportunity to ...
yuriwho 04/20/2011 3 1 - 33
I just got my first (and perhaps last) FaceBook Friend tonight
I despise FaceBook! Perhaps out of jealousy. I have avoided it as long as I could. I created a pseudo-anonymous account just so I could spy on a few people. My world changed yesterday.
yuriwho 04/19/2011 3 - - 100
Hinterland Who's Who: The Canadian Beaver
Well, today we had some friends visiting from France. So I decided to take them for a drive around the area, and then for a short hike near my house on the Niagara Escarpment to show them what our ...
yuriwho 04/09/2011 26 17 - 128
I am pro-Nuclear
however, we have a hell of a situation on our hands. It seems the design of the plant from the 1960's was not very good. We can do a lot better than this. Every coal power plant or natural gas ...
yuriwho 03/28/2011 215 12 1 297
The future of information
I recently watched a TED talk that blew my socks off. It was by an MIT researcher from their famed Media Lab who wired up his house with video camera's and sound recording and then recorded and ...
yuriwho 03/27/2011 7 8 1 71
I was just phone polled by Harper
As you may or may not know, Canada is about to have an election. Yesterday, the Conservatives (led by Stephen Harper, aka Bush Lite) tabled a proposed budget and the leaders of the other parties all ...
yuriwho 03/23/2011 16 11 - 229
Japan, my thoughts about the Nuclear Situation
We do not have a lot of concrete information. We know that radiation levels spiked last night. We know that they reported a hydrogen blast in reactor#2. The outer part of the primary containment ...
yuriwho 03/15/2011 5 3 - 66
Is the West Coast of North America Next?
Recently, there have been a series of strong earthquakes on the compression side of the pacific plate. We had the 6.3 in Christchurch, New Zealand last month, the huge 9.0 quake off the coast of ...
yuriwho 03/13/2011 19 7 - 160
I rescinded my green card last week
Yep, I threw it away. I was born in Scotland and grew up in Canada. I spent 20 years in the US. At first I was a student....F1 visa. After 6 years I had a J1 visa (exchange visitor) I was a ...
yuriwho 03/11/2011 41 16 - 332
I'm rather disappointed with DK4, it seems the fire hose has been turned on with unlimited diaries and everyone is trying to take a sip and it feels like I am not reaching people here anymore. I'...
yuriwho 03/02/2011 33 16 - 372
State of the Housing Market according to the 'Father of Securitization'
In his first ever television interview , Lew Ranieri, 'the Father of Securitization', told the folks at CNBC his view of the truth about the housing ...
yuriwho 03/02/2011 5 7 - 77
The best political speech ever: Mouseland by Tommy Douglas
Tommy Douglas was voted to be the Greatest Canadian ever a couple of years ago. Tommy Douglas was the man who brought single ...
yuriwho 02/27/2011 13 13 1 85
My thoughts on DK4 after using it since release
I like some of the 'improvements' on DK4. I like how you can add group diaries and tag based diaries to your stream. The rest of my comments will be negative.
yuriwho 02/22/2011 24 3 - 152
How to make your food last longer: A primer on aseptic technique
For anyone who has taken University level microbiology classes, this diary will be about things you already know. For everyone else, this is an important diary for two reasons. It will help you ...
yuriwho 02/21/2011 44 12 1 218
The Skunk came back
Last night I met a skunk less than 6 feet from me. He had (looked & acted like a male) found his way inside by following a construction path underneath my outbuilding. I made note of that, bought ...
yuriwho 02/17/2011 11 9 - 81
Community Spotlight Rocks
I love the new rescue rangers. It seems like when a great but relatively un-noticed diary gets spotlighted, it comes to life not just for the evening, but for a couple of days. Is there an e-mail ...
yuriwho 02/16/2011 11 7 1 74
A Diary about a SuperBowl Ad
As I review the full crop of ads from this years marketing extravaganza, one ad caught my eye. I'm a Canadian and thus this ad is targeted at me through two angles: dangerous driving conditions; ...
yuriwho 02/06/2011 9 5 - 90
Glock sales Surge
Greg Wolff, the owner of two Arizona gun shops, told his manager to get ready for a stampede of new customers after a Glock-wielding gunman killed six people at a Tucson shopping center ...
yuriwho 01/11/2011 111 13 - 69
Shooter: Jared Lee Loughner & Hate Speech
It has been sourced that the shooter was Jared Lee Loughner. Here is ...
yuriwho 01/08/2011 12 3 - 116
Itching to Sled
Yes, I share an affliction with Todd Palin. I love to ride my sled. Here in the great lakes region we have been blessed with lake effect snows (>5' in Lucan Ontario) and the sled season is just ...
yuriwho 12/09/2010 5 - - 48
The Problem with our Democracy (and a potential fix)
I became a political observer when Anita Hill was being interrogated by the Senate Judiciary Committee. I watched GHWB's war of national interest hold our outpost of Kuwait. Our news media was ...
yuriwho 11/01/2010 9 1 1 29
Smoking soon to be illegal outdoors
I came across CNN story that indicated NYC plans to ban public smoking in parks, beaches and pedestrian areas. New York ...
yuriwho 09/16/2010 432 18 - 60
Some good news for a change: Pacific Salmon
Perhaps it's just me, but I perceive a lot of negativity lately on this site. It's understandable given our situation. I wanted to highlight a new development that should make a lot of people smile.
yuriwho 08/25/2010 46 26 - 86
New method uses Sunlight to remove CO2 from Atmosphere: Updated
To be able to use solar energy to drive chemical reactions is a hot topic these days, especially if the reaction can produce fuel from thin air or be used to remove greenhouse gasses safely from the ...
yuriwho 08/14/2010 213 197 15 102
The top two stories on CNN US right now
Story 1: Cheney out of intensive care after heart surgery last month Liz Cheney said on "Fox ...
yuriwho 08/01/2010 141 31 - 52
A Fathers Day Tribute for my Dad
It's been seven years since he passed suddenly and unexpectedly from a cancer that we only discovered he might have the day before. I really miss him. As a youth my relationship with my dad was good,
yuriwho 06/20/2010 3 7 - 39
Preparations for Top kill and Live Video Analysis
For those actually interested in the details and trying to make sense of the images/video from the live feed this diary can be a place to discuss them. First, here'...
yuriwho 05/25/2010 484 163 1 65
Saving the Gulf: Forget the Top Kill
Here's my suggestion: Use the two 3" choke and kill access lines to produce the well until the relief wells are successful. I have been dreading the decision to attempt a top kill this Sunday (or ...
yuriwho 05/21/2010 22 19 1 54
How We Wrecked the Ocean
The oil volcano spurred my interest in finding out what the major issues are for our Oceans. Here's a TED video from Jeremy Jackson, he's the Ritter Professor of Oceanography and Director of the ...
yuriwho 05/17/2010 9 14 - 44
Gulf Oil Spill: Two Very Worrying Articles| Updated
I have been following the developments in news regarding the oil spill quite closely and two new news articles have me really worried that we may be facing an environmental disaster of epic ...
yuriwho 04/30/2010 87 35 1 122
Holder: Federal Court Challenge to AZ Immigration Law possible
When faced with questions about the Immigrant Law recently passed in Arizona Attorney General Eric Holder said: We are considering all possibilities, including the possibility of a ...
yuriwho 04/27/2010 28 9 - 75
Why is Firefox waiting for
not really a diary but my up to date version of Firefox is waiting for most of the time I click on diaries. It's slowing down my access to information. I suspect it is related to twitter ...
yuriwho 04/14/2010 31 4 1 9
Fun Videos From the Web
To help ease "all ya'll" into a better state for slumber, to relieve the stress of meta/reality and allow you all to relax, I've decided to share a few video's I've found on the web that I find ...
yuriwho 04/08/2010 4 2 - 29
Plouffe let the Strategery out of the Bag
In his dog fight interview/shouting match with Karl Rove on ABC he let the strategy for 2010 midterms slip. The 2010 midterm election debate will be centered on the banks and financial reform with ...
yuriwho 03/21/2010 31 12 - 19
HCR from the land of the nearly sane
It's striking watching the HCR battle from Canada (for a change). It seems we watch too much American TeeVee too, it even infects our politicians. We have a conservative government in power right ...
yuriwho 03/18/2010 23 5 - 20
Do you think you Understand Digital Technology?
I just finished watching the most amazing show on Frontline that really blew my socks off. It's a tour de force examination of the reality of ...
yuriwho 02/02/2010 29 22 - 193
NN10: Calling all Golfers
I'm going to NN10 this July in Las Vegas. I'm hoping to find an interesting foresome (or several foresomes) of grumpy politico's to beat the living snot out of a golf ball one afternoon (it's a ...
yuriwho 01/29/2010 8 - - 8
MSM and the Internet
It's been interesting watching the collapse of printed media and observing how news organizations try to embrace the digital age. The rise of twitter thanks in part to Rich Sanchez (CNN) and other ...
yuriwho 01/03/2010 7 4 - 34
I wish I had a river I could skate away on
When I was 7 we had moved yet once again, this time to Ontario. The Valley with the creek behind my parents house had flooded during the winter. It froze and we had a winter wonderland. >2" of ice ...
yuriwho 11/27/2009 9 8 - 13
AFSCME Hijacks your website
These guys are known for being tough guys. I know this is not a real diary. I am pissed off at Kos for selling these site 'skin' advertisements. All they accomplish is making people angry. I had ...
yuriwho 11/06/2009 54 1 - 39
Limbaugh Assails Obama's 'Radical' Agenda, Predicts One-Term Presidency
Sorry for the short diary and the pimping of the latest meme from Fox 'News' ...
yuriwho 11/02/2009 67 3 - 89
I think OPOL would like this
yuriwho 10/15/2009 6 2 1 11
Obama to Deliver Ted's Eulogy Saturday
I just heard on the news that Obama will be delivering Senator Ted Kennedy's eulogy this Saturday. I sense that this is going to be another signature speech by Obama. Although the focus will be on ...
yuriwho 08/27/2009 14 8 1 3
The Private Sector is Afraid of Government Competition
Because they KNOW they cannot compete with the efficiency and scale of the new competitor on the block. It's really hard to compete with a non-profit government solution when you have to pay your ...
yuriwho 08/17/2009 16 1 - 3
NNO9: Bill Clintons (Partial) Keynote Address Video
I missed the live stream earlier since I was in Chicago at the Museum of Fine Arts last night (it was free admission, and really awesome). Anyway this will be a very short diary. I was searching for ...
yuriwho 08/14/2009 6 3 - 11
Burger King is ANGRY! and you should be too
I was listening to Air America today (92.1 The Mic, in Madison WI) and I was shocked to hear this advertisement on their radio show. Burger King is now advertising a new Angry Whopper ...
yuriwho 08/11/2009 27 2 - 9
Valerie Jarrett: Consigliere
Great article in the New York Times Magazine about Valerie Jarrett's role in the white house as the ...
yuriwho 07/26/2009 5 6 - 10
What's in a Name?
Juliet: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet." William Shakespeare I was thinking about the Secret Service names ...
yuriwho 06/17/2009 13 8 - 218
Leonard Cohen on Life, Death and where the Heart is.
Jian Ghomeshi host of the music/culture show Q on CBC radio Canada recently had an amazing interview with Leonard Cohen (below the fold). For those not familiar ...
yuriwho 06/01/2009 32 16 2 47
We had a babysitter tonight for the first time in nearly 3 years
My wife and I wanted to celebrate a new home purchase and a new business and a new country. We are waiting for the immigration folks in Canada to approve her application, and when they do we will ...
yuriwho 05/27/2009 34 13 - 19
Birds and Bees
I'm looking for advice from parents as to when to tell the truth to my son. He's three and a half, he knows that he and daddy have wee-wee's and that mommy pees from her bum. We've told him that he ...
yuriwho 05/25/2009 16 2 - 31
Why we Snark
Snark on Dailykos is a form of adult play with other infantile adults. It's play. Play is very important for our own social development. It provides a way to break down barriers and also to create ...
yuriwho 04/25/2009 32 10 - 26
Court: Harper must attempt to repatriate Khadr from GITMO
Canadian Federal Court Judge Walter O'Reilly has issued a ruling that requires Stephen Harper, the conservative Prime ...
yuriwho 04/23/2009 12 15 - 21
Why do Canadians Distrust Americans?
Having grown up in Canada and having lived in the US for 18+ years I think I have a reasonable perspective toward both cultures. The primary difference between the two is multiculturalism (Canada) ...
yuriwho 04/16/2009 27 3 - 4
Microsoft has a big scam running
I know, nothing new, but it was new to me. For my new business I had to get quickbooks for accounting, as recommended by my accountant. I'm a Macintosh guy. Quickbooks is Windows only. So I ...
yuriwho 03/20/2009 94 9 - 26
I am getting old(er), and I have begun to notice
When I was a youth, I had a full head of shoulder length blond hair, I was fit (played a lot of soccer) and I had lightening reflexes. I still hold the the local town record for high score ...
yuriwho 02/28/2009 38 12 1 5
Nuclear Fusion Reactors that Produce Energy and No Bad Stuff
I've been reading up lately on the current status of nuclear fusion research. Many of us have heard about ITER and ...
yuriwho 02/23/2009 87 26 2 58
Musical Full Circle
I was discussing music tonight with my brother, two songs came into prominence in our discussion. I'd like to hear what those of you in the know have to say on the topic. The first song is "Freight ...
yuriwho 02/21/2009 5 2 - 4
Obama on Canada
today Obama had an important interview with Peter Mansbridge for the CBC in Canada. Here's a link to the video: lots ...
yuriwho 02/18/2009 19 11 - 18
Biodefense Lab Halts Work After Finding Viruses
Things that make you go hmmmmm. Science Magazine is reporting (subscription only) The U.S. Army Medical Research ...
yuriwho 02/13/2009 35 27 1 29
Fear of Hope
By fortune, tonight I watched 60 minutes and the interview with Sully. Yes Cpt. Cool, the Hero of the Hudson, Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger. Here's the audio from the cockpit, his discussions with ...
yuriwho 02/08/2009 11 13 1 5
We Shall Fight on the Beaches and Oceans
Winston Churchill was the man for the moment. Between him and Edward R Murrow, they held the mother nations firm and steeled the resolve among the common people to finish the battle. My grandfather ...
yuriwho 02/01/2009 5 4 1 8
I just want to dance
Dancing varies from break-dancing to ballroom dancing. Me, I am a dancing fool, I love the idea of dancing, and I make my self a fool all the time. But I love to dance and no one can stop me. I ...
yuriwho 01/21/2009 4 2 1 6
Some Ideas for Howard Dean
With everyone wondering why Howard has not gotten a plum appointment in the Obama administration (some pointing their fingers at Rahm). I thought I'd pretend to try and think like Howard might, what ...
yuriwho 01/13/2009 8 5 - -
The Local Rathskeller
I went back again tonight. Tonight we had a different bouncer. He was pretty clearly a racist. I had a lot of fun with talking to the locals, we played darts. I lost a dollar betting on who would ...
yuriwho 12/11/2008 13 - - -
My experience tonight at a local rat hole
I had been in airports all day, finally got home and needed a drink to wind down. I decided to go the local rat hole (dive bar) for a couple of glasses of scotch which I suspect had been sitting ...
yuriwho 12/02/2008 56 8 2 25
True Artist, A Life Reborn In Austin TX
I have a dear friend, an artist and musician who is rebooting his life now as a starving artist in Austin, he has been in the north east coast region for the last couple decades. I can tell you with ...
yuriwho 11/25/2008 17 14 2 231
Best TV commercial ever
disclaimer: this diary does not consider political ads as TV commercials I know there are a lot of good ones. One that has been seared into every marketing executives head is the famous 1984 ...
yuriwho 11/23/2008 46 16 3 38
Schooled in a hot tub
Like Neil Cassady he is an inspiration. Unconventional, always unpredictable. I met my dear friend Bob (all names changed to protect the innocent) in 2nd grade. His dad was a greenskeeper on a local ...
yuriwho 11/12/2008 5 3 - 3
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