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Homelessness, Obamacare, And Being More Compassionate
As I am a jack of all liberal trades, my Masters degree finally landed me a job that I love, most of the time, in the non-profit sector as a Data Analyst, Training Developer, and I create surveys ...
zakandsantos 01/18/2013 3 6 1 -
The Bedbugs and Losing Everything to Start Over
A few weeks ago I wrote a diary about my roach and bed bug infested apartment, and the horrible living conditions my husband and I have lived in for the past 6 months since we moved to Nashville, ...
zakandsantos 01/11/2013 27 17 - -
Living in a Slum...Roaches...Bedbugs.​..
My husband and I moved to Nashville in July, and we rented an apartment that seemed okay, wasn't great, but was a good price, and in a decent area of town. When we first moved in I got a rash, but I ...
zakandsantos 12/25/2012 61 28 2 -
Voter Intimidation in Tennessee: My Week in Voting Hell
As some of you may know, I have been blogging about my adventures in voting over the last week, while also pointing out some of the problems others are having casting their vote in the city of ...
zakandsantos 10/22/2012 134 526 4 -
Tennessee Voter ID Law: More Voters Disenfranchised
Many of you read my diary yesterday about being turned away from voting at the polls. I thought it may be an isolated incident. I was wrong. Today I opened up our local newspaper to be confronted ...
zakandsantos 10/19/2012 9 15 - -
"You Can't Vote" Being Disenfranchised in Tennessee
I was very excited yesterday knowing that I would be voting in my third presidential election. I went to work, requested my two hours of voting time, and headed off to my early voting precinct. When ...
zakandsantos 10/18/2012 10 31 - -
AP/NCC Poll: Americans Supportive of Marriage Equality
A new AP/NCC poll released yesterday shows that Americans support marriage equality 53% for to 42% against. They also found that 6 in 10 Americans support recognition of same-sex couples, either ...
zakandsantos 09/18/2012 7 12 - 101
Taking Care of the Elderly: Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia
Welcome one and all to the fifth edition of my blog series: Taking Care of the Elderly. Over the past two weeks we have discussed how the boomers are changing the face of elder care, the types of ...
zakandsantos 07/21/2012 68 62 5 466
Taking Care of the Elderly: The Baby Boom Boom Boom Part 2
This is my fourth installment in my series: Taking Care of the Elderly. I will discuss the impact of the recession on the baby boomers and conclude with a discussion of what the boomers can still do ...
zakandsantos 07/20/2012 10 6 1 88
Taking Care of the Elderly: The Baby Boom Boom Boom
This is the third part in my series "Taking Care of the Elderly. Because of the in-depth nature of discussing the boomers I will do this diary in two parts. Today I will give a brief overview of who ...
zakandsantos 07/16/2012 66 15 1 361
Taking Care of the Elderly: The Perils of Falling
This is the second diary in my series "Taking Care of the Elderly." I asked all of you to vote on what you would like me to discuss next, and overwelmingly you wanted to hear more about falling and ...
zakandsantos 07/14/2012 36 30 3 205
Taking Care of the Elderly: This IS NOT a Nursing Home!
Tonight begins my third week employed as the front desk concierge at an up-scale retirement community in Middle Tennessee. I work the graveyard shift (6p-6a) on weekends, and for the most part truly ...
zakandsantos 07/13/2012 30 14 1 247
Blue Dog Blues in TN-05
Currently TN-05 is represented by blue dog member Jim Cooper. It has a cook PVI rating of D+3, and is one of the few non-minority based Democratic seats in the Southern United States. This has been ...
zakandsantos 07/07/2012 9 6 - 185
Comcast: The root of all evil?
I recently moved back to Nashville to work at a retirement home. Currently I hold a Masters in Sociology, and I thought I would be able to get a job with the state, but at the last minute it fell ...
zakandsantos 07/06/2012 17 3 - 137
Saying Goodbye to Child Welfare
Today was the final day at my job as a a data analyst at my current job in Child Welfare. As I posted about in a previous diary, the governor of Tennessee cut us out of the budget so we officially ...
zakandsantos 06/15/2012 5 8 - 83
Wisconsin and Tennessee: A Note from the Southern Front
I live in the great state of Tennessee, and have been a progressive liberal my entire adult life. I have problems here much like anyone else as the state does not protect gay and lesbian employees ...
zakandsantos 06/11/2012 10 18 - 98
Islamophobia in the Heart of Tennessee
Some of you may have heard about the mosque they were building in Murfreesboro Tennessee a few years back. Some conservative zealots rabidly opposed it, and we (the citizens of Murfreesboro) were ...
zakandsantos 06/09/2012 11 8 - 112
Marriage Equality and Tennessee: Don't You Forget About Me
I married my husband in Iowa almost two years ago. We had been together for a few years before that, but we finally decided to get married. It was a wonderful day. We drove all night and ended up in ...
zakandsantos 05/26/2012 11 17 1 87
Gay Married and Disenfranchised in the Great State of Tennessee
I've been wanting to write an article about how Tennessee may effectively disenfranchise me in the upcoming election due to my marital status. While it is certainly not illegal to be in a same-sex ...
zakandsantos 05/20/2012 15 21 - 86
Tennessee within Margin of Error for 2012 Presidential Election
So, this is my first DailyKos Diary. I wrote a few at SwingStateProject, but I thought the headline today in my local paper (The Tennessean) was exciting. A new Vanderbilt poll has Mitt Romney ...
zakandsantos 05/20/2012 5 5 - 68
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