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Three Solutions to the Oligarchy Problem
(cross-posted at Huffpo ) A few years back, Simon Johnson wrote a brilliant and important piece in The Atlantic, called "The Quiet Coup." Johnson's basic point was that the United States, like a ...
zeeps 03/06/2013 2 3 1 -
Why You Should Give $80 to a Fyvoh Wonzy Four instead of $100 to a Fyvoh Wonzy Three
I was at a talk recently expounding on why everyone should give money to Fyvoh Wonzy Fors and I got a lot of blank looks--that's when you know you've descended into jargon. This blog post is for ...
zeeps 03/05/2013 9 3 - -
Banks, Food, and Telecom: Break them Up
Yesterday there was an eight-hour revolution going on in Washington. From 12 to 8, activists and politicians from across the political spectrum demanded a new economy and the breakup of big political-
zeeps 03/01/2013 8 9 - -
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