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Voting Early In Indiana
Our neighbors in Ohio have been inundated with pleadings from both sides of the Presidential campaign. The non-stop ads, the visits and rallies and phone calls they’ve endured have earned them the ...
zesty grapher 11/03/2012 58 37 - -
Remember What Really Matters
Poll numbers, pundits and predictions are relatively unimportant. All that really matters this November, like it or not, is the electoral college. In 2008 Indiana went for Obama. As one of the ...
zesty grapher 10/07/2012 9 3 - 66
Tuma (a white guy) Tests System and Is Arrested for Disordly Conduct
Police Officers work hard and have a thankless job. They often see people at their worst. They are often in physical danger. However, there are too many that abuse their power. Many people ...
zesty grapher 07/30/2009 21 15 1 41
Dear Ayatollah Rafsanjani and Assembly of Experts, I have the solution to your problem.
Anyone in the Middle East who might have thought an Islamic State modeled on Iran was a good idea is getting a good example of the opposing argument now. Your peaceful protesters after the election ...
zesty grapher 06/24/2009 13 4 1 2
Are We Playing Monopoly?
I used to play Monopoly with someone who liked to play a side game. He would hide money under his part of the board to appear poor, then pull it out to purchase houses and hotels. He always wanted ...
zesty grapher 09/28/2008 3 6 - 3
What Is In Your Village?
zesty grapher 04/06/2006 5 5 1 2
Set Their Minds On Fire
zesty grapher 04/01/2006 14 9 - 1
We The People Need A Shelter
zesty grapher 03/09/2006 2 2 1 1
Truth per Hutchinson, McCain, Lugar, and more
zesty grapher 03/02/2006 1 5 - -
Hastert, Boehner, Hyde, and Others Say Impeach
zesty grapher 02/19/2006 112 195 18 49
Karl Can't Hurt You From Jail
zesty grapher 02/08/2006 2 3 - 2
Merry Christmas To Me
zesty grapher 12/25/2005 - 3 - 2
Pick Your Nightmare Poll--How Will Bush Distract Us Now?
zesty grapher 12/20/2005 25 6 - 2
Celebrating Dead Peoples Birthdays
zesty grapher 12/18/2005 4 - - 4
In Nurses We Trust
zesty grapher 12/07/2005 4 3 - 2
Bush Pull Out, Like Your Father Should Have
zesty grapher 12/01/2005 2 2 - -
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