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I Got an Idea! Let's Attack Conservatism for a Change
Conservatism needs to be attacked. I have never heard any “official Democrat” ever address this issue. “Official Democrats” talk and act like Conservatism is sort of good, or that they are ...
zip the pusa 11/07/2014 26 20 - -
Thoughts on Race and My Life
I've been thinking a lot about race in the light of the Zimmerman case, and I recenly posted the following as a reply to a diary. I was asked to resubmit this as a diary. I had originally written ...
zip the pusa 07/20/2013 10 25 1 -
Voting in Gonzales, LA
My wife and I went to the polls early this morning and voted for Barack Obama for president. The lines for our precinct were huge. Unfortunately I assume most are for Romney. My congressional ...
zip the pusa 11/06/2012 11 2 - -
Modest Proposal re Non Mosque not at Ground Zero
I have two arguments to drop so-called conservatives dead in their tracks.
zip the pusa 08/16/2010 7 5 - 27
Private Filibuster
Here's my idea. I'm going to filibuster next election. Yeah...I'm still a Democrat...yeah. But I'm going to vote for David Diaper Vitter over Charlie Melancon. Since Melancon voted in the House ...
zip the pusa 12/14/2009 1 - - 7
McSame's Lead Narrows in Louisiana???
Sorry for the short diary, but I saw this morning that a Loyola University poll shows McSame with a ...
zip the pusa 11/01/2008 15 4 - 65
The "race speech" and my strange journey.
Obama's speech on race in America really hit home, pulling together for me threads of ideas that had been floating around my head for years. Many people are sharing their experiences with the ...
zip the pusa 03/22/2008 40 41 5 164
Bobby Obama
I drove down from Baton Rouge to New Orleans today to meet my big brother, and while there, he told me a good one about a conversation he had with a moron redneck co-worker. The guy told my brother ...
zip the pusa 03/02/2008 18 4 - 2
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