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Wait for it.....
zooecium 05/10/2015 6 2 - -
Froggers & Tinkers
Have I got a yarn for you! No it's not a wool, alpaca, or even a llama-ma yarn (that's a joke son, a joke). Don't bust my chops you knitpickers . this is a yarn about UN-
zooecium 03/03/2015 1 5 - -
"She would probably get shot at the state line" (UPDATED)
By David Catanese June 24, 2014 | 2:40 p.m. EDT ( for USNews & World Report ) ... "Asked how Clinton would fare in Arkansas if she pursued the presidency in 2016, 2nd Congressional District chairman ...
zooecium 06/24/2014 20 13 - -
Black Instead of White
Guns vs Science Man vs Woman Death vs Life Play vs Experiment liberty vs Incarceration Are these choices clear to you? Are your choices obvious? Do you know the answer without a moments ...
zooecium 05/08/2013 1 3 - -
Kiera Wilmot
You may have read about Kiera Wilmot in a diary written by terrypindar, In Florida, High Schooler Doing Science While Black =Felony , Steven D, Kiera Wilmot, Science Nerd & the Florida Laws That ...
zooecium 05/05/2013 11 6 - -
Good Day. The slave name I have been given is Geoffrey. Yesterday you might have come upon a post written by my ultraconservative exploiter ... ...commonmass At great risk to my well being I ...
zooecium 04/13/2013 127 170 1 -
Whatever Happened After Happily Ever After?
Can be found here Offered without ...
zooecium 03/14/2013 1 2 - -
Sen. John McCain would like your opinion.
"Country First 2013 Issues Survey" I received an email from Sen. John McCain asking for donations, of course, but also asking that I take the time to fill out a survey. I'm not really good on ...
zooecium 03/08/2013 18 2 - -
Gamers Crack Puzzle in AIDS Research that Stumped Scientists for Years
Discovery will help develop anti-viral drugs Gamers get honoured as co-authors ...
zooecium 09/19/2011 15 36 2 359
To CREDO: Request for petition re: Anthony John Makk
To Whom It May Concern, I would like to present you with a cause that fits a number of the issues that are important to CREDO as well as to a great many of us: gay marriage/rights, DOMA, immigration/
zooecium 08/09/2011 5 4 - 45
Don't Worry, Be Happy
Needed some lighter side today. The daughter of my heart blogged ...
zooecium 07/31/2011 3 1 - 22
Masochism, Freepers, & Criminal Minds (poll)
My partner, whom I do and will love always and forever, might be considered a masochist. While watching or reading Murdoch media to get a peek inside the republican peanut shell can occasionally be ...
zooecium 07/27/2011 12 2 - 91
OFA Vs RNC U Decide
Today many voters received an email from either OFA or the RNC -- Lucky me I got one from each. The similarities between the two are that they each show the direction their particular party has ...
zooecium 09/13/2010 3 7 - 67
Health Care: A Call For Action
Ladies and gentlemen there is, and can only be, one issue on your mind today and for the next 8 days and that issue is Health Care Reform . The action that I am calling for is a ...
zooecium 07/29/2009 2 1 - 14
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