Tell Congress: Keystone XL and the debt limit don’t mix!
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Members of the 113th Congress
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Daily Kos

House Republicans are threatening to default America's credit unless we surrender to their extreme agenda. And it’s not just repealing Obamacare that they are after.

Republicans want to ram through the Keystone XL tar standards pipeline—which will drive more global warming pollution and create more climate chaos—as a condition for raising the debt limit.

We can’t let this happen. Join Daily Kos and NextGen Climate Action Committee in telling Congress to keep Keystone XL off the table.

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Our Message to Members of the 113th Congress

Dear 113th Congress:

It is irresponsible to hold our federal government hostage to satisfy an extreme agenda. Threatening to push through the dangerous Keystone XL pipeline in a must-pass budget bill is even worse. Don’t mix Keystone XL with the debt limit.