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John Boehner says he won’t bring a clean funding bill—that is, a bill to fund the government that doesn’t include extraneous items like killing Obamacare—to a vote because he doesn’t have the numbers to pass one.

But 21 Republicans and all 200 Democrats have said publicly they would vote for a clean funding bill—more than the 217 needed to end this shutdown.

So, either John Boehner is lying or 21 of his Republican colleagues are lying.

It’s time we found out. The worst that could happen is that the bill fails and the government shutdown continues, but that would happen without a vote, too.

Tell John Boehner: Put a clean funding bill up for a vote.

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Our Message to Speaker John Boehner

To Speaker John Boehner:

You've said the House doesn't have the votes to pass a clean funding bill. Prove it.

Bring a clean funding bill to the floor of the House for a vote. The worst that could happen is that it fails and the government stays shut down, which is going to happen anyway so long as you don't bring a bill to the floor.