Signature needed: Senate will vote on Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United
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The Supreme Court’s Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions opened the floodgates of unlimited campaign spending by the 1%, which threatens our democracy. And the Court will keep ruling this way, as long as we subscribe to the absurd notion that money is “speech.”

However, Senator Tom Udall (D-New Mexico) has sponsored a constitutional amendment to give Congress the power to pass campaign contribution and spending limits. This amendment has passed the Senate Judiciary Committee, has dozens of co-sponsors, and is now heading to the full Senate for a vote.

We are doing something amazing before the final Senate vote. Together with our progressive partners, we are going to deliver more than 2,000,000 signatures in support of the constitutional amendment to the offices of the 20 key Senators who will decide the outcome.

Sign the petition to the U.S. Senate: Support a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and McCutcheon.

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Our Message to U.S. Senators

We urge you to support Sen. Tom Udall’s constitutional amendment. Money is not speech, and the Supreme Court’s decisions have perverted our democracy.

As Sen. Udall said: “elections have become more about the quantity of cash and less about the quality of ideas.” It is time to bring some balance.