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View Diary: NE-Senate: Chuck Hagel to Endorse Bob Kerrey (255 comments)

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    "It's one of the cruelest things we do, when we say, Republicans or Democrats, `Oh, we can wait and reform Social Security later,' " the Nebraska Democrat said.

    Mr. Kerrey says that without reform, entitlements will claim 100 percent of the Treasury in 2012.

    "This is not caused by liberals, not caused by conservatives, but by a simple demographic fact," Mr. Kerrey warned at a meeting of the Democratic Leadership Council.

    And if you understood the first thing about politics, you would understand why it is a bad idea to convert Social Security from an earned benefits program into a welfare program.

    FDR set it up the way he did for a reason and he knew a fuck of a lot more about politics than you ever will.

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      as smart as you are, obviously, but I was one of the youngest people ever elected to the Nebraska Legislature as a liberal in a very red district and served as a standing committee chair, passed legislation, wrote and passed constitutional amendments and fought the good fight. So, you're right, I guess I don't know anything about politics. Having a Norquist puppet is far preferable to a medal of honor winner back in the U.S. Senate. Where do I send Fischer some big bucks? Oh, wait, Rove, Ricketts and the Koch brothers have already done that.

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