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  •  ...And in jail, prisoner labor is (nearly) free... (6+ / 0-)

    for the taking.

    If this is an ALEC job, as War on Error speculated above, this homeless registration program is the perfect mechanism for vulture industrialists. If I recall correctly, Wackenhut/Geo Group and other for profit security/prison companies could rush in and profit from arresting the homeless, and then contractually bind them to work for private employers who want to pay beneath minimum wage but can't outsource. I'm sure there are a few companies on that list that could directly benefit.

    We're slowly but surely returning to Jim Crow, as you suggested. Again, IIRC, the whole point of Jim Crow is to force black people into indentured work by making their life so restrictive that they are bound to get arrested. The mechanism that made the apparatus work was Vagrancy Laws - basically a law that was enforced in such a way that being black in public was a crime. The difference now is something Scalia would be proud of: The effect of homeless registration is bound to be racist, but the intent is not. It's merely classist.

    Thanks for the diary, Horace Boothroyd III. If I go one day without throwing up wrt the 1%, I'm not human, and I'm living life in bad faith.

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