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  •  Wayull, Pilgrim, (2+ / 0-)

    We have one (1) Wally World here in Montgomery County, MD. I guess the wealthy county is too hoity-toity for more than one, although I admit the place is offputting: always crowded and hard to maneuver a shopping cart in. I'm told the one 20 miles north is nicer, but am not willing to drive the extra distance.

    We have an Aldi in the same shopping complex, but rotsa ruck finding staples there. They seem to have far more candy and snack foods than anything else, and the store brand yogurt wasn't very appealing. I haven't tried their produce or meat, so I could be missing good stuff.

    Wally World has a built-in extinction curve, in that things I like or need disappear, never to be seen again. Examples: a certain brand of beef jerky, flavored syrups for coffee, store-brand undies, and clip-on ties (tee hee). I'm losing my patience for such shenanigans; if I wanted a place that has what they have when they have it, I'd go to Ross, Marshall's, or Value City (of memory ever blessed). I go there for paper towels, Keurig coffee (occasionally on sale though not so marked), and Clamato. Gotta have my Clamato. Alack: when some place sells something for $6 and WW has it for $3.50, I sometimes forget how evil they are. And I can see how those with not a lot of money might feel they needn't or can't shop elsewhere.

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