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View Diary: Wal-Mart Accuses Shoppers of Illegally Threatening Company by Not Showing Up on Black Friday (113 comments)

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  •  Well Wal Mart won't (3+ / 0-)
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    Neon Mama, ellenbee, elwior

    catch me as I have never set foot in one. Never ever will.  I don't shop any big boxes. Every once in a while I have to admit I do go to Ikea. We are not rich in fact pretty poor but we manage to live well and avoid big boxes and especially Wal Mat.  

    I'm lucky I don't live in the burbs or rurally. I live in urban SE Portland and my neighborhood has small and I mean small businesses intact, I have several 'main streets' that serve my needs from hardware to groceries. I'm also lucky because we have local grocery chain that treats it's employees great. As well as a food co-op and farmers markets. I have learned over lean years how to stretch  my food budget by buying bulk whole grains and cutting back on meat as well as buying in season fresh veggies.  

    I think that if people looked around where ever they live they can find things that is are as cheap as Wal-Mart.. I used to live in a rural  beach town in OR and was really poor. I managed to buy Christmas presents from local stores and my kids survived and thrived with our the latest xbox game or even a freaking TV.

    Thrift stores are great for finding toys, bikes, jeans and furniture. Cheap shit from WalMart is just to expensive. I realize many people think that without Wal Marts they would not survive but in reality if there were no Wal Mart's they would survive and be better off.  

    Black Friday grosses me out all that greed frenzy for a bunch of crap for xmas which has become a holiday of empty consuming. Pretty weird that our society thinks cheap shit is worth destroying our economy for. I never buy anything on Black Friday.  

    This year for Christmas presents for my grandkids, over the year I've been buying kids books, art supplies and toys at local stores and thrift stores. You can find gifts that are not expensive without trampling people and supporting the likes of Wal Mart. Why not build your local communities economy? The money spent locally does not go the giant too bigs, and supports the people who have to live and work in your community.

    My rant. I know it sounds elitist or something but seriously being poor does not mean that Wal-Mart is your only choice. If it is then we as a people need to all say enough! and be put on Wal-Marts list of subversive non consumers. Buy local think global. Greed is not good for anybody. If slave labor in China keeps stuff cheap it also logically makes workers every where unable to get out from under 'owing their souls to the company store.'          

    •  I wish (2+ / 0-)
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      shaharazade, elwior

      that here in So California we had the wealth of second-hand and thrift stores that I know Oregon abounds with.  

      I lived in Bend for one year and every weekend was a treasure hunt through wonderful thrift shops looking for toys, books and other things for my brand- new kindergarten classroom at the tiny private school that had hired me.   I was able to furnish it well on my minimalist teacher's salary.  

      Around here (I live near Pasadena now) mostly all we have are Goodwill and Salvation Army.  They're pretty good, but nothing like what I found up north.  

      I agree you can shop locally and second-hand in Oregon and do very well with not much cash.  

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