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View Diary: GOP Sunday Villagers jump ship on marriage equality opposition (77 comments)

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  •  I always try to remember: (7+ / 0-)

    Old people now were young in the 1960s.  If you're 72, you were 25 in 1965.  Yet we think of the 1960s as a completely liberal time.  And as far as LBJ's domestic program and civil rights activity and social change, that's true as far as it goes.  But there was still Nixon's "Silent Majority," there was still strong conservatism however you want to define it, then and now.  

    I'm 61; I remember my father saying he would kill me if he saw me in an anti-war demonstration.  He might have meant it; I was afraid of that guy.

    In any event, I hope that 25-30-40 years from now, enough liberals still hold sway in our country and no one will be saying, "well the GOP still has old people."

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