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View Diary: How Same-Sex Marriage Would Have Resolved a $22,222.22 Moral Dilemma (182 comments)

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  •  Way to screw over a lesbian (11+ / 0-)

    You must be so proud.

    I felt bad for my cousin’s husband.  By all rights, he should have gotten his fair share.  The proper thing to do would be for me to give him a portion of my own inheritance, and to suggest to my other two cousins that they do the same.  But then it occurred to me that if I were going to give any of the money away, I should give all of my portion to Caroline.  After all, Sandra wanted Caroline, the woman she loved, to have her money, and not some indifferent cousins about whom she cared nothing.  As I could not resolve the question as to who was more deserving, my cousin’s husband or Caroline, I decided to keep the $22,222.22 until such time as my conscience should guide me to do the right thing.  Moral dilemmas can be notoriously problematic, and thus the issue remains unresolved to this day.
    Your cousin's husband's "fair share" is the same as yours:  ZERO.

    Rest well with your stolen money.  It's not yours.  It's not your cousin's, or the husband's.  As you have stated it the will is crystal clear, and if you were less greedy you would see that.

    This isn't a moral dilemma.  The morality is crystal clear.  

    BTW:  You really need to change your username.

    Minority rights should never be subject to majority vote.

    by lostboyjim on Wed Jan 23, 2013 at 06:22:40 AM PST

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