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View Diary: Punishing the poor for being poor is corrosive social policy (55 comments)

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  •  The Most Persuasive Lie of Two Centuries (3+ / 0-)

    Rich people love the mythology of the rags-to-riches miracle--that if you work hard enough you too can become a millionaire like them. And so do a lot of lazy white lower middle class men. That's why they vote for tax breaks for rich folks and buy lotto tickets.

    In fact there are very, very few Gates's in the world. The overwhelming majority of the rich got there because their families were rich, and/or they could go to schools with lots of other rich folks who became their partners (Like Bain Capital.)

    For 99.99% of the poor, there is no way in hell they can move much in income or status, no matter how hard they work.

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