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  •  you missed his reported followup (0+ / 0-)


    Are you really discussing in good faith here? Ignoring the whole second half of the response that shows your link to be essentially useless regarding the validity of Kleck's results?

    Feeling a bit polemical are you?

    •  Oh please ... now you're in (0+ / 0-)

      the Land of Oz.  

      I'm not discussing in good faith?

      That is well-deserving of a fuck you too.

      •  What else am I supposed to think (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:

        when you ignore the meat of a response when you reply? Especially when you've been so aggressive yourself about calling out perceived bias, and so-called polemics?

        We got it, this one guy, respected in his field, said some nice words about the Kleck study. Yes, he later clarified that it suffers the obvious extrapolation issue which is one of the two critiques under discussion but sure, Kleck did a good job with his survey methodology.

        Do you have anything else to add to the discussion?

        •  Yea ... (0+ / 0-)

          keep shooting at phantoms ... I get your agenda. Never have I suggested Dr. Kleck's results are without error ... but you keep arguing that strawman to the point of nauseating annoyance.

          And as far as your dedicated scruple to statistical integrity ...
          explain why the fuck have you been silent as a timid church mouse to this serial polluter of your diary and cause:

          But, it's your diary and I give you now the last word.

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