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    Pregnancy can also increase your risk for flu complications such as pneumonia.

    I got sick during the same flu season, at approximately the same time, am likely to be roughly the same age, and was also given Tamiflu, just like your daughter.  But we obviously had very different outcomes. Where your daughter went into respiratory failure two days after staring Tamiflu, I was completely better two days after starting Tamiflu.

    However, I am an athletic male who runs 50 miles a week and your daughter was in the 8th month of pregnancy. It's simply more risky to get the flu when you're a pregnant female. This was a bad year for the flu.

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      As an OB/GYN I have seen several of my pregnant patients hospitalized with pneumonia from flu itself, without Tamiflu. I agree with other comments that the biggest problem with Tamiflu is that it does not always work, but it is the best thing we have. I had a pregnant patient who was diagnosed with flu by testing, told she could not get anything because she was pregnant, and sent to our office for follow-up where she sat without a mask in a waiting room full of pregnant women and small children. Please do not be afraid of Tamiflu, just aware that all drugs have risks.

      Will be thinking strong thoughts for you, KnotLookin. Don't mean to distract from your diary. You are not alone and there are clearly many here who offer you what support we can.

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