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View Diary: MI-Sen: Carl Levin's (D) Cut Unjustified Tax Loopholes Act Would Raise $200 Billion In Revenue (20 comments)

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    I agree I'd rather see a stimulus, or jobs bill, BUT since
    The Very Serious People insist on reducing the debt, and
    closing loopholes will increase revenue and lead to that end, it falls into a cata gory of shutting up the morons while not hurting the middle class.

    I also like that it spells out loophole/reform to NOT include something like taking away a tax deduction from the average person, such as, mortgage deductions!

    I love how the DC folks yell for reform, and then it turns out that means take away the deductions for the average person, and leave all the stuff for the 1% in place! That especially PISSES me OFF!

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