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  •  Well said. When people 'wah' about taxes... (2+ / 0-)
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    lakehillsliberal, fumie

    I reply that I pay my share to help keep the country going and to help enrich the lives of perfect strangers who I will never know, even though some of these fellow Americans actively vote to dismantle that system of commonwealth.

    I do it, even if they hate me for it. Because I don't ever want the well being of anyone to be dependent on whether or not they were cool that week to get help when they need aid most.

    Because "takin' care of one's own" breaks down far more often than anyone wants to admit.

    And if it worked, the Framers would have worked it into the Constitution. Instead, they chose rule of laws not of men. In my opinion, taking opinion out of decisions to render aid to fellow citizens, to uphold their rights under law and dignities as human beings was a good call.

    Which is why most Americans' policy disputes aren't over fundamentals of regime but of policy. To the extent we are compelled to discuss breakdowns in process and legitimacy of power, our Republic's not working well.

    and on that score, I think progressives are spot on: Major breakdowns in process are taking place in elections, in selective enforcement, in use of military force, you name it.

    This is a nice way of saying processes are under active attack with few leaders standing in the way of this onslaught.

    I've also never mistaken the President to be the one who would ever get in the way of that trend. If he's missed an opportunity to, say, rein in warrantless surveillance or use of Ender's Game-style warfare, powered by kids in Arizona with high-end game consoles, he's done it eyes open.

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