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View Diary: MN-Sen: Al Franken (D) Wants To Save The Postal Service (102 comments)

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    ...And this isn't sarcasm.
       The Post Office Pension Fund debacle only makes sense in one way. Republicans need a way to do kill two birds: 1. Destroy the postal service as a sucessful government institution 2. Steal as much money as humanly possible in the process.
       What better way than to pass a law forcing them to put more money than the take in in a giant savings account?
       Sure as Mario loves Princess Peach, the next time the republicans hold Congress and the Presidency a bill taking the Post Office private will become law, and that fat, fat pension fund will disappear as "an important consideration of the restructuring package."
       If we want to prevent that, we must amend the pension law today to ensure that money stays with the workers,and can never be a piggy bank for others.

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