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View Diary: Cop humiliates Sen. Graham at gun hearing: ‘You’re wrong’ on background checks (175 comments)

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  •  If you have been in the Armed Services you are a (10+ / 0-)

    vet whether you served in a war zone or not. Maybe they were referring to the understood difference between a Vietnam Vet and a Vietnam-era Vet.

    I'd tip you but they cut off my tip box. The TSA would put Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad on the no-fly list.

    by OHdog on Wed Feb 27, 2013 at 02:15:26 PM PST

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    •  Yes, though the wording in the article (20+ / 0-)

      linked wasn't clear...

      Graham is a veteran, having served in the US Military.  But he didn't actually physically serve in the Persian Gulf.

      Lindsay's "exaggeration"

      ...Today, Bob Somerby provides another example of a non-disqualifying-exaggeration: current Republican Senator Lindsey Graham's repeated description of himself as a Gulf War veteran, despite the fact that the closest he came to the Gulf was South Carolina, where processing wills for soldiers who did deploy to the Gulf. Here's Somerby:

      Graham had endlessly told the world that he was a "Gulf War veteran," although his service during that period hadn't taken him off the east coast. (The east coast of the U.S.) By the way: In Graham's case, we weren't discussing a single misstatement from a single, two-year-old speech; Graham had endlessly presented himself as a "Gulf War veteran."

      Graham should refer to himself as a ''Gulf War era veteran," we were told—and that's pretty much the basis on which this flame was allowed to blow out.
      As a lawyer, Graham no doubt understands the subtle differences in wording between "Gulf War Vet" and "Gulf War era Vet", and their meanings.
      On his official web site, Graham describes himself as "an Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm veteran." Other biographies he has written read similarly.

      According to numerous military experts The Hill contacted, Graham has no legitimate claim to being called a veteran of the conflict.

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