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  •  Henry Potter's business ethics and model: (3+ / 0-)
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    "Blackstone, other investors snap up thousands of Tampa Bay rental homes"

    One of the virtues, sic, of low interest rates and the crashing of the national economy is that for those who have glommed onto "money," there's all kinds of opportunities to buy up Bedford Falls and turn it into Potterville...

    Has the diarist actually studied the effects of a "national debt," how that all fits into the complicated, screwed-up, perpetually-being-hijacked thing we call "the economy," and other than scare words about our children's children living poor (which the kleptocrats are working on, every femtosecond of every day, see e.g. "high speed trading," where corporate fundamentals mean absolutely NOTHING, and the MIC, and all the other scams in operation), whether the "national debt," that bookkeeping entry, actually MEANS anything at all? Just asking, I have no answers, and neither, obviously, do "economists" and their pro-wealthy models, or politicians who have zero incentive whatever "side" they claim to be on, to "do anything" actually substantive about, starting with any agreement on what the whole concept means, in terms as simple as they can manage, and the reasons why one set of actions and "responses" or another make any sense, one way or the other, and WHO gets rich off of whatever is proposed.

    Quoth the diarist,

    A large majority of Americans worry that our debt is a millstone that could hurt us for generations to come.
    A set of beliefs that is the result of a long, steady, flatly dishonest media push by some very interested people.

    And I invite the reader to CAREFULLY read through the set of "solutions" to the supposed "insolvency" given by the diarist in his clarion call to Attack The Evil Deficit!:

    If the Democrats had the courage, they get out in front in acknowledging that securing our future requires reducing the national debt to sustainable levels.  They would insist on a full range of solutions: they would stick to their guns on closing corporate loopholes and raising marginal rates, at the very least.  They would also join with libertarian Republicans in eliminating industry subsidies, banning bailouts for failed banks, and making it illegal for the U.S. to enter a war of choice.  And they might entertain gradual, incremental reforms to social programs to guarantee their solvency indefinitely.  Making FICA progressive and removing the income cap on contributions would be an obvious start.
    Aha! we get finally to the hook buried in the minnow!

    I would be very interested in the diarist's explication, not of how to turn a potentially very stupid set of beliefs and actions into a "winning political argument," but what he evaluates as the reasons why the National Debt actually matters, in a world where there's global heating and "all of the above" energy policies, and an MIC merging with the Police State to bring us DRONES and other "Terminator"-grade Autonomous Battle Robots and Autonomous Unmanned Flying Machines at every scale from 747-size to micro-mini:

    "The Siphonaptera" is a nursery rhyme, sometimes referred to as Fleas.

    Big fleas have little fleas,
    Upon their backs to bite 'em,
    And little fleas have lesser fleas,
    and so, ad infinitum.

    Sometimes a second verse appears, with lines such as

    And the great fleas, themselves, in turn
    Have greater fleas to go on;
    While these again have greater still,
    And greater still, and so on.

    Seriously, since none of the "debt reduction" will be done at the expense of what we are foolish enough to call "defense," a word that has quite lost its formerly honest meaning, who (maybe Ma and Pa Bank Depositor, a la Cyprus) will "fix the Debt?"


    "Is that all there is?" Peggy Lee.

    by jm214 on Sun Mar 24, 2013 at 10:27:25 AM PDT

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