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  •  the accession of a new pope is, if anything, (22+ / 0-)

    even less democratic than Bush's selection by a corrupt Supreme Court.

    It's Politburo-style politics--a bunch of old men sit around and decide which one of them gets to sit in the big chair. And then whoever sits in the big chair unilaterally decides who gets to be admitted to the club of old men. Not exactly a recipe for democracy, transparency, or accountability.

    The club picked whoever they thought would best be able to preserve their influence and authority--that's how Politburo-style politics work. So how can you possibly expect anything to change?

    He may talk a better game (pretty savvy branding move to name himself after one of the great friends of the poor), but he knows which side his bread is buttered on, and he won't make waves.

    All our major institutions have become hopelessly corrupt and sclerotic. They are no longer capable of reforming themselves. All they can do is rebrand: put on a shiny new facade and proclaim loudly how radical this superficial transformation is, when in reality nothing material changes. This is true of government, business, education, and organized religion. And the selection of this new pope is a part of this phenomenon.

    "In America, the law is king." --Thomas Paine

    by limpidglass on Sun Mar 24, 2013 at 07:03:57 AM PDT

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